Thursday, May 30, 2013

How Im dressed in my workplace - Everyday Look of Usai

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

one thing in which I'm very interested in is how (Sweet) Lolita's or Fairy Kei, Oshare Kei, Gyaru-lovers or so on are dressed when they have to go to their workplace and how their colleagues are reacting to it. As long as you are a student or pupil you're still pretty free and easy in matters of dresscode but when you're entering the business world it is mostly a bit more difficult.

I am a pretty lucky person because I do not have to wear a uniform or something like that. I am a trained management assistant in office communication. I've been working for almost 6 years now at my employment - a well-known research institute/organisaton. My colleagues knew me therefore already for a time and are used to my "supposedly" flashy/noticeable fashion style and look. It is also okay for my boss. But, eventhough they all tolerate my colorful, or better, pink look, I am trying not to exaggerate my look when I have to go to work - in the end I am only going to my workplace and not to an event. ;) So, Im not an "Everyday Lolita".

Below you cann see a few of my my "work outfits" or everyday look/style - for me, it is nothing unusual, but for some reason I am quite "infamous" for my look at the institute ö_Ö :

together with Don <3

My nickname is even "Hello Kitty" - well, when you're entering my office room Hello Kitty simply stand out a mile! I really have to take photos of my office room soon... X'D

At last years christmas party of our institute and of our "neighbour-institute" I wore for the very first time a Lolita Outfit in sight of my colleagues and I wore the same outfit during a workshop as I went on a business trip to Munich:
Christmas party 2012
I guess you can imagine that I was one of the topics of the evening but I get a lot of compliments for my outfit and positive feedback. People seem to like being different from "usual". <3

during business trip in Munich

You see actually I do not wear any Lolita-clothes when Im in my workplace.. til yet. But I sworn to myself that I will wear a pretty complete Sweet Lolita-outfit during my last day in my workplace before I will flight to Japan finally in less than two month! I also want to wear a Casual Lolita Outfit during our annual office outing in about two weeks (keep fingers crossed that we will have clear weather). <3

Well, when looking at those outfit photos of me, you may would think that I have a hard time and no one really takes me seriously, but I gain nevertheless everyone's respect and everyone is putting their trust in my words when I am explaning them f. e. stuff about the 7th Framework Programme (THE funding programme of the european commission). To be honest, I really don't know how I am doing this split between my flashy look AND such a serious and "dry" subject like the European Framework Programme - but I'm glad that it works well. ^O^

How about you? Can you dress-up like you want when you have to go to your workplace? 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Japantag - Japan Day - Nihon-Day 2013

Hallo my cute mauw-mauws,

last saturday was finally the famous Japantag in Duesseldorf again. The Japantag or Japan Day / Nihon Day takes place once a year in May or June (Exception: October 2011!). I am always really looking forward to this event but this year the Japan Day wasn't as great as I had expected it in before.
The main reason was the weather. It was pretty cold that day, top temperature was about ~14°C and we had several rainstorms. :-/ Due to that fact I wasn't in the mood for taking a lot of photos at all.

Well, actually I wanted to wear a Yukata this year.. but, you may know, time flies by so fast.. and suddenly there were only one week left til Japantag and I decided that I would wear my Wa-Lolita Outfit of last year again:

Because I wanted to try something new I asked my mom whether she could help me with styling my hair. I wanted to look a bit more (traditional) japanese.
Do you think it suits me? And do you noticed that I have had cut my hair?! It is now bout 8cm (3,15 inches) shorter than before!!

Of course, I wasn't only by my own, my besties also went with me to the Japantag:

Kuraude is wearing her Yukata which she bought 4 years ago during the Japantag 

One and Only Mochi

Don <3
We strolled the promenade up and down and had to pose for a lot of photos. One nice japanese guy took a photo of Mochi, Kuraude and me with his Polaroid Camera and he gave this printed-out photo as a gift to us:

WHY?! I had to close my eyes in exactly THAT moment?!
Unlike the years before, we didn't met that many familiar faces.. I know that many of my acquaintances were also at the Japantag.. but we have failed to meet almost everyone of them. We only met Don's sister and mum, Hübi, Fraeulein_Elisabeth, three of my workmates (which was pretty cool) and some of our Nintendo 3DS-Street Pass mates. But I also have to say that the Japantag seems to be even more crowded than the year before.. it was really difficult to have a look at the stalls due to all that people. :-/

Well in the meantime it began raining and it stopped again. Towards evening we went back to my car and we really just waited that the firework would begin.. at 11pm.. I really hope that next years weather would be nicer than this years.. so and last but not least I want to show one more photo:

Keep fingers crossed that next years Japantag will have clear weather! <3

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DoKomi 2013

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

last saturday we visited the DoKomi Convention in Duesseldorf. ^___^
The DoKomi is an Anime-, Manga- and Japan-Convention which was hold this year for the fifth time. It is probably the biggest and fastest grown Convention held in Germany these days.
This year I decided to wear my Princess Peach Cosplay (once again). You have to know I really love my Princess Peach Cosplay - so I have to wear it at least once a year! <3
After we finally found a parking place we went straightly towards entrance. I was so excited!

As we could finally enter the building we were quite impressed about the enhanced trader facilities. <3
After having a look inside the building we went outside again and did a few photos and met familiar faces:

Kuraude wearing her finalised Pichu-Cosplay

Mochi wearing his Pikachu Kigurumi

A nice girl names Namako went by and she took some nice photos of me, you can see one of them here:
photos by Namako

A few minutes later we met up with Yoko Rosedust and her boyfriend. Yoko was wearing a Sweet Lolita Outfit and she looked so damn cute.. but out of sheer joy we really forgotten to take some pictures together I guess.. what a shame.. well, later on, we went inside again and there we met even more familiar faces:



DreamingTasuki and me

We also met Fraeulein_Elisabeth and her boyfriend, Rainyyuki, Phoenix, Ruka, Fie, Kuma and so on..

Lovely Don bought an awesome wallet and gave it as a gift to me.It is a wallet in Zelda design. <3 AWESOMENESS!! <3
Don is really such a sweetheart... <3

One thing which is quite funny is that Don and I are having an short appearance in a tv-clip about the DoKomi Convention from a local tv-station called WDR here: WDR Lokalzeit Düsseldorf - DoKomi 2013 
Pause at 2:27-2:28min X'D - We just walked by and were recorded X'D

Thursday, May 16, 2013

London - my mums birthday trip

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

as I mentioned in my blog entry about my stay in Munich before, I recently also stayed for two days in London. Actually I gave this London-trip as a birthday-gift to my mum back in April and last week the time had finally come and we went to London. ^__^

Me standing in front of the Buckingham Palace.. only a few minutes later we will see the Queen herself in only about 1-2m  in front of us *o*

We had two great days! For my mum it was the very first time to travel by air and in general it was the very first time that my mum and I went on a trip together (without my dad and sis).

Day 1 - Wednesday, 8th of May 2013:

At 7:18 am we took the train towards Cologne/Bonn Airport. We arrived there at about 8:40am and went then straight to our gate. At 10:00am then time has (finally) come and our plane took off to London Gatwick Airport.

St. Pancras Station / Church

..and at 12:30pm we finally arrived at our hotel nearby St. Pancras /King Station. I have to say that the London people are really kind and helpful. <3 Londons local traffic is at a first glance pretty confusing. ^__^6

Our first must-see was the Buckingham Palace and then later on we wanted to visit the Piccadilly Circus. We decided to travel by underground train to Green Park station because it seemed to be the easiest way. So we went to the Underground station and after about 15 minutes we finally could buy some tickets. Almost all Ticket mashines were out of order that day and everyone had to queue at the service counter. :-/ What a shame!

My mum at Green Park - isnt she just awesome?! <3
From Green Park Station we straightly went to Buckingham Palace and to the Victoria Memorial.

Me at the Victoria Memorial - it was getting windy..
The Victoria Memorial and the Buckingham Palace are true tourists hot spots.

The impressive Buckingham Palace..
Of course we took a lot of photos around those objects of interest and during this my mum picked up that the Queen herself should be at the Buckingham Palace and a few minutes later, as we stand at some of the smaller gates some security guards appeared and indicated us to clear the lil lane in front of the gate. Seems like some visitors of the Buckingham Palace want to leave, my mum and I thought. But.. IT WAS THE QUEEN HERSELF! She was smiling at us while sitting in the car - she just passed in front of us.. and we were that surprised that we didn't make any picture! Well, who could have known that the Queen herself would leave the Buckingham Palace?! What a surpise that was!

there the Queen drives away.. 
After that razzamatazz we decided to go in the direction of the Piccadilly Circus and Piccadilly Lane.

The Piccadilly Circus and Lane is famous for it's shopping and entertainment areas.

my mum with a cool guy of the Cool Britannia Store
The Cool Britannia Store is probably one of the biggest souvenir stores in UK. They offer a wide range of articles which are London/United Kingdom related. Here I bought f. e. two Hello Kitty Plushies in United Kingdom design (see photo at the very bottom of this entry). At the Piccadilly Lane were one store by another and then some special bulding caught my attention: The London Trocadero

The London Trocadero is a sort of mall and entertainment area. And inside this building were also a small but great store called "TokyoToys". They offered a wide range of mega-super-cute Pokemon Plushies I never ever saw before in Germany and/or during a convention. And now guess which Pokemon Plushie they had? YES, they sold a mega-super-cute Charmander Plushie <3 ~ I felt like Im in heaven! I love Charmander so much .. and so I bought this plushie immediately. <33 If you love kawaii stuff I recommend you visiting this store when you're in London! <3 Besides Pokemon-Plushies they also sold Kigurumis and a wide range of Anime/Manga merchandise.

Meanwhile it was already late afternoon and we get really really hungry and tired and decided to eat something. OF COURSE, I had stomachache afterwards, I felt temporary pretty sick but we still had to get over all the way back to our hotel. Thankfully, I was feeling better during the afternoon/evening. At our hotel we made a break for about one hour and then we went to a nearby garden, the Tavistock Square. As we entered the garden this tree caught my attention:

This cherry-tree was planted in memory of the victims of Hiroshima. 
But the true centre-piece of the garden was something else:

A big statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

I really liked Tavistock Square. Everything looked so peaceful.. to say nothing of the weather which was getting pretty stormy in the evening.

Day 2 - Thursday, 9th of May 2013:

What a night. We didn't slept that well.  Everytime the flush were activated by anyone in the whole entire hotel we start-up from our sleeps because it was really, really loud. :-/ Well, nevertheless the Hotel was okay for staying one night there. At 7:00am we went downstairs for breakfast. They only served english breakfast, I knew this in advance, but.. well english breakfast is just not my "cup of tea" when you know what I mean. My mum and I only ate some toasts and then we went into our room again and then did the check-out. Our main-aim for today was Camden, especially the famous Camden Markets. Unlike the first day, we wanted to travel today by double-decker bus.

Would be great if we had also such double-decker busses in my hometown.. <3
I really like the view you have when sitting in such a bus. <3
At bus stop "Camden Road" we leave the bus and then.. well we thought we would be in the middle of Camden Town.. but.. well, to be honest I still do not know where exactly we were.. but after strolling around for almost 20 minutes we finally found Camden Town and its Markets ='D ..

nearby the Camden Market
At the Camden Market you can find many alternative clothes, accessories but also great souvenir stuff, paintings, bags and more. Most products are offered at a good price. All stores are in or at former stables which gives the whole area an interesting atmosphere.

We were a bit early that morning, as this photo was taken many of the "stores" were still closed

at Camden Market you can find many indian related products
At Camden Market I bought a very cute scarf with deer print and a useful cute bag. During the first day I bought so much stuff that I really needed a bigger bag.. I was so lucky that I found such a cute bag (see picture below). We stayed the whole morning and midday at Camden.. until it began to rain, rain, rain. We went then back to our hotel were we could kindly store our luggage for that day and then strolled around St. Pancras before we then finally took the train towards Gatwick Airport. Actually, our flight should go at 7:00pm, but we had a delay of about 30 minutes and in the end we arrived at 10:00pm local time back in germany. Lovely Don picked us up at Cologne/Bonn Airport. What a service! <3

Mum, I really hope you enjoyed our trip eventhough it was a bit stressful. ;-) I really would like to do such a short city trip with you again. =) It was great spending so much time with you  <3

And now, last but not least, my London purchases:

Bag: Bought at Camden Market for 10 GBP
Hello Kitty United Kingdom Flag Design: Bought at Cool Britannia for 8 GBP
Hello Kitty House Guard Design: Bought at Cool Britannia for 8 GBP
I Love London Shirt: Bought at Cool Britannia for 5 GBP
Purple Scarf With Deer Print: Bought at Camden Market for 3 GBP
Audrey Hepburn Cup: Bought at Cool Britannia for 5 GBP
Charmander Plushie: Bought at Tokyo Toys for 19 GBP

Friday, May 10, 2013

Munich - Business Trip & Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

Im just back from London. My mum and I had two great days but right now I did not had a look through all of our photos and moreover I still didn't wrote anything about my last weeks business trip to Munich (amusingly, Munich (as a german city) is more far away than London from my hometown!).

Actually I had to stay for two days in Munich due to a workshop regarding financial and administrative issues in European Commissions FP7-projects. Somehow and sometime I then thought: "Wouldn't it be great to meet some Munich Lolita's?!" and so I posted my request at, germanys biggest online-community for Lolitas. Well, and that is the story about how it came that I could visit a little Lolita Meet-Up during my stay in Munich. ^__^

But, lets start from the beginning: At my first day in Munich I didn't weared a Lolita-Outfit. To be honest, back that day, I was still pretty unsure if I should really wear my Lolita-Outfit at the 2nd day during the workshop. In retrospect, Im glad that I weared it while sitting in the workshop. Well, my outfit during the first day was pretty modest in comparison to my Lolita-Outfit on next day:

Dress: Yumetenbo / DreamV
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Bodyline

After the end of the workshop at day one, my colleague and I strolled through Munichs inner town and in the later evening we had some delicious dinner. <3

Day 2:

I was so really excited! I could only hardly wait to attend the meet up! ^__^

Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: H&M
Cardigan: Yumetenbo / DreamV
Skirt: Bodyline
Shoes: Bodyline

In handsight it really surprised me that NO ONE of the workshop participants said anything to my outfit that day. :o After the end of the workshop I had to face a new challenge: Finding the Westpark, the Meet-Up Point of this days meet up. Well, just as I left the building someone was calling me. It was Rommily, she is the organiser of many Lolita Meet-Ups in Munich. I was very delighted to see her and we went then both to the Westpark via bus. =)
There we met up with two more people: Peggy and William. The Westpark was pretty beautiful and of course we did some photos which I do not want to withhold you:

Rommily and me

with Peggy

..and William (Iam actually trying to make him some bunny ears XD)

waiting for the girls to come

Eventhough we were only four (!) people it was nevertheless a nice Meet-Up. Unfortunately it began to rain during the afternoon and we had to cut our "photo-sessions" and went into the parks cafe. Thank you for spending this afternoon with me - I hope we see each other again in the future! =)