Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good bye, Sugar Teddiursa

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

my pet hamster Sugar Teddiursa passed away last sunday in the late evening. Im still a bit shocked because her death came that sudden. During the morning I even cleaned her cage and Sugar was energetic and as fresh as a daisy and really nothing signifies that she would leave us in the late evening.

Towards early evening Sugar woke up as usually and planned to do her round in her cage. As I saw Sugar I was worried because her fur was ruffled up and she looked pretty tired. She boxed some food in her hamster cheeks and then tottered back to her lil house again. Later that evening she woke up again and her condition went worser. She began to breathe hard but run around still. Later on, she didn't breathe hard anymore but had difficulties with holding her balance. What was going on that sudden? She really looked peaky and I felt helpless. I could now see that the end wouldn't be far off for Sugar... and within the next half an hour she passed away.

To be honest, I think I do not completely realized that Sugar is gone. Her death occures that suddenly. =(

Yesterday I put her whole stuff into our cellar. The cupboard, on which Sugar's cage used to be, looks so empty now eventhough I redecorated it. We also already layed Sugar to her final rest. I hope she will enjoy her new home, the "Pet Palace in Heaven" behind the rainbow bridge. I believe that this is an place where animals go when their passing away. All animals who had been ill and old are then there restored to health and vigor. I believe that all my pets see each other again, so Sugar may have already met up with Peachy and Nori =).

Sugar Teddiursa, I hope you enjoyed your life and eventhough you were a maverick I will miss you. =) I will always remember you. You were such a cutie and I loved your difficutie. And Don will also remember you because you bitten him several times ^__^6. Ha-ha~ <3

Sugar as baby <3

Sugar Teddiursa

*05.11.2011 - †28.04.2013

Rest in peace!


  1. ♥Little Sugar♥
    You are in heaven now.
    Regards our pet rats and Dixie,our little dachshund.
    We will meet us again in heaven.♥

  2. Cute little Marshmallow...hoffe sie findet im Himmel viele kleine Wölkchen die sie zerfetzen oder sich in die Backen stopfen kann..RIP <3 <3

  3. Ich hab den kleinen, gemeinen und vor allem dämlichen Hamster wirklich geliebt.

    Im Vergleich dazu, wofür sie eigentlich bestimmt war, hatte sie ein richtig tolles Leben. Es ist schön, dass du dich so um Sugar gekümmert hast und unbeschreiblich schade, dass die kleine Nervensäge jetzt weg ist. Sie wird mir fehlen...

  4. Das tut mir leid! :( </3
    Ich find's immer schrecklich, wenn Haustiere sterben. Aber es scheint ja, dass sie nicht lange leiden musste.

  5. Ich kann es immer noch nicht ganz glauben das sie nciht mehr da ist......
    Sie war so ein süßer Schatz...und hat uns so eine tolle Gestik geschenkt o.o/)

    Sie hatten wird ein traumhaftes Leben bei euch, dass sie jetzt im Himmel weiterführen kann <3

    I ♥ Sugar