Saturday, March 2, 2013

R.I.P. NyandesKa - Welcome, Nyaygo!

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

my beloved car, "NyandesKa", is doomed to "die". =((
NyandesKa is 14 1/2 years old Ford Ka, I've had it for 2 1/2 years now. It is, or better, was my very first car. As Don and I get the car to the TüV (MOT), NyandesKa didn't get through it and the inspector told us that we should buy a new car because the remedy of all the defects of NyandesKa would be more expensive then NyandesKa is worth. I guessed that it would be difficult to get NyandesKa through the TüV.. but I didn't expected such a disaster. The underbody was almost full of rust and began to come off in flakes already. It's a bit embarrassing but.. I started crying >__<6 .. maybe because of that I didn't had to pay anything for the failed TüV?! ^__^6

From now on I had only five week(end)s left to look for a new car (I was only allowed to drive NyandesKa til the end of February because I didn't get through the TüV!). This may sounds like a long time, but finding a new car wasn't that easy at all. A shame that NyandesKa was that rusty.. it was always dependable. At first, I wanted to have a Ford Ka again and I didn't wanted to spend that much money. I really love the design of the Ford Ka, in german we say that a Ford Ka is a real "Knutschkugel"(bubble car). After Don and I had a look at a blue Ford Ka I decided to look also for other car models and to spend even a bit more money. Big favourites now were Toyota Yaris, Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107. Two weeks ago then, I had a test drive with a Toyota Yaris... but this car didn't convinced me. I was sad. I only had two week(end)s left. I needed a new car. Urgently. Eventhough the Yaris didn't convinced me, I thought about buying it still because time was pushing me. I am happy that I didn't bought it. At the same evening I searched the internet for some other cars again and then I discovered my new car: A Toyota Aygo. Don arranged an appointment for a test drive with the retailer for next saturday. By now, I had only one weekend left to look for a new car.

At saturday then we had our test drive. As I was moving off with the Aygo I knew: THAT'S MY CAR! It's strange, but I just felt that this is gonna be my future car. ^__^ I was really happy that I'd finally found a new car. Now I had to wait another week to pick my "Nyaygo" up at the retailer. They prepared in the meantime everything like TüV, service and so on.. and now finally here it is:

I named it Nyaygo.
Nyaygo is an almost 3 1/2 years old blue Toyota Aygo Coolblue. At the moment, Nyaygo looks pretty bare, but this will change - inside and outside. Project "Pimp my ride ala Usai" will start soon - of course I will show Nyaygo then again :-). By now, Don has pimped out Nyaygo with a "N" and "Y" next to the original Aygo letters so everyone know how my cars name is:

Nyaygo <3

Maybe Don will write in the meantime in a bit more technical/detailed way about Nyaygo in a guest post like he did for NyandesKa (NyandesKa).
I am really happy that I am now owning a car whereby I do not have to be scared to drive on the motorway/Autobahn or driving long distances in general.. ^__^6 I guess I will now take in even more Lolita Meet-Ups and Conventions part. ^__^
I am really happy with my new car and I hope that I will have it for a long time. I love Nyaygo! <3

Last but not least, I would like to thank my boyfriend for the great support during my "car quest" and for his patience and his cheerful words .. looking for a new car can really take it out of you.. U__U


  1. Coole Karre, will auch. Das Metallic-blau ist total schön...<3

  2. OMG *,*

    Nyaygo ist jaaaaaa sowas von süß <3<3
    Ich freu Ich freue mich schon sie gleich kennenzuleren *,*


  3. Gratuliere zum neuen Auto. Ich weiß genau wie Du Dich fühlst. >_<

    Ich hab jetzt seit 2 Wochen einen Peugeot 107 durch mehrere Zufälle bekommen und fühl jetzt tausendmal besser als mit dem alten Auto. ^^"
    Von hinten sehen unsere beiden fast gleich aus, nur das meiner rot ist.. xD

    1. Cool, der Peugeot 107! Stand bei mir ja auch ganz oben auf der Liste. Im Grunde sind der Toyota Aygo, Der Peugeot 107 und der Citroen C1 in der Basis sehr identisch.. die wurden in Zusammenarbeit der drei Konzerne gebaut..^^

  4. Coole Sache...Nyaigo...genial...♥

  5. *Schleicht sich dann auch mal frühzeitig in die Kommentare*

    Dein Nyaygo ist richtig cool!
    Ich finde die Farbe so richtig richtig genial :)

    Werde mich noch mit deiner Nyaygo anfreunden :D

    p.s. tolles Nummernschild o_o''