Friday, March 15, 2013

Let's have a look at the streets of Japan

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

last sunday Kuraude and Mochi visited Don's and my place like usual.
Normally we all just enjoying the sunday together, hanging around, playing games or watching a movie but this time we even did something productive. X'D
As you might now, Don, Kuraude, Mochi and I will visit Japan this summer. Because we wanted to record for ourself our arrangements and ideas for our big upcoming journey we started an own Blog.  If you want to stay tuned, please visit: Crazy in Japan (Sorry, this blog is written in german only!). And so we thought over how we should spend our days in Tokyo. We will stay in total 7 days in Tokio.
Our most wanted to see places in Tokio by now are:

- Puroland (Tama (New Town))
- Pokemon Center (Minato)
- Tokyo Tower (Minato)
- Zojoji Temple (Minato)
- Shibuya 109
- Takeshita Street
- Closetchild (Shinjuku, Harajuku)
- Baby, the stars shine bright (Shibuya)
- Angelic Pretty (Harajuku)
- Akihabara
- Karaokekan (Shibuya)

Well, after we defined which places we want to visit, I remembered a Nintendo Direct-Show where Nintendo introduces a special "Street view". With that so called "Wii Street U" you can see places almost like you would stay in real in front of them. I instantly downloaded the software from the Nintendo Online Shop (it's for the moment free of charge!!) and we all started having a look at the places we want to visit.

And now, after having a stressful working day, I enjoy seeing the streets of Japan. Right now, I committed to memory how we have to walk from our Hotel (Shibuya Tobu) when we want to visit the Shibuya109 or the Laforet Harajuku. I guess I will study other routes in Tokio and the other cities also an advance.

The Shibuya 109

Takeshita Street

A cute Store on the Takeshita Street
I also spotted a Bodyline-Store and a ClosetChild-Store on the Takeshita Street but the batteries of my camera were low so I couldn't take any more pictures... =(

I can't wait to see those streets, shops and more with my proper eyes in real.. only 129 days left..! <3


  1. OMG XD

    *in Ohnmacht gefallen*
    Das war am letzen Sonntag sooo geil...."in Japan herrum zulaufen"

    Ich liebe Wii Street U......allein dafür MUSS ich mir einfach ein WiiU kaufen *.*

  2. Danke für dein Kommi^^
    Wow tolle Bilder :3