Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kuraudes B*Day, Cuperella and Bye bye OCS

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

on last thursday was Kuraudes birthday. ^___^ <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! >^o^>
Therefore I invited her to stroll at the "Japan-Meile" in Düsseldorf.

Our first and main aim for today was the OCS Japan Store. The OCS Japan Store is closing at the end of March which is really sad. They offered a wide range of japanese products like magazines (Fashion magazines like Kera, Gothic&Lolita Bible), Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma goods, japanese Manga and educational material, foods and drinks and a lot of miscellaneous merchandise (Final Fantasy, Death Note etc.). But I guess the OCS was probably best known and famous for their two Purikura automats. Actually no one really knows WHY they had to close and I didn't felt like asking the staff for their reasons. We just wished them the very best for the future. So well, Kuraude and I took the chance to make for the very last time some Puris their:

my favourite one!

Just married XD

(Unfortunately my scanner had some problems with scanning so I had to photograph some of the puris - sorry for the bad quality =( )

I was really surprised that the OCS was that empty. I expected much more people to be there because almost everyone knew that they will close soon. Well, good for us so we didn't had to wait long for making Puris. The OCS Japan Store had an 50% discount that day - so I simply had to buy some stuff.

I bought some mini bento boxes for only 3,00€, a purple Daruma for only 2,00€, a pink Maneki Neko for 3,00€ and Hello Kitty candy for 0,50€. ^___^6

Afterwards we went to several other stores and enjoyed the midday in Düsseldorf.
Because the weather wasn't that great we decided to drive back home (where we had some funny "chaser" on the motorway) and we watched "Kamikaze Girls". I really love that movie and Kuraude also loved it.

Kuraude looked so pretty - a shame that the weather was like sh** and very cold so we couldn't took any great photos in Düsseldorf.

cacao time!
I hope Kuraude enjoyed the "Lolita"-day just like I did. Thank you for being my best (girl)friend! <3

Yesterday then, Kuraude celebrated her birthday and invited us first to the Cuperella Cafe and afterwards we went to her flat to give presents to her. During our stay in the Cuperella we were only four people, her two other friends came later in the evening. Kuraude instructed us to dress ourselves up for the Cuperella:

Kuraude weared her favourite JSK!



and I (looking pretty weird but it's the only photo I got XD)

Around 6pm we went to Kuraudes flat and her other friends also finally joined us. Sadly I do not have any more photos of the evening yet but Kuraude has posted them now on her own blog (Puccahafte Welt von Kuraude - B-Day Marathon).
After we had some pizza and "Schoko Lava" as dessert we gave Kuraude her presents.
We all gave to Kuraude as main-gift a new metallic-red Nintendo 3DS, the latest Professor Layton Game (Professor Layton and the miracle mask) and a 15€ Nintendo eShop Card.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

(South) Finland Tour - October 2011

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

it is about time for a new post!
Today I am going to write about our (South)-Finland Tour we had already 1 1/2 years ago, in October 2011. Since I was a child, I wanted to visit Finland. To be honest, the famous Formula-1 driver (and my very first "heartthrob") Mika Häkkinen called my attention back then to Finland. 0 >///< 0

Well, then finally in October 2011 we (my boyfriend Don and I) managed it to visit Finland for the first time. It was our second vacation abroad together. We stayed in Finland from the 8th of October to 13th of October 2011. In this few days we stayed in Helsinki, Turku, Pori and Vaasa. We also visited Yyteri and Ähtäri.

CAUTION: A lot of photos are waiting to be seen! ^__^6

Nanda Blog:

Day 1: Arrival and Helsinki

visit my deviantart:

At 5:30am in the morning our alarm clock rings. It's already time to wake up. At 7:20am our train straight to Cologne should arrive at Aachen. Of course the train had a delay. Shortly after 12pm our plane takeoff straight Helsinki. After an 2 hours flight we landed at Helsinki Airport. The airport was smaller than Don and I thought.

After having a snack we picked our rental car up and drove through Helsinki's inner town straight to our hotel.

what a gigantic muffin/cupcake that was!

In the afternoon we went to Helsinkis inner town again and had a look at the Cathredale of Helsinki. For me, the most beautiful building I have seen during our whole trip. When standing next to the Cathredale you are able to view the port of Helsinki.

Lutheran Cathredale of Helsinki

After spotting Helsinkis inner town we went to Pizza Hut for having dinner. Fortunately you can have in almost every restaurant/diner an english menu card. Finish looks for non-finish people really complicated. You can't really construe finish language from english or german or something other language I know. ö_ö But anyways, finish looks really interesting to me.. but I was told that it is probably one of the most difficult languages to learn.. so my intention about learning some finish someday is on stop right now.. X'D

Day 2: Continuing to Turku

We get up early and Don tried to watch the Formula 1 final via his MacBook. Before that we went downstairs to have breakfast. The hotel offered a great variety of food and drinks, and everythign was signed with the ingredients. For example, you could chose whether you want to drink lactose-free milk, soya-milk or if you want to take some glutenfree food. But not only this hotel signed their foodstuff that exactly, whole Finland seems to do it so.Very exemplary! Wish this would be like this in germany, too. I can fully recommend you our 1st Hotel in Helsinki: Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel Helsinki

After breakfast we take off straight to Turku. The motorways were even more "empty" than Helsinkis inner town last evening. A great contrast to germany: Germany is a really high populated country with about 80 million people and Finland, which has about a stretch of area like germany, got only a population of about 5 millon people. We enjoyed the silence, the peace, the quiet. =)

Well, then finally we arrived Turku. Turku is a beautiful town. Everything looked so peaceful.

Bibliotheca of Turku

Turun Linna
Our hotel in Turku also had a swimmingpool... but the water in the pool was so very, very cold, we didn't stayed there long. Finish people seem to be tough.. brr..

Day 3: Continuing to Pori

We waked up early this morning and went to a Lidl-Supermarket in Turku to have some breakfast. Funny, that there were in Finland also Lidl-Supermarkets - I thought that they were only in germany. X'D Our next stop then was a lil shopping mall. I wanted to buy post cards so badly. XD

cute "art" in Turkus Mall

After buying some post cards we drove straight to Pori. This day was really cloudy and rainy. We stopped at a park in Pori but due to the sh** weather we didn't walked that long. Nevertheless we decided to drive to Yyteri to see the beach. XD

After strolling on the beach we decided to drive back to Pori's inner town. I wanted to send my bought and now written post cards, but the finish man who worked at the tourist information of Pori almost didn't understand any english. All other people we met and talked to in Finland spoke a very good, some of them even a really fantastic english - but someone who's working in a tourist information does not?! ö_Ö" What a strange world! Well, in the end I managed it to get some stamps for my post cards so I could ship them.

In the afternoon we wanted to visit the Juseliuksen mausoleumi. Unfortunately I didn't have a photo of it but I made some close up photos of the door:

the chapel of the Juseliksen mausoleumi
 Because it was getting really rainy again we left the graveyard pretty far again. In the evening, as the rain stopped for some time wen strolled through Poris inner town and discovered a chinese restaurant. I don't remember the name anymore.. but it was very delicious and the atmosphere were great. <3

Day 4: Continuing to Vaasa

What's that noise?! I actually want to sleep but it's fire alarm!  We had to leave our hotel room. I wanted to change clothes but Don urged me to leave the room.. after standing about 15 minutes in front of the Hotel during Pori's cold october nights we could enter the hotel again - just false alarm!
This night wasn't that restful.
We left Pori after having breakfast and visited Yyteri and it's beach again. Todays weather was more sunny. =) But now it was time to drive to Vaasa!


typical finnish country road

Never saw a town/village with such a long name!

During our trip to Vaasa we saw many marsh, trees and nature. Really beautiful. While driving straight to Vaasa we passed many street signs and we couldn't wait to see KRISTIINANKAUPUNKI. Oh my, how should you speak such a long complicated word?! For me, this village name sounds and looks typical finish.

After 2 1/2 hours we arrived Vaasa. First we went to the shopping mall of Vaasa and strolled through Vaasa inner town whereby we already discovered our hotel for tonight, the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel.

Autumn is beautiful
Before we checked in we went to the waterfront. Todays weather were cold but sunnyand we hadn't any rain.

Then we checked in. We had a big room in the 9th floor.

view from our hotel room
In the evening we went to the hotels swimming pool. But we didn't stayed long. The pool was, like in Turku, again really cold. Must be usual in Finland but after 15 minutes we could stand it anymore and left. BRRR!!

Day 5: Visiting Ähtäri Zoo and back to Helsinki

We get early up and enjoyed the great breakfast. Radisson Blu Hotels are really great! They turned out to be our favourite hotel-chain. Today was the day of the longest drive. We had to drive back to Helsinki in one day and wanted to visit the Ähtäri Eläinpuisto, a natural wildlife park, which is about 2 hours from Vaasa. For me, personally, the visit was one of the highlights.

What a funny face!

"aggressive" ducks

cute water rat

I did A LOT OF photos there til my batteries get empty and I didn't had any spare batteries anymore =(

Well, in the afternoon we arrived Helsinki again and checked in in a motel (which was the biggest mistake on our journey!). In the evening we went to Helsinkis inner town, we visited the Stockmann and a big shopping mall and had dinner. In the shopping mall I bought a handmade Hello Kitty Chain for only 1€! ^O^

Day 6: My 22nd Birthday - Leaving Finland, trip home

The last day of our Finland trip had come. I felt sad but on the other hand I was happy because today was my 22nd birthday, hehe! ^__^ Unfortunately, I didn't slept well and I felt the whole morning pretty sick and couldnt eat almost anything. Our motel was.. not good. I will never ever book in a motel again. It was badly soundproofed and in general pretty uninviting.

Well, but because today were my birthday I received a present of Don already. He gave it to me in front of the beautiful Cathredale:

A Hello Kitty Necklace of Swarovski! <3 I felt like a princess! <3

During early afternoon I stopped feeling sick right before we had to take our plane back home. Thank goodness. Now it was time to say goodbye to Finland.

Näkemiin Suomi!

Finland is a really beautiful country and I or we want to visit Finland again sometime. But then we want to discover the north of Helsinki, like Oulu. I will never forget our trip to (South) Finland.. <3

Friday, March 15, 2013

Let's have a look at the streets of Japan

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

last sunday Kuraude and Mochi visited Don's and my place like usual.
Normally we all just enjoying the sunday together, hanging around, playing games or watching a movie but this time we even did something productive. X'D
As you might now, Don, Kuraude, Mochi and I will visit Japan this summer. Because we wanted to record for ourself our arrangements and ideas for our big upcoming journey we started an own Blog.  If you want to stay tuned, please visit: Crazy in Japan (Sorry, this blog is written in german only!). And so we thought over how we should spend our days in Tokyo. We will stay in total 7 days in Tokio.
Our most wanted to see places in Tokio by now are:

- Puroland (Tama (New Town))
- Pokemon Center (Minato)
- Tokyo Tower (Minato)
- Zojoji Temple (Minato)
- Shibuya 109
- Takeshita Street
- Closetchild (Shinjuku, Harajuku)
- Baby, the stars shine bright (Shibuya)
- Angelic Pretty (Harajuku)
- Akihabara
- Karaokekan (Shibuya)

Well, after we defined which places we want to visit, I remembered a Nintendo Direct-Show where Nintendo introduces a special "Street view". With that so called "Wii Street U" you can see places almost like you would stay in real in front of them. I instantly downloaded the software from the Nintendo Online Shop (it's for the moment free of charge!!) and we all started having a look at the places we want to visit.

And now, after having a stressful working day, I enjoy seeing the streets of Japan. Right now, I committed to memory how we have to walk from our Hotel (Shibuya Tobu) when we want to visit the Shibuya109 or the Laforet Harajuku. I guess I will study other routes in Tokio and the other cities also an advance.

The Shibuya 109

Takeshita Street

A cute Store on the Takeshita Street
I also spotted a Bodyline-Store and a ClosetChild-Store on the Takeshita Street but the batteries of my camera were low so I couldn't take any more pictures... =(

I can't wait to see those streets, shops and more with my proper eyes in real.. only 129 days left..! <3