Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Poor, poor Luma

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

a few days ago I had to make a sad discovery: Luma got a lil lump at her collarbone/throat. Poor Luma-Chan, she is my lil "problem pet rat": First of all, she had a cold, then there were the lil bit difficult integration with Vanilla and Carli and then she had itch mites (Grabmilben) and finally she catched a cold again (which I am currently still treating).

tired Luma and Usai

Of course I went to the veterinarian for a surgery appointment and well, today now was the day of Luma's surgery. I am always really nervous when it comes to a surgery. Im afraid that something could go wrong so you can understand that I was totally delighted as my mum told me that Luma is allright. Because the surgery appointment was in the morning my mum was so kind to bring Luma to the veterinarian and to pick up her afterwards again. The veterinarian told my mum that Luma got a benign tumour (so, the tumour wasn't spreading) and that the surgery wasn't that complicated at all.

Luma and her tumour

As I finally went home in the evening I couldn't wait to see her. She was sleeping in her "new" temporary lil cage but as she heard my voice she woke up and welcomed me with joy like usual. She has a great appetite and is pretty mercurial. It's kinda impressing that she behaves like nothing special happened to her when you see her pretty big stitches and wound at her collarbone/throat.

(Attention: The wound/stitch does not look beautifully, click on the photo if you want to enlarge it a bit)

Luma a few hours after her surgery: She acts like nothing special happened to her! 

I am really so happy that the surgery went that well. Luma-Chan is my little sweetheart, she is pretty clingy and enjoys tender loving care. Since lately she also fell asleep when she's sitting on my shoulder or she fell asleep while I am sharing kindness and affection to her when she lies on my belly. Sometimes I even think that she prefers cuddling with me than with her rat mates. When Im trying to lay her to her mates she stands up and instantly runs back to me and demands "her" caress X'D ^__^ She is really special for me, she turns out to be a real cute cuddly little thing. <3

I hope I will have even more lovely moments with Luma in the future


  1. Lovely Luma...Healthy quickly, the world is waiting for you ♥

  2. Cool! Luma is doing great, even though it looks awful... A human would whining all the time and complain about how poor they are xD
    Today's Rocky's turn...cross your fingers :((

    1. wrong adress xD

  3. Ich drück die Daumen, dass es gut heilt. Armes Mäuschen

    1. Dankeschön! Bisher sieht es echt gut aus!