Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Poor, poor Luma

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

a few days ago I had to make a sad discovery: Luma got a lil lump at her collarbone/throat. Poor Luma-Chan, she is my lil "problem pet rat": First of all, she had a cold, then there were the lil bit difficult integration with Vanilla and Carli and then she had itch mites (Grabmilben) and finally she catched a cold again (which I am currently still treating).

tired Luma and Usai

Of course I went to the veterinarian for a surgery appointment and well, today now was the day of Luma's surgery. I am always really nervous when it comes to a surgery. Im afraid that something could go wrong so you can understand that I was totally delighted as my mum told me that Luma is allright. Because the surgery appointment was in the morning my mum was so kind to bring Luma to the veterinarian and to pick up her afterwards again. The veterinarian told my mum that Luma got a benign tumour (so, the tumour wasn't spreading) and that the surgery wasn't that complicated at all.

Luma and her tumour

As I finally went home in the evening I couldn't wait to see her. She was sleeping in her "new" temporary lil cage but as she heard my voice she woke up and welcomed me with joy like usual. She has a great appetite and is pretty mercurial. It's kinda impressing that she behaves like nothing special happened to her when you see her pretty big stitches and wound at her collarbone/throat.

(Attention: The wound/stitch does not look beautifully, click on the photo if you want to enlarge it a bit)

Luma a few hours after her surgery: She acts like nothing special happened to her! 

I am really so happy that the surgery went that well. Luma-Chan is my little sweetheart, she is pretty clingy and enjoys tender loving care. Since lately she also fell asleep when she's sitting on my shoulder or she fell asleep while I am sharing kindness and affection to her when she lies on my belly. Sometimes I even think that she prefers cuddling with me than with her rat mates. When Im trying to lay her to her mates she stands up and instantly runs back to me and demands "her" caress X'D ^__^ She is really special for me, she turns out to be a real cute cuddly little thing. <3

I hope I will have even more lovely moments with Luma in the future

Monday, February 25, 2013

Usai's Hello Kitty Collection - 5th - Food, Sweets and more!

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

today I like to show you all my candy, drinks and food I am owning (or have owned) of Hello Kitty. It's almost incredible how many different products you can buy of Hello Kitty! ^___^
So, here we go:

Isn't this Lebkuchenhaus (gingerbread house) awesome? I discovered this set a few days before christmas 2012 but I didn't found the time to build the house. I'd make a real snatch! ^__^

I really looking forward to this years christmas to build and decorate the gingerbread house. I think it will be a lot of fun <3

From my mum I got this little cute "Nibble-House" XD

I didn't build it til now.. I guess I will build the house when I am building the gingerbraead house also. ^^

Apropros Christmas:

A Hello Kitty Advent calender is, for me, a must every year. <3

From my mum I've got this special cake:

I do not know wherefrom my mum got this but it was totally yummy and the lil cake mould is great!

Do you know this Koala Kakao Bears?

Sometimes you can find them in the supermarket as a special Hello Kitty Edition. ^__^

Yum-Yum~ Kabaya Hello Kitty Ichigo Pretzel 

I started to collect them. I love the lil comics on the backside.. but sometimes unfortunately the labels are covering them.. =(

The next one was a present from Don to me as he went on official business to Czech Republic:

The tin was full of lollypops! ^o^

From my mum I'd got a few years ago to my birthday this special fruitgum of Hello Kitty:

(sorry for the bad photo quality)
A shame that I never saw this fruitgum again =(

My mum also bought me a while ago this PEZ-set.

I love those PEZ Figures 

And more miscellaneous Hello Kitty sweets:

Hello Kitty biscuits, bubblegum and more

Hello Kitty candy:

Yummy Hello Kitty sugar-plums in three different tastes

Sour Power Dips:

From my colleagues I'd got this special soda to my birthday:

They had it from a fair trade, the producer is a swedisch company. 

Do you know Robby Bubble?

This Hello Kitty is non-alcoholic and very tasty.

Sometimes you can buy this Pasta in Hello Kitty Design in some supermarkets:

Everytime I see it I am buying multiple packages of them! ^__^

I really looking forward to our upcoming Japan Journey this summer. I can't wait to see what kind of products with Hello Kitty I will discover in Japan! ^___^

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Baby The Stars Shine Bright - Mary in the sky with candies OP in pink

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

just want to show you my newest Lolita one piece I bought . It is the "Mary in the sky with candies" OP in pink. I bought this OP second-hand from a Lolita called "Nightsky".

Currently, I am trying to extend my Lolita wardrobe with some more "Casual" or "Everyday" Lolita suitable clothes. And so I instantly felt in love with that totally lovely but also pretty modest one piece. <3
The OP is in a very good condition and Nightsky also enlosed to the dress a short letter and chocolate. That's so sweet of her! <33 Thank you so much!

So, but now, let's have a closer look at the one piece:

Like my other Btssb-OP, this OP also got two slender ribbons. <3 I love slender ribbons <3 The fabric is pretty soft and the OP is very comfortable to wear.
The measurements are:
length: ~90cm
bust: ~80 - 94cm
waist:~60cm - 78cm

I am owning the OP in pink, you can see other colors here: Hello Lace .

Well, I am totally satisfied with my newest one piece and can't wait to wear it to a Lolita Meet-Up <3

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why I Am A Vegetarian

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

I thought it would be time that I write something about my reasons for being vegetarian.
But, before I start, I would like to say that I am not a 100% straight or all-knowing vegetarian and I don't want anyone now to become vegetarian X'D. I just want to write about my reasons for being vegetarian and everything I write is based on my own individual experiences.

I started being vegetarian in 2007 for the first time. After about 1 1/2 years I started eating fish and fowl again. Six months (spring 2009) later I restarted being a vegetarian again.

Why I became vegetarian?

Vegetarians don't eat their friends (animals). This is a fact - not a provocation ^__^

Because I love animals. Many people get vegetarian because it would be better for their healthiness but that was never a reason for me. I love animals from my earliest childhood. We always had pets and so it was clear that I and my sister were very kind to animals. With advancing age I started to question my eating habit. Due to the fact, that I didn't ate any greenstuff and fruits in my girlhood years at all and also disliked MAAANY things to eat (f. e. cream cheese,  nutella, marmelade, rice but also many meat products like steak, salami, roast meat, ham, seafood in general, curried sausage, gyros - to be honest, I do not know what I ate all?!) I was afraid to stop eating meat well then because.. there would be nothing left which I could ate because (almost) everything else was soo icky back then for me. Yes, back then I was may pretty selfish, but hey, I was still a child/young teenager. X'D

Whats about f. e. gelatin and rennet?
I am avoiding animal gelatin and animal rennet as good as possible. I do not eat gummy bears with gelatin (almost everything of Haribo). Sadly, ingredients often not that well declared on products (or when Im ordering f. e. a pizza in a restaurant) and due to that it may happen that I eat animal rennet sometimes =(

Why I am not vegan?
I have great respect for people living completely vegan, because it is very hard to live that way. I thought more than once about becoming vegan, but it won't work. I am trying to reduce my milk and egg consumption but I can't give up drinking milk or eating eggs or other "animal products" completely. I (had to) do lots of travelling and even being "only" vegetarian can be quite difficult sometimes. Moreover, I have totally a sweet tooth and loving desserts, ice creams, cake and cookies.. which are usually of course not 100% Vegan..  so Im also a little sinner ;)

What do I think about meat eater?
I am tolerant. Just because I am vegetarian do not mean that I dislike people who are not vegetarian. And only being a vegetarian also don't mean that I am a better person in general (even if many people think so!). Each person got their own opinions and I am not that starry-eyed idealist type. Each one is responsible for their selves and due to the fact that I want that my eating habit is accepted, I accept other eating habits other then vegetarian, too. Some people think that I, as a vegetarian, can only be with a vegetarian in a relationship (which is really funny, everytime I hear this question I must almost laugh). Well, my boyfriend isn't vegetarian and it is his attitude. He is respecting and understanding my eating habits and so I am respecting his eating habits. Not eating meat is important to me, but it is not the centre of my whole life.

What thinks my non-vegetarian-milieu about me being vegetarian?
Most people accept and understand it for which Im pretty thankful. ^___^
Eventhough some people seemed to be a bit surprised when I am  telling them my reasons for it. Most people supposing that I am vegetarian because I think it is a healthier way to live - but I am vegetarian because I do not want to eat the beloved animals. Sadly I had to note, that some people get angry/unpleasant when Im telling that I am vegetarian because of my own ethical reasons and not because I had to because of my state of health or a religion told me so. It's a pity, that they do not want to understand, or better, accept my OWN ethical reasons. =(
Some people think they have to give silly comments (which can be sometimes quite funny) and a very few (only 2 or 3 colleagues) seem to avoid or nagging at me when it comes to a dinner. I am really not that type of vegetarian who is bullying the meat eaters - my zodiac sign is Libra and so I am loving harmony. I just want to eat my meal without stupid comments and so I don't do unto others what I would not have done unto myself.
One argument which really annoys me is "Cows and Pig are farmed so we can eat them but look ewww~ the asians are eating cats" or the same argument with "Eeew~ the australian eating kangaroos". For me, it does not make any difference. I feel sorry for all of them..

Thank you for reading and understanding my point of view. ^___^

All in all, it is awesome having so many individual characters, habits and people, don't you think? I love to meet new people and their characters and attitudes. You always get to know to new attitudes. One thing we really need in this world is respect and understanding the thinking and opinions of other people.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

World Doom Baby Rats Are Spreading Their Wings

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

now the time has come: My eight World Doom Baby Rats are spreading their wings and they are ready to explore the whole world. But this means also, that it is time to say good bye. =(

four of the eight babies at age of almost 6 weeks with their mum Joy

3 weeks old

4 1/2 weeks old

bubbly 5 weeks old baby rats in action

Amazing, how fast they evolved. They are bustling around, chasing and caring each other. Lovely little rats <3

Well, the good thing is, that I do not have to say goodbye to all of them: I decided that two baby girls will stay at my place. I will keep a black-hooded one named Mari(ko) and a black-berkshire named Evora. And of course, their mum, Joy, will stay also at my place.

Mariko is a bit more reserved but enjoys to be cuddled.

Evora is an explorer and got a pretty bubbly personality.

Aren't the two MEGA cute?! <333

But what's with the other six babies?

In my last entry bout the Doomsday Baby Rats I wrote that I thought that three of them are might be male and five of them are female. In the meantime it turned to be out that only ONE of the babies is a boy and that all others are girls. LUCKILY I found for each of the babies a good place to stay:

- the (baby) boy stays now at my mum's place. She is holding other male pet rats, too also two pretty young male rats. The integration to the whole pet rat group has to be done now gradually and slowly but Im confident that this will work fine. My mum named him Francis. My mum recently also started a little homepage about pet rats: my-sweet-rats (sorry, only in german)

- three female baby rats having a rehome at Kuraude's place. For Kuraude, it is the first time having pet rats, but she is very familar in dealing with them because she knows and loves my pet rats. Kuraude adopted a black berkshire, a husky and a black hooded one. They are named Hyuna, Miyuki and Lola. I guess, Kuraude will write on her own blog in the near future in a more detailed way about the three. As soon as she released this entry I will link it here. ;-)

- and the last two female baby rats are having also a new home. An ex-colleague and friend of mine takes now care for them. He got pet rats since I have known him. He named them Ivy and Miu. He runs an own blog in which he will surely show the two also in the near future:

I am really happy that each of my baby rats found a good place. I hope they all will have a healthy and long life. <3