Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My christmas presents 2012

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

With this entry I like to show you all my AWESOME christmas gifts I received. <3
Attention: This is gonna be a big entry!
Well, let's start with....

Pokemon Tasten-Abenteuer (Pokemon Typing Adventure)

I knew that I just had to have this game as I saw the japanese trailer for the game. Once I had the chance to play the game during the Frankfurter Buchmesse (see Nintendo at the FBM) my wish to have this game were even more boosted. I am happy that Don gave it to me at christmas. To be honest, I am already avid for that game. X'D

Hello Kitty Swarovski Christmas Edition

Thank God for the cooperation of Sanrio and Swarovski! ^__^ Like almost every girl, I like love jewelry and having precious jewelry of Hello Kitty is double awesome! This year, Don gave this special Hello Kitty christmas pendant to me. <3 I love it!

Hello Kitty Laptop Bag

Since I am owning my stylish pink Sony laptop I am also looking for a stylish laptop bag. I once had a laptop bag but ... I can't find it anymore.. and furthermore it was only a black one, not that good padded and without any extra gimmicks. I was searching for a well padded bag because I want to take my laptop with me when I am going to visit Japan next summer. A few weeks ago I spotted a Hello Kitty laptop bag and my parents now surprised me with giving it as a present to me at christmas.

Kamikaze Girls - DVD

I was always a bit uncertain whether I should watch "THE" movie where a Lolita is one of the main characters. But as Yoko Rosedust stayed for a night at my place she brought that movie with and we watched it and I was really ecstatic bout the movie (see 2. Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up). Actually, I wanted to buy the movie by my own but in the last months and weeks it was pretty difficult to manage to crab the movie for a fair price. I am lucky that I received the movie as a present from my parents.

Nintendo 3DS Game Case

FINALLY - thanks to my parents - I am finally owning such a case for all my 3DS and DS - games. It is very useful!

Visuelles Wörterbuch: Japanisch - Deutsch (visual dictionary: japanese - german)

No matter with who I was talking bout great japanese books/dictionaries: Everyone recommended this book. It is an illustrated guide and seems pretty handy even during a stay in japan. My parents gave it to me as present.

Lonely Planet Sprachführer: Japanisch (phrase book japanese)

A japanese phrase book. If you learning a language ONE book is never enough. The "Lonely Planet"-phrase book includes many useful phrases during a stay in japan. They are written in Kanji/Katakana/Hiragana and in Romaji also and includes pretty much phrases for such "particular" persons like me (I am a vegetarian, lactose-intolerant and got a weak stomach generally).. my parents gave this book to me.

White pair of winter-gloves

Actually those gloves are for children.. but I got pretty small hands. The gloves are very fluffy. <3 I received them also as a gift from my parents.

Pink ankle boots

SIMPLY LOVE. Heretofore I wasn't that shoe-addicted but somehow.. I changed my mind and starting paying shoes more attention. ^__^ My parents gave this pair to me as a present.

Lots of sweets (chocolate)
My parents definitely want me to become fat X'D - I received a big bag ful of chocolates and candy from them. My store cupboard is almost overcrowded now... ^^6

Photo's of my nephew and Don's nieces

3x pair of Hello Kitty socks

A little gift of my aunt. I really looked forward for receiving some cute Hello Kitty socks as a gift. ^__^ and YES, I love to receive (cute) socks as a gift XD

Hello Kitty Lamp

Isn't it awesome?! Kuraude gave this Hello Kitty Lamp to me! I love Hello Kitty home accessories like this but there sometimes pretty hard to get! This lamp will be my new bedside light from now on.

Cookie cutter "Rat"

I love to bake and with this cookie cutter I wold love it in the future even more. Kuraude gave this cookie cutter to me.

Audrey Hepburn - DVD Set

Did I ever mention before that I adore Audrey Hepburn? She was such a great actress and person generally. What a shame, that I didn't owned any of her movies. Luckily, Kuraude gave this DVD - Set to me.

Crackers and Snacks for my pets
Yaay, my pets got also some presents for christmas, too. Mochi bought them some cheese-crackers and snacks. Thank you, Mochi!

Inception - DVD

Actually, I struggle with movies. I am just not such a movie fan. To attract my whole attention during the whole movie, the movie has to be veeeery, very good. Inception is one of this few movies which managed it to mesmerize me. For this reason, I simply needed the movie also as DVD. I received this DVD as a gift from Mochi.

The Sims2 - Mansion and Garden Stuff

HAR HAR, finally I am having the Mansion and Garden Stuff Expansion Pack for Sims2. I love the Sims2, in this regard I am a typical girl. Happy gaming! Mochi gave this Game to me.

Hello Kitty Toothbrush-Holder

I received this megacute Toothbrush-holder from Mochi. It is really stylish and is jazzing up my bathroom now.

Pinkie Pie T-Shirt

I almost wanted to buy this Shirt by my own as Mochi showed it to me a few weeks ago. Mochi actually showed me this shirt because he wanted to check whether I would like such a shirt or not. Well, I not only liked this shirt - I LOVED IT. I was really delighted as I unpacked this shirt beneath the christmas tree. Pinkie Pie is my absoulte favorite Pony of My little Pony. <3

My little Pony Magazine

More My Little Pony! Im starting to be a big fan of MLP - well, what can I say? MLP is just tooooo cute! I can't resist them (especially Pinkie Pie). Mochi gave this magazine also to me.

Mochi is such a sweetheart. He gave me and Don and Kuraude photos of us. I really love photos. Photos cherish great events and memories. <3

Even more sweets and candy I received from Mochi. ^___^

WiiU Gamepad Protective Cover - Pokemon Design

From Gia I received a special cover for the WiiU Gamepad. The "case" is really soft and is well padded. Moreover, it has this lovely Pokemon Design. Gia told me that she bought the fabric from Japan. ^o^

Mini Muffin Bake Set / Books

I received this set from my colleague. Up to now, I didn't managed it to try some of the receipts but I will try it as soon as I can.

At this point, I want to say thank you again for all this fabulous presents! Im a really lucky person!


  1. Du hast aber viele tolle Geschenke bekommen :)
    Wo gibts denn das Pinky Pie Shirt?
    liebe Grüße ♥

    1. Puh.. da müsstest du mal Mochi ( fragen..

  2. Ui, so viele schöne Geschenke! :)
    Kamikaze Girls hab ich auch im Schrank stehen und das Pokémon-Spiel musste ich eben erstmal googlen. Kannte ich noch gar nicht. :0 Cool cool!

  3. Ich liebe diese Hello Kitty Lampe! Wo hate deine Freundin die denn her?

    1. Sie meinte sie habe sie auf einem Trödelmarkt gefunden..

  4. "[...]love jewelry" - Darum magst du Rarity so :D

    Schöner Blogeintrag, hab es dir jetzt mal nach gemacht...wär ich doch schneller gewesen! xD

    Wobei...diesmal hast Du sogar mehr Text als ich...und das auch noch auf Englisch...ich verneige mich vor Dir O_O'

    1. Einmal muss ich ja auch mal mehr Text als Bilder haben, oder? =)

  5. Huhu Schatzi^^

    Freut mich total das dir meine Geschenke so gefallen haben ^x^
    Hihi und das die HK Lampe nun neben deinem Bett steht, freut umso mehr ^x^

    kussi <3