Thursday, January 24, 2013

Me in the newspaper

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

for me it was a kind of surprise as I get to know that I was yesterday in our biggest local newspaper. I am pretty happy that the mum of my office-colleague called my colleague at shortly after 7:30am and informed us about me being in the newspaper - so I was at least a little bit prepared for all the comments and attention I would get later on during that day. @__@
I never thought that a newspaper article would make someone that important and interesting. I do not want to sound like a poser, but to be honest I guess me in the newspaper, was THAT topic of the day during the workday and also in the evening.

But, why Im in the newspaper at all!?
Last spring I had a shooting (in Lolita-Fashion of course!) for a local exhibition called "52 Wochen". It is a photo project which shows the variety of the people living in the Euregio Maas-Rhein. You can see pictures of the Shooting here: 52 Wochen - Photo Shooting.
The exhibition opened officially last November, I also had visited the exhibition opening which was a great experience: 52 Wochen - Exhibition Opening.
Marco, who took the photos of me for the exhibition, told me that some of the portraits will be also printed in our local newspaper... I almost forgot about that fact and then well, yesterday it seems like it was my turn. ^__^6 It was an absolute strange feeling, seeing myself in the newspaper.. and the news article about me was pretty big.. I didn't expected that it would be that large.. no wonder that everybody instantly recognized or better discovered me! I am really happy that almost all of my colleagues are pretty cool and nice persons and everyone seemed to like the article and the photo. ^___^ Even if I gave only one single person an understanding of Lolita-fashion I am happy!

After my workday was finished, Kuraude und Mochi visited me and  the two were at that time probably the two only persons on that day who didn't knew that I was in the newspaper. I am wondering why the hell I was so stupid to tell them that they can see me in the newspaper. >___< After they get to know this, we went, like agreed before, to a pet shop and then we went to a supermarket. They were pretty naughty there and Mochi even asked the cashier if he may get one of the newspaper examples for free because I (his friend) were printed there and in the meanwhile Kuraude had nothing better to do than to lay her copy of the newspaper wide-open at the conveyor belt so everyone could see the article bout me.. >___>" Little Gadflies.. X'D


  1. Wow,that's nice!!
    Well,at least it's a rare experience to be in the newspaper once in your life XD

  2. Aww voll toll, auch der Artikel zu dem Bild ist gut!

  3. Wow °3° das ist ja total cool ! d^-^b lg~ pinke Lisa :D

  4. Hihi >;D
    Der Nachmittag hat soo viel spaß gemacht <3
    gut das wir die Zeitungen gekauft haben xD Mochi ist ein Genie :P

    Muahaha hab ich dir schon erzählt das meine Eltern den Artikel auch haben >D

    kussi Kuraude ;3

  5. Jetzt hast du aber gelogen :O

    Ich hab nicht gefragt, ob wir die geschenkt bekommen, sondern ob es dir peinlich sein muss, wenn du in der Zeitung bist (\^_^/)

    Selber Gadfly xD

  6. Cool, Ich war noch nie in der Zeitung, aber keine sorge, spätestens meine Todesanzeige wird drin stehen falls mein Herzblatt sich dazu erbarmt xD
    Geiel. Bin Stolz auf dich (^_^)/