Monday, January 7, 2013

Development Of The World Doom Baby Rats So Far

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

it seems just like yesterday as the World Doom Babies were born (see entry World Doomsday Babies). Well, in the meantime, the babies not only growed, they also began to open their eyes and crawling around.  The eight are as sweet as sugar! <3

Quite a lot of people do not like pet rats a lot, but at least since they had seen those little, cute baby rats crawling clumsily around their hearts are melting and their chupped about pet rats (even my mother in law-to-be).

Last friday I, or better Don, took this photo of the eight cuties:

They are all pretty tame, they are licking our fingers but also slightly nibbling. ^___^ You can see, that we have eight baby rats with in total three different coat patterns: There are two (black) "hooded" ones (well the one at the very left on the upper photo is rather a "broken hooded" one), three husky's/roan's and three (black) berkshire.

It's fascinating, how much the eight growed in their first 14 days of life and how much they developed generally. But just have a look at a few photos I took the last two weeks, it is a sort of a photo-timeline:

Day -1 : 20th of December 2012

In less than a day, Joy will give birth to her babies.

Day 0 : 21st of December 2012

Here they are only a few hours old. By now, they do not have any hairs, but you can slightly see that they are already showing pigment. The pretty light spot is their tummy full of milk. ^__^

Day 5 : 26th of December 2012

The Doomsday Babies growed a lot the last few days and the color pigment is now pretty strong. All of them seem to become  pretty dark coat patterns, eventhough their mom got a light coat pattern.

Day 8 : 29th of December 2012

They are still pretty tiny in comparison to their mom. The babies by now starting to get some fuzzy hair. Their eyes are still closed.

Joy is in the moment a very busy pet rat and she is very, very greedy.

Day 13 : 3rd of January 2013

They are all growing and growing day by day and pretty soon they will open their eyes and will begin to explore the world.

Day 14 : 4th of January 2013

During the day all eight cuties opened their eyes finally. On this photo the black berkhire baby rat at the very right got still it's eyes closed - but it will open it's eyes during the evening... <3 Now, with their eyes opened, the eight can't wait to explore the whole world - to Joy's cost.

I have to say, that I already locked the eight in my heart .. it will be pretty hard for me to give them away. I hope that they will all have a great lifetime. Sadly, I am only able to hold two (or maybe?) three female baby rats. Then I would have in total six or seven pet rats (and two rat packs for now) which is pretty much! Im really so sorry but I am to busy to live up to all of them. I want them to be happy and to lead a fine life. Unfortunately, I still cannot say for sure which ones are girls and which are boys.. at the moment I would say that we got five female (2x hooded, 2x husky, 1xberkshire) and three male (1x husky, 2x berkshire).. but Im not that sure, especially regarding the berkshire ones... well, the few next days will bring more serenity I guess. In the moment, I just want to enjoy the time I'll have with them. I am happy that Kuraude will adopt three of them for sure. And with a bit of luck, there is a chance that I will see each baby regularly in the future.. my mum evinced interest in some male babies. I will keep you of course up to date. =)
Thank you for reading.


  1. Adorable pet cute....
    Are every time I see them are become bigger!

  2. Wow, der Wahnsinn.....wie schnell die kleinen groß werden *,*
    Ohhhh und die werden mit jedem mal süßer <3 <3 <3

    aawww ich fand das ssoooo süß, als eines der Babys in meiner aufgewacht ist -*o*-
    Ich liebe euch alle <3 <3