Thursday, January 24, 2013

Me in the newspaper

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

for me it was a kind of surprise as I get to know that I was yesterday in our biggest local newspaper. I am pretty happy that the mum of my office-colleague called my colleague at shortly after 7:30am and informed us about me being in the newspaper - so I was at least a little bit prepared for all the comments and attention I would get later on during that day. @__@
I never thought that a newspaper article would make someone that important and interesting. I do not want to sound like a poser, but to be honest I guess me in the newspaper, was THAT topic of the day during the workday and also in the evening.

But, why Im in the newspaper at all!?
Last spring I had a shooting (in Lolita-Fashion of course!) for a local exhibition called "52 Wochen". It is a photo project which shows the variety of the people living in the Euregio Maas-Rhein. You can see pictures of the Shooting here: 52 Wochen - Photo Shooting.
The exhibition opened officially last November, I also had visited the exhibition opening which was a great experience: 52 Wochen - Exhibition Opening.
Marco, who took the photos of me for the exhibition, told me that some of the portraits will be also printed in our local newspaper... I almost forgot about that fact and then well, yesterday it seems like it was my turn. ^__^6 It was an absolute strange feeling, seeing myself in the newspaper.. and the news article about me was pretty big.. I didn't expected that it would be that large.. no wonder that everybody instantly recognized or better discovered me! I am really happy that almost all of my colleagues are pretty cool and nice persons and everyone seemed to like the article and the photo. ^___^ Even if I gave only one single person an understanding of Lolita-fashion I am happy!

After my workday was finished, Kuraude und Mochi visited me and  the two were at that time probably the two only persons on that day who didn't knew that I was in the newspaper. I am wondering why the hell I was so stupid to tell them that they can see me in the newspaper. >___< After they get to know this, we went, like agreed before, to a pet shop and then we went to a supermarket. They were pretty naughty there and Mochi even asked the cashier if he may get one of the newspaper examples for free because I (his friend) were printed there and in the meanwhile Kuraude had nothing better to do than to lay her copy of the newspaper wide-open at the conveyor belt so everyone could see the article bout me.. >___>" Little Gadflies.. X'D

Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Cosplays - 6th - Flaaffy (Pokemon)

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

here's the 6th part of the "My Cosplays"-series: Flaaffy of Pokemon!

This Cosplay is a sort of "last minute" Cosplay, I started creating it only one evening before the 2011's Animagic.

Flaaffy Cosplay – Profile:

Cosplay No.:6
Created in: 2011
Hours to make: ~ 4 h
Weared at: Animagic 2011 (Saturday), Connichi 2011 (Sunday), Pokemon Days 2011, Dokomi 2012 (Sunday)
Japanese name: Mokoko
German name: Waaty

Why do I wanted to Cosplay Flaaffy?

Unlike my almost everlasting love for Charmander from my earliest childhood, I start lovin' Flaaffy only in my twenties. X'D I guess, it started all with catching a Mareep on my Pokemon Diamond Edition.

Any unforgetable experiences?

During the DoKomi I'd met one girl which was absolute delighted by seeing me as Flaaffy. Flaaffy was her favourite Pokemon. <3 This was mega cute.