Monday, December 23, 2013

Cologne Christmas Market

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

do you remember Yui, the young japanese woman Don and I had met in Vienna?
She is currently still on her big europe trip and after visiting Vienna she went first towards south and thereafter to Belgium and the Netherlands. Since our meeting in Vienna we kept in touch via email and on December 13th, she arrived in Cologne and we met up at central station to visit the christmas market together.

It was pretty cold that day, colder than I expected but we were nevertheless pretty lucky with the weather (NO RAIN! ^o^). After Yui stored her luggage at the central station we went to the christmas market. Cologne offers in total 7(!) different christmas markets - Yui and I went to the christmas market which is next to Cologne Cathredale (Kölner Dom).

Yui and me with Santa Claus

honey candles - they always remind me of my childhood

Yui in front of the christmas market stage and the cathredale

After we trudged round all the wooden pavilions we went inside the Cologne Cathredale. Inside the cathredale it turns out to be a bit more warm but it was still freezy.

Although I am living nearby Cologne, I must admit that I do not visit Cologen that often - I don't know why - maybe it's because Duesseldorf seems far more attractive due to its japanese hot spots. Well, back to topic, next we wanted to drink a cup of Glühwein but we wanted to do this inside because we felt pretty frozen now. We thought that wouldn't be such a tricky deal but we had to look for a cafe which offer Glühwein for a way longer time than we actually thought. I was delighted as we finally had a seat in a cafe nearby and could enjoy a hot Glühwein. <33 We chatted a lot about anything and everything as we then "suddenly" noticed that it was already getting dark.

lucky (tired) Usai and Yui with Glühwein
Before Yui had to leave to meet-up with her host, we went to the christmas market again to enjoy all the lights. A christmas market simply is more beautiful when it is already dark, don't you think?

Yui, thank you very much for the great day in Cologne. Im glad that I had the chance to get to know you. Enjoy your remaining journey through europe. ^__^

And to all of you: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Enjoy the christmas days with your family, friends & besties! <3

Monday, December 16, 2013

Usai in Japan 2013 - Deers of Nara & Kōfuku-ji

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

a pretty long time (or better: years) ago, Kuraude sent me a video link. "Usai, you have to watch this! There are deers everywhere in Nara and they're tame!". I did not heared of such tame deers in Nara before and to be honest I thought that Kuraude is probably overboarding with such "tame deers" but the video made me kinda speechless. Kuraude was perfectly right. From that point I decided that, if I should ever travel to Japan, I want to see those damn great deers!!!

During our vacation in Japan we decided to make a stop in Nara as we were on passage from Osaka to Kyoto. Our navigation system routed us without any detours or mistakes directly to Nara en (Nara Park). We saw the park but we first had to look for a parking area. Short time after we found a parking area although we four weren't dead certain that we can leave our car there, of which more later. That day was really, really hot and we, as mid-european people, are just not that used to such a (humid) heat, so I started complaining that it would take us probably half an hour til we would see the first deer if we would see any deer at all. Mochi and Don were stressed out and told me to stop bitchin' around - and they were so damn right by doing that - as we spotted a deer crossing the street by using the crosswalk (Like A Boss 8-) ). We were stunned and thrilled. Deers! Deers! They are right here!

Deer: "Pff, tourists again.."

Kuraude and Mochi bought several packages of deer-crackers (Shika-senbei) to feed the deers. One "package" of 10 crackers costed 350 Yen.  

Kuraudes popularity was increasing a lot while she stood at the lil cracker store. X'D
they just can't get enough!

Kuraude totally surrounded by deers

After feeding the deers we spotted a pagoda and decided that we should walk in this direction. It turns out that we spotted the pagoda at Kōfuku-ji. Kōfuku-ji is a buddhist temple and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the area of Kōfuku-ji we have seen f. e. the following buildings:

Hokuendō - one of the three golden halls
close up - Hokuendō
The whole area was quite impressing - from one moment to another we "entered" old japan in a way. So this was quite a nice surprise that we came across this area. ^___^

Then the time had come to drive on to Kyoto. When arriving at our car we noticed that we had a sort of sheet on the front window. Was it a traffic ticket? We didn't know it - the ticket, was of course, written in japanese, or better in Kanji letters. Moreover, four pylons stood around our car. We were confused. Seems like we did something wrong and so we looked around if we could see someone who could may help us solving this issue. After a few seconds only then a japanese guy came to us. We do not understood a single word  he was actually talking about but we got that we shouldn't left our car at this place and so we had to pay around 700 Yen. Mercifully, the japanese people are such friendly guys and so it wasn't such a big deal at all. ^__^6

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Usai in Japan 2013 - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - "Icon" of Shibuya & Nanda Collection - Re"listen" (Review)

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

I know I didn't wrote that much about her by now, but I am really a fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and her music. It all began at the beginning of the year and since then I started listening to her music daily. It's amazing how her "career" moved that forward. Before 2011, Kyary was a fashion blogger and then formerly known as a model, she did jobs for magazines like Kera and had an affection for fake eyelashes. She even produced a line of fake eyelashes which is called "Harajuku Doll". In summer 2011 she released her 1st single "PonPonPon" which was surprisingly a viral hit and Kyary and Nakata-san decided to start a more "serious" collaboration.

Via Facebook & Co. I've seen that Kyary must be really a big hit in Japan and I was wondering how big she actually is and I should get my answer right during our first hours in Japan: After leaving Shibuya station Kyary's song "Ninjya Re Bang Bang" "thudded" us from one of the big screens at "Shibuya crossing". During our way straight to our hotel "Shibuya Tobu", in which we spent our first nights in Tokyo, we passed a KFC-store with big posters of Kyary, she promoted their "Krusher's".

Being in Japan I do not wanted to miss the chance to visit the "Tower Records"-store to buy her newest album "Nanda Collection". When in Shibuya you can't miss the Tower Records-store because it's a pretty high building. Inside the building, Ms. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu greets the visitors once again:

Kyary did some advertising for Tower Records during their summer sale and so I even got a bag and a bonus card with in Kyary-design. Staying in Tokyo you do not have a chance to escape her. But let's come back to her newest album.

Nanda Collection
1. Nanda Collection
2. Ninjya Re Bang Bang
3. Kimi Ni 100 Percento
4. Super Scooter Happy
5. Invader Invader
6. Mi
7. Fashion Monster
8. Saigo No Ice Cream
9. Noriko to Norio
10. Furisodeshon
11. Kura Kura
12. Otona Na Kodomo

Nanda Collection is Kyary's 2nd studio album. It's full of J-Pop, kawaii-ness and sythesizer sounds - or in other words: typically Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Her music isn't for everybody - I think, that a lot of people do not like her pitched voice and that her music is to jumbled. If you're looking for deeper meanings and messages in her songs.. well, I guess you wouldn't find that much but her music is very entertaining and catchy - it helps me to forget a stressful day and problems, I just enjoy myself listen to her music and sing along (only when Im word-perfect X'D). Listen to her music makes me smile and sometimes a smile is all I need.
"Ninjya Re Bang Bang" is probably the protuding track on her album and, for me, even greater than "PonPonPon". "Mi" is as simple as great - its such a catchy song which makes you smile and sing along (the lyrics are REALLY difficult, it goes like "Mimimimimimi" .. but to be honest Im not sure bout it D:). "Saigo No Ice Cream" got a special 80s-flair and is the most underestimated song on this album - it should deserve way more attention and love. One more song which I would like to recommend you is "Invader Invader", which was also her last single from this album. I really like/love all songs of her album, but if I had to choose which one I like at least I would say "Super Scooter Happy". Its a cute and catchy song.. but sometimes its just a bit annoying. X'D

If you like Kyary's music please support her by buying her music. Nanda Collection provides every Kyary fan with 100% Kyary-ness and is the prove that Kyary isn't just a 1-Hit-Wonder or a musician who only produces great singles. She (or better Nakata-san) can do both.

I really hope that she will come to europe soon. She confirmed going on tour in europe but by now no places and dates were confirmed. I want to visit a concert so badly and hope that she will do a concert close by my hometown. ^___^

Thursday, November 21, 2013

TV-Roadmovie "In Deutschland um die Welt - Japan"

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

back then in spring 2013, the press spokeswoman of "Deutsche Cosplaymeisterschaft" (german cosplay open) contacted me. She'd received an inquiry of a production company for a new series and they were looking for a local Cosplayer. She attached the mail of the production company and because I had the impression that this inquiry sounded reliable I contacted the production company.

After having several telephone conversations I agreed in taking part of this production. I decided to wear my Princess Peach Cosplay because Peach is probably the most known character even for people who aren't part of the Manga/Game/Cosplay-scene. Mochi could also join the shooting date as supporting act and he weared his Luigi Cosplay. =)

(c) Deutschland um die Welt /

The series is a 6-episode long so called "Roadmovie" and should show the variety of people from foreign countries living in germany. The Roadmovie has been broadcasted on german television channel "EinsPlus" weekly during autumn, the japan-episode has been broadcasted already mid october (I just forgot to write about it ~ haha X'D). Maids of the german Maid-Cafe Lucky Chocolate makeing also an appearance. ^__^ Those girls are so lovely! ^__^ Well, Pierre's sense of humour is arguable but so he is. I personally think that you shouldn't take this series to seriously - it should be mainly entertaining and for me it was a nice and interesting experience.

It's weird to see oneself on television and my voice sounds so different (high).. well, I guess we all know that feeling. During the shooting I was (unfortunately) pretty excited and I guess everyone can see that =D

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up & Friends Goes LaserTag!

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

our local Lolita group went to a pretty unusual place for a Lolita Meet-Up: LaserTag!
We agreed that we will dress in some more (Casual) Lolita and wow.. I did not thought that LaserTag would be that physically demanding. ^__^6 For me, it was the very first time. This time our boyfriends and best friends could join the Meet-Up, too. =)

I wish I could show you some great photos of our LaserTag rounds but I forgot to take my camera with me and it was too dark and foggy anyways so I think that the photos hadn't been that well in any case.
Luckily the holder of the LaserTag area takes a photo of each group playing:

My outfit for that day was actually:

As I wrote.. pretty casual..

We had to pay per person 14€ for two rounds (per round 20 minutes). We were divided in two groups and the main aim was as simple as entertaining: Shoot down the members of the rival group. =D
Unlike Paintball, LaserTag is harmless, you do not get hurt when you get shooted and you usually don't get dirty at all because you're playing inside in a pretty dark and foggy room.

LaserTag was quite fun.. but it was very exhausting and so I do not whether I would "play" it again.. you have to know that I am a real couch potatoe and hate sweating ='D

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Usai in Japan 2013 - Harajuku's Takeshita Dori

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

as Lolita and as big lover of japanese (street) fashion it was crystal clear that we will visit the famous Takeshita Dori / Takeshita Street in Harajuku during our stay in Japan. We visited Takeshita Dori twice as we were in Japan and I left each time a lot of money there.. ^__^6

Takeshita Dori is located directly across the JR Easts Harajuku Station's exit and is lined with fashion boutiques and cafes. It's the heartland for cute "kawaii" and young fashion and most of the shops are good at price.

Bodyline store at Takeshita Dori

Closetchild store at Takeshita Dori <3
Closetchild is a sort of 2nd-hand shop for Lolita and Gothic clothes. They also run an online store and ship worldwide (Closetchild Online Shop). I was pretty curious how the physical Closetchild-stores would look like and even more I hopes to make some great snatchs - and I did! At Closetchild I'd bought my Metamorphose Candy Star Rabbit JSK and the Hello Kitty x Samipoo shirt of Baby, the stars shine bright:

With one shop I felt also really in love with: Harajuku Smile Camp.
Harajuku Smile Camp is a cute store which offers a wide range of cute/kawaii clothes and accessories which works perfekt with for example Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei and Decora Kei.

..and there I enter the paradise XD

mascots of Harajuku Smile Camp
In total I'd bought four articles of clothing there:

cute cat-dress for only 1,000 Yen (summer sale *__*)
mega cute and soft cardigan

top and skirt with Harajuku Smile Camp's mascots <3

When visiting Harajuku and it's Takeshita Dori you have to make a break for eating crepes and other sweets. The probably most famous crepe stand is "Marion crêpe" which opened already in 1976 and do not only sell crepes but also f. e. Hello Kitty styled sweet sandwiches with green tea ice inside:

om nom nom - wasn't that easy to ate this sandwich without getting dirty CF

For me, Takeshita Dori was like paradise - a wide range of cute clothes to affordable prices. I definitely will visit Takeshita Dori again when Im next time in Japan..

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Donauturm and Tiergarten Schönbrunn Vienna Zoo

Hello my mega cute mauw-mauws,

because there is still much to tell and show please welcome the third and final post about our Vienna-trip.
Don and I visited Vienna from October, 11th - October, 14th and todays posts focus will be about our visit of the Donauturm on October, 11th and the Tiergarten Schönbrunn (Vienna Zoo) which we'd visited on October, 14th.
I've also wrote about our other two days in Vienna here:
October, 12th: 1st european Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna
October, 13th: My 24th birthday in Vienna - Lolita Meet-Up, Schloss Schönbrunn, Coach Ride & Prater

October, 11th - Donauturm
As we took off to Vienna I still had a bad cold and I can tell you that it is really uncomfortable to travel by plane then. p___q I was delighted as we then finally arrived Vienna ^__^6. Don rented a car for our days in Vienna and we drove straight to out Hotel called "Pension Schönbrunn". It was pretty rainy that afternoon and so I didn't felt that bad that I overslept almost the whole afternoon in our hotel room. But because I did not wanted to let the day simply pass by, Don and I decided to visit the Donauturm during evening. At the 150m-high viewing terrace we enjoyed the view over Vienna:

I LOVE the Sissi-movies of the 50s


Vienna by night

Thereafter we had some very delicious dinner at Restaurant Chianti, which we run across in Vienna. So if you're looking for a good italian restaurant in Vienna I can warmly recommend you Chianti. <3

October, 14th - Tiergarten Schönbrunn (Vienna Zoo)
Our last day in Vienna already!
Tiergarten Schönbrunn ist the world's oldest zoo and animals from all continents make their home over an area of seventeen hectares there. Over 600 specifies find their home at Vienna Zoo, like f. e. giant panda, koala, elephants, lions, sea lions and penguins. Main reason for visit of the Zoo was that I wanted to see giant pandas in real. As we were in Japan (Crazy in Japan - Tag 15) this summer I planned to visit Ueno Zoo in Tokyo because of the giant pandas but it was really very hot and muggy that day so that we ended in seek refuge in our hotel rooms instead. :-/ So I was mad for seeing giant pandas now in Vienna! <3 But before seeing Panda's at the zoo I first get to know a pretty trustful squirrel which was fed by an older lady. The lady visits the zoo very often and she gave me also a few nuts so that I could also fed the squirrel. MEGA CUTE!!!


nom-nom-nom 2

That's it?! Aren't there any more nuts for me?!

After saying bye-bye to the squirrels we saw so many different animal, gosh, we made really so much photos and it was pretty difficult to decide which ones I should upload so here they are:

Lil' Panda - MEGA CUUUUTE²

The Giant Pandas at Vienna Zoo got a baby boy currently. <3 Unfortunately we did not saw Panda mother and her baby but Panda daddy (which we named "Mr. Panda") graced us with his presence:

Mr. Panda enjoying the day


tired Koala

Rhinocerua Iguana

sleep well, dear Capybara

sleep well², dear Mr. Panda
Vienna Zoo / Tiergarten Schönbrunn is the most beautiful zoo I'd ever seen so far and I can highly recommend a visit. <3

After leaving the zoo we met up with Yui, which we got to know the day before at Schloss Schönbrunn. We sat down in a cafe and chatted for about 2 hours and more. We really enjoyed chatting with her and I really looking forward to meet her again some time (see ya latest by 2015 in Japan X'D). ^O^  Yui is such a friendly, open-minded person. <3

with Don and Yui

Well, we chatted and chatted and then Don and I suddenly noticed that we should leave by now in order to get our flight back home. ^__^ Well, in the end we managed everything in time and at around 0:00am we finally arrived in Aachen - home sweet home! <3