Sunday, December 16, 2012

Do you know Gia?

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

it's about time for the 5th part of my "Do you know"-series. Today I would like to introduce you to my friend Gia.

How we get to know each other?
Since Oktober 2007. We visited the same class at the vocational business school during our 3-year-training. After finishing our training successfully we stayed in touch.

What do I like the most abour her?
Gia is a pretty uncomplicated and enthuasistic person. It is really cute and funny to watch her when she is full of go. I am always looking forward to meet up with her, she is a refreshing person. Moreover, Gia began also to be a "Gamergirl" and Nintendo-Fan and so it happened that we visited this years Gamescom together. Besides playing games Gia is a big soccer fan, she even plays football professionally in a local football club which is pretty cool.

Any bad habits?
Well, Gia is on the other hand a person which creates panic for no clear reason. She is a pretty nervous person and tends to repeat herself again and again and then she gets hectic, sometimes I had to stop her and bring her back to the ground of the facts. ^__^

5 words which describes her the most:
- Joyful
- Exciting
- Football
- uncomplicated
- hectic

I am really happy that I know Gia and that we kept in touch. She is a good person, ful of joy and has her heart at the right place. Without her, the time during the business school had been more harder and lonelier. Gia, thank you for hangin' around with a "freak" like me ;D

Places where you can find Gia:
Facebook: Gia - Facebook


  1. Der Eintrag ist wieder sehr cool geworden :D

    Uuuund ich war dabei, als er geschrieben wurde (\^-^/)

    So kenne ich Regina auch :3

  2. Gute Zusammenfassung! :-) Beschreibt sie wirklich gut.
    Für die Insider "Ich kann nichts drücken"


  3. Kann mich nur anschließen.....Die Beschreibung passt perfekt ;3
    Hats du wieder genial geschrieben Süße^x^

    Gia freut sich sicher auch über diesen coolen Eintrag <3

    PS: Auch ich war dabei als er geschrieben wurde *,*