Sunday, December 9, 2012

5th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

today I like to write about the 5th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up we had last sunday. This time Prospera took over the part as organizer and we met up in beautiful Maastricht. For all of you, who don't know where Maastricht is, Maastricht is a city in the southern part of the Netherlands, it is about an hour away from Aachen.

My task was to pick up all Lolita's at Aachen main-train-station at 11:30am so we could drive all together towards Maastricht. This time we would be only six Lolita's - my bestie Kuraude, Buschwindroeschen, Prospera (of course!), I and two new members: Lucie and Phoenix.
After a 70 minutes ride we finally arrived Maastricht "Station" and were picked up by Prospera. First of all we went through Maastricht's inner city to visit the christmas market.

me, Lucie, Buschwindroeschen, Kuraude, Prospera and Phoenix

After a short shopping tour we finally arrived the christmas market. The christmas market of Maastricht is pretty small but absolutely cute.

The giant wheel of the market instantly caught our attention:

I took the photo of the giant wheel afterwards in the evening

Of course we had to take a tour with the gant wheel (although I am a bit afraid of heights) . ^___^ But it was really a lot of fun and Maastricht looked so beautiful from on high also.

Phoenix and Prospera


Buschwindroeschen and Lucie

christmas market and inner city from above

brave Usai ;D

Before we left the christmas market we ate snacks and then we entered the "Museum aan het Vrijthof". Currently the museum shows the exhibition "500 Years Made in Maastricht". The main focus are on the arts and crafts that have flourished in Maastricht of artisans, and have expressed its citizens’ cultural identity as tangible products of creative enterprise. 

In the museum, all visiting groups receive a Radio Frequency Identification - Chip. By means of this chip, the museum ‘knows’ exactly our location in the building. With such a chip the building responses to the visitor: lights switch on and off and voices are speaking to you and telling you storys about leading figures of Maastricht. Without the chip the doors inside the museum doesn't even open! 

Time for another group picture!
We strolled through each room and enjoyed our stay at the museum. 

Our last stop then was the Cafe inside the Museum. 
As I expected already in advance, the Dutch are pretty open-minded people. Never before we were that often asked about our fashion and never ever we received so much positive feedback. I really love the Dutch. The people from Aachen are also pretty open-minded (and Im really happy about that fact!) but no one seems to overcome the Dutch. The most heared dutch sentence during our day was "mooi meisjes!", which means "pretty girls". <3 Dutch is such a cute language. 

In summary, we had again a great Meet-Up. This time we could also welcome two "new" Lolita's for our Meet-Up series. I hope the two will join us again. 
And one thing is already by now for sure: We will visit Maastricht again - in the summer. ^___^

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