Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1st Little Lolita Friend Meet-Up in Düsseldorf

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

a pretty stressful time is now finally over. This years EC's 7th Framework programme Calls - Deadline was really exhausting, our researchers wrote many proposals and I and my colleague had to check each proposal with focus of all those administrative and financial issues. But well, now the deadline is already over and I am able to write a new post (finally).

The last few weeks happened a lot, but today I like start writing about our lil Lolita Friends Meet-Up last saturday (that saturday was also the official "International Lolita Day"). I met up with my bestie Kuraude, Fraeulein_Elisabeth and DreamingTasuki. As we met up the last time in Dortmund (Lolita Meet-Up - Sushi & More), we decided that we simply HAD to meet us again and as soon as possible. Actually, PrincessTenko wanted to join us also but unfortunately she was tied up with (business) matters.

We've met up around 11:30am at Duesseldorf Main-Train Station and went then to the famous "Japan Meile". There we made some Purikura picture of us - what a fun ride that was!!

I really love the fact that we all have different hair-colors! =D


Im already falling off the picture XD


Shortly before we entered the Purikura-Automat we get to know some nice Japan-Fans and "Santa Claus".
They all were really cute and they absolutely wanted that we perpetuate us in their Con-Hon's.

As we already wanted to left the store, some girl asked us whether her norwegian friend could take a photo with us. The norwegian girl knew the Lolita-Fashion but we were told that she never ever saw some Lolita's in "Real Life" so she was pretty happy as she detected us. =D

Our next stop then was a japanese/asian grocer shop a couple of meters away.

I really love the boxing designs of asian products. There are mostly pretty colorful and flashy <3

After we stock up ourself we moved along to "Takagi's Book Store" and later on to a little japanese bakery:

Japanese people seem to like "french breakfast" and bakery. In the bakery you can buy many sweet bakery stuff, like for example biscuits with chocolate centre. <3 I have a sweet tooth. ;)

We four chatted a lot and I guess we all enjoyed the day and had fun. It was great spending the International Lolita Day with those three lovely Lolitas. <3 Around 5:30pm we all went back home. It was already dark now and it was getting colder and colder. Im really looking forward to see Fraeulein_Elisabeth and DreamingTasuki again (when it isn't that cold anymore XD) and what a shame that we are living that wide apart. =(

AND last but not least: My bought items this day:

A Final Fantasy XIII Post Card Book with GREAT pictures inside and a mega-cute Pokemon orange-soda-drink which I will now use as a decorative item in my kitchen.. ^___^


  1. War wohl ein gelungener Tag....macht Spaß die Fotos anzusehen :)

  2. OH mein Gott der Tag war wirklich soooo schön <3333 Freu mich so sehr wenn wir uns alle wieder sehen :))) Aber ja dann muss es einfach wärmer sein hihihihihi.
    Und du hast die Puris so gut hinbekommen <3333 Das hat wirklich Spaß gemacht an dem Tag :)
    Ganz Liebe Grüße :*****

  3. Das treffen war wirklich supi ^o^
    *auch wenn ich mein polnische Lisa vermisst habe*

    Ohhh jaaaa xD
    Die Puris haben so viel Spaß gemacht und waren so lustig x´D
    Die sind uns echt gelungen^^

    Und hey!!!!.....Nicht mal in ruhe Autogramme kann man geben, ohne gleich paparaziert zu werden ^^"

  4. Das klingt nach nem spaßigen meetup!

    Die Puris sehen toll aus und irgendwie scheint der ganze Tag ja super verlaufen zu sein (\^_^/)

    *Postkartenbuch klau*

    *Eine Postkarte da lass, damit du mir schreiben kannst* >_(\