Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Angelic Pretty Toy Drops JSK Pink

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

hope you all had a lovely christmas!! ^___^
Today I like to introduce you to my newest JSK:
The Angelic Pretty Toy Drops JSK in pink.

my passion: Lolita-Fashion and Hello Kitty <3

The Toy Drops print was and is my second most-wanted-and-loved Lolita print straightly after the Fancy Box print. ^___^ As I discovered this JSK wednesday mornings at the Closetchild - Online Store I didn't hesitated and ordered it directly. This order made my day and I was pretty surprised that the JSK arrived then that quickly.  It was the first time that I ordered via Closetchild and I am totally satisfied with the whole transaction. The shipping was really fast and uncomplicated although I'd ordered in the pre-Christmas period. The Toy Drops JSK is in a way a christmas gift to myself (because I was THAT really gently this year X'DD).

Closetchild indicated that there is a lil stain in the center of the JSK below the pink bow, but I couldn't figure this stain out at their close-up photo beforehand and even now, having this JSK be there at my place, I simply can't find the stain.. just as well.. generally the JSK is in an awesome condition, just like brand-new. In total I paid 118,47€ for the JSK - what a good bargain. <3

Of course I had to do a few more photos of me wearing the JSK:

Do you think, me having straight hair while wearing Lolita-Fashion is also okay? Actually I am always having curly hair while wearing Lolita.. I was pretty uncertain about my hair during this little photo-session (thank you Don for taking a few photos ..hope I wasn't that great pain in the neck for you XD)

I am really looking forward to wear this JSK to a convention or a Lolita Meet-Up soon. ^o^

Thank you for reading! 
I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May all your (good) wishes come true next year!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

World Doom Baby Rats

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

almost two weeks ago, Don and I agreed in adopting Joy Snow again. As you might remember, I adopted Joy Snow back then in October. Actually, Joy is the pet rat of my sister Skullina. But due to the fact my sister's other pet rat, Ophelia, had been pregnant back then I agreed in taking care of Joy for a while. After Ophelia and her three baby rats were then healthy and big enough, I hand off Joy to my sister again.

So, WHY do I now adopting Joy for the second time (and now for good)?
Well, the reason why is that Joy was pregnant now! One of Ophelia's "baby" boy's made her pregnant. Now my sister seems to be a bit overcharged and now with another pregnant rat so I, or better, Don and I, complied for adopting Joy now forever and take care of her and her babies later on. Of course, Joy had to stay in a separate cage for now, my three other cuties, Vanilla, Carli and Luma are do not come in contact with her at the moment.

Joy's belly growed and growed and I was wondering how many babies she would have (to be honest, I was hoping that it won't be that many babies..). Day by day I get even more exciting about Joy giving birth to her babies and finally yesterday, at the famous "World Doom's"-Day her babies were born:

The 8 world doom babies, only a few hours old
They are eight in number and seemed to be fit. Joy also seems to be fit and is really lovingly to me and her babies (you always have to be careful with a pregnant/mommy rat, even a once docile rat can become more aggressive and territorial toward people). I was so delighted as I heard this softly squeaking of the new borns and Im really thankful that they are all healthy at the moment.  It's crystal clear that I can not and I won't held all her babies.  =( Maybe I can held one or two of her (female) babies, but this depends on whether how many babies are boy or girls. At the moment I cannot say how many babies are boys or girls, I guess in two or three weeks I can state it (and then one or two weeks thereafter I should slowly start to separate them by gender to prevent a new pregnancy). Happily, Kuraude consent to adopt some male babies. I am really happy about that, although I will have my difficulties with handing off those cute babies in a few weeks. =(( But when handing off some babies to Kuraude, I know that they will be in good hands and I can even "visit" them sometimes. ^__^ I want the babies to lead a fine life and if I could I would hold all of them at my place but I simply cannot live up to all of them - it wouldn't be fair.

For now I am hoping that they all grow up healthy .. =)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Do you know Gia?

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

it's about time for the 5th part of my "Do you know"-series. Today I would like to introduce you to my friend Gia.

How we get to know each other?
Since Oktober 2007. We visited the same class at the vocational business school during our 3-year-training. After finishing our training successfully we stayed in touch.

What do I like the most abour her?
Gia is a pretty uncomplicated and enthuasistic person. It is really cute and funny to watch her when she is full of go. I am always looking forward to meet up with her, she is a refreshing person. Moreover, Gia began also to be a "Gamergirl" and Nintendo-Fan and so it happened that we visited this years Gamescom together. Besides playing games Gia is a big soccer fan, she even plays football professionally in a local football club which is pretty cool.

Any bad habits?
Well, Gia is on the other hand a person which creates panic for no clear reason. She is a pretty nervous person and tends to repeat herself again and again and then she gets hectic, sometimes I had to stop her and bring her back to the ground of the facts. ^__^

5 words which describes her the most:
- Joyful
- Exciting
- Football
- uncomplicated
- hectic

I am really happy that I know Gia and that we kept in touch. She is a good person, ful of joy and has her heart at the right place. Without her, the time during the business school had been more harder and lonelier. Gia, thank you for hangin' around with a "freak" like me ;D

Places where you can find Gia:
Facebook: Gia - Facebook

Sunday, December 9, 2012

5th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

today I like to write about the 5th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up we had last sunday. This time Prospera took over the part as organizer and we met up in beautiful Maastricht. For all of you, who don't know where Maastricht is, Maastricht is a city in the southern part of the Netherlands, it is about an hour away from Aachen.

My task was to pick up all Lolita's at Aachen main-train-station at 11:30am so we could drive all together towards Maastricht. This time we would be only six Lolita's - my bestie Kuraude, Buschwindroeschen, Prospera (of course!), I and two new members: Lucie and Phoenix.
After a 70 minutes ride we finally arrived Maastricht "Station" and were picked up by Prospera. First of all we went through Maastricht's inner city to visit the christmas market.

me, Lucie, Buschwindroeschen, Kuraude, Prospera and Phoenix

After a short shopping tour we finally arrived the christmas market. The christmas market of Maastricht is pretty small but absolutely cute.

The giant wheel of the market instantly caught our attention:

I took the photo of the giant wheel afterwards in the evening

Of course we had to take a tour with the gant wheel (although I am a bit afraid of heights) . ^___^ But it was really a lot of fun and Maastricht looked so beautiful from on high also.

Phoenix and Prospera


Buschwindroeschen and Lucie

christmas market and inner city from above

brave Usai ;D

Before we left the christmas market we ate snacks and then we entered the "Museum aan het Vrijthof". Currently the museum shows the exhibition "500 Years Made in Maastricht". The main focus are on the arts and crafts that have flourished in Maastricht of artisans, and have expressed its citizens’ cultural identity as tangible products of creative enterprise. 

In the museum, all visiting groups receive a Radio Frequency Identification - Chip. By means of this chip, the museum ‘knows’ exactly our location in the building. With such a chip the building responses to the visitor: lights switch on and off and voices are speaking to you and telling you storys about leading figures of Maastricht. Without the chip the doors inside the museum doesn't even open! 

Time for another group picture!
We strolled through each room and enjoyed our stay at the museum. 

Our last stop then was the Cafe inside the Museum. 
As I expected already in advance, the Dutch are pretty open-minded people. Never before we were that often asked about our fashion and never ever we received so much positive feedback. I really love the Dutch. The people from Aachen are also pretty open-minded (and Im really happy about that fact!) but no one seems to overcome the Dutch. The most heared dutch sentence during our day was "mooi meisjes!", which means "pretty girls". <3 Dutch is such a cute language. 

In summary, we had again a great Meet-Up. This time we could also welcome two "new" Lolita's for our Meet-Up series. I hope the two will join us again. 
And one thing is already by now for sure: We will visit Maastricht again - in the summer. ^___^

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1st Little Lolita Friend Meet-Up in Düsseldorf

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

a pretty stressful time is now finally over. This years EC's 7th Framework programme Calls - Deadline was really exhausting, our researchers wrote many proposals and I and my colleague had to check each proposal with focus of all those administrative and financial issues. But well, now the deadline is already over and I am able to write a new post (finally).

The last few weeks happened a lot, but today I like start writing about our lil Lolita Friends Meet-Up last saturday (that saturday was also the official "International Lolita Day"). I met up with my bestie Kuraude, Fraeulein_Elisabeth and DreamingTasuki. As we met up the last time in Dortmund (Lolita Meet-Up - Sushi & More), we decided that we simply HAD to meet us again and as soon as possible. Actually, PrincessTenko wanted to join us also but unfortunately she was tied up with (business) matters.

We've met up around 11:30am at Duesseldorf Main-Train Station and went then to the famous "Japan Meile". There we made some Purikura picture of us - what a fun ride that was!!

I really love the fact that we all have different hair-colors! =D


Im already falling off the picture XD


Shortly before we entered the Purikura-Automat we get to know some nice Japan-Fans and "Santa Claus".
They all were really cute and they absolutely wanted that we perpetuate us in their Con-Hon's.

As we already wanted to left the store, some girl asked us whether her norwegian friend could take a photo with us. The norwegian girl knew the Lolita-Fashion but we were told that she never ever saw some Lolita's in "Real Life" so she was pretty happy as she detected us. =D

Our next stop then was a japanese/asian grocer shop a couple of meters away.

I really love the boxing designs of asian products. There are mostly pretty colorful and flashy <3

After we stock up ourself we moved along to "Takagi's Book Store" and later on to a little japanese bakery:

Japanese people seem to like "french breakfast" and bakery. In the bakery you can buy many sweet bakery stuff, like for example biscuits with chocolate centre. <3 I have a sweet tooth. ;)

We four chatted a lot and I guess we all enjoyed the day and had fun. It was great spending the International Lolita Day with those three lovely Lolitas. <3 Around 5:30pm we all went back home. It was already dark now and it was getting colder and colder. Im really looking forward to see Fraeulein_Elisabeth and DreamingTasuki again (when it isn't that cold anymore XD) and what a shame that we are living that wide apart. =(

AND last but not least: My bought items this day:

A Final Fantasy XIII Post Card Book with GREAT pictures inside and a mega-cute Pokemon orange-soda-drink which I will now use as a decorative item in my kitchen.. ^___^