Thursday, November 1, 2012

Usai's Hello Kitty Collection - 4th - Electronic Devices, Movies and Games

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

time has come for the fourth part of "Usai's Hello Kitty Collection". This time I show you all Hello Kitty games, movies and electronic devices I've got and I guess it will be a quite short post. ^__^6

First up are the games:

"Hello Kitty Seasons" for Nintendo Wii

This game was a christmas gift of last year from Kuraude to me. It is a really lovely and cute game. The target audience are probably younger children but I also enjoy playing the game, because it is a nice now an then game. =)

"Happy Party with Hello Kitty & Friends" for Nintendo DS

Also a gift of Kuraude to me. The game contains several cute mini games.

Hello Kitty PC Games

A gift of Mochi. The discs contain several cute mini games, and some of them are really tricky.

Don once bought me also a Hello Kitty DVD which contains five mini movies:

The movies are pretty old but they charmy ones. Mostly, you already know in the middle of the movies how it will end but its okay for me - sometimes I just do not need very challenging movies.. I just want to relax and want to debauch in my dreams =D

Last year, as I celebrated my birthday at Japantag 2011, Don gave me this awesome Hello Kitty Styled Mobile Phone:

It is the Samsung Star Hello Kitty Edition S5230 Smartphone and I love it. I know that this Smartphone is not anymore the state-of-the-art but I don't care because I just want to write SMS and want to call my friend with it. I emphasize a pretty design .

And  now, last but not least, I want to show my cute Hello Kitty PC Mouse:

I've bought it by myself on ebay a few month ago and I really love it. The mouse works properly - I never had any troubles with it by now. ^___^

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  1. omg...ich hätte nicht gedacht das du noch einen HK Beitrag hinbekommst, aber wie ich sehe wurde ich eines besseren belehrt XD

    ahhh ich liebe diese HK PC Maus <3 <3

    Freut mich das dir die Spiele gut gefallen haben...
    hmmm wird Zeit für Nitendo 3DS und/oder Wii U Hello Kitty Spiele zu suchen >xD *har har*