Saturday, November 17, 2012

52 Wochen - Exhibition Opening and Preview

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

as you might now, I've got the oppurtinity to take part in a photo exhibition. The exhibition is called "52 Wochen( / Weken / Semaines)" and I had my photo shooting for it back then in March (see 52 Wochen - Exhibition Photo-Shooting). The photo project should show the variety of people living in the Euregio Maas-Rhein.

The exhibition opened officially yesterday, on Friday the 16th of November in the Nadelfabrik in Aachen, but since last monday the photos/potraits of the exhibition were also shown in advance at the Aachener Citykirche (Nikolauskirche) as large-screen presentation. Crystal clear, that I had to take a look at this presentation - I am a pretty nosy person! =D

When we entered the church there was no way to overlooking the large-screen presentation of 52 Wochen. Don and I sat down for a moment and then my photo were shown:

yay! XD
It's a strange feeling to know that people will see this photos - and also the photo of me. On the one hand I am happy about that, but on the other hand it is scaring me also a bit, hehe. ^__^6 But this is something I now have to deal with - I knew what I am getting into.

Inside and in front of the church also were stand-up displays, posters and flyer to promote the upcoming exhibition.

 Yesterday evening then the official exhibition opening took place. I was pretty excited about how such an exhibition opening would be. I never ever visited such an exhibition opening before. If Don hadn't joined me in going to the opening event, I guess I wouldn't have been there. Sometimes I am a quite shy person. U_U

The opening of the exhibition was better attended than I thought. Well, the exhibition's welcome adress were even served by Aachens current lady mayor Dr. Schmeer. Needless to say, that I arouse a lot of attention - I weared a (bit more Casual) Sweet Lolita - Outfit.

double Usai

It was great talking to Marco again and in general talking with a lot of people. I only received compliments for my outfit, but I am even more happier to explain and show them Lolita-Fashion in general. I felt very comfortable.

lovely Don <3

During the exhibition you could buy high-quality prints of the photos and a picture book of all 104 photos and persons. Everyone were so friendly and I even should autograph the picture book of the exhibition. =D - What a funny feeling that was! Another man asked me whether it will be okay if this photo of me will be hang up in his office room soon. 

I guess I will visit the exhibition again, together with some of my friends or family. The photos will be shown until 14th of December 2012 in the Nadelfabrik.


  1. Wow, glückwunsch ♥ das klingt echt nach einer tollen Erfahrung

    1. Danke!! Das ist es auch wirklich.. wo man doch alles so rein rutschen kann ^^6

  2. Dein Outfit ist echt wunderschön!

    1. WOW! <3 Dankeschön! Dein Kommentar freut mich echt sehr! Ich wollte einfach nicht zu Overdressed zur Ausstellung gehen und habe echt überlegt wie ich es ein wenig "legerer" wirken lassen könnte ^__^6

  3. "Another man asked me whether it will be okay if this photo of me will be hang up in his office room soon."

    Meine besten Freunde sind so endlos episch :D

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch, dass du dabei bist! Hast du auch verdient <3

    1. Ich denke du wärst auch eine sehr interessante Persönlichkeit der Euregio, Mochilein ;D