Saturday, November 17, 2012

52 Wochen - Exhibition Opening and Preview

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

as you might now, I've got the oppurtinity to take part in a photo exhibition. The exhibition is called "52 Wochen( / Weken / Semaines)" and I had my photo shooting for it back then in March (see 52 Wochen - Exhibition Photo-Shooting). The photo project should show the variety of people living in the Euregio Maas-Rhein.

The exhibition opened officially yesterday, on Friday the 16th of November in the Nadelfabrik in Aachen, but since last monday the photos/potraits of the exhibition were also shown in advance at the Aachener Citykirche (Nikolauskirche) as large-screen presentation. Crystal clear, that I had to take a look at this presentation - I am a pretty nosy person! =D

When we entered the church there was no way to overlooking the large-screen presentation of 52 Wochen. Don and I sat down for a moment and then my photo were shown:

yay! XD
It's a strange feeling to know that people will see this photos - and also the photo of me. On the one hand I am happy about that, but on the other hand it is scaring me also a bit, hehe. ^__^6 But this is something I now have to deal with - I knew what I am getting into.

Inside and in front of the church also were stand-up displays, posters and flyer to promote the upcoming exhibition.

 Yesterday evening then the official exhibition opening took place. I was pretty excited about how such an exhibition opening would be. I never ever visited such an exhibition opening before. If Don hadn't joined me in going to the opening event, I guess I wouldn't have been there. Sometimes I am a quite shy person. U_U

The opening of the exhibition was better attended than I thought. Well, the exhibition's welcome adress were even served by Aachens current lady mayor Dr. Schmeer. Needless to say, that I arouse a lot of attention - I weared a (bit more Casual) Sweet Lolita - Outfit.

double Usai

It was great talking to Marco again and in general talking with a lot of people. I only received compliments for my outfit, but I am even more happier to explain and show them Lolita-Fashion in general. I felt very comfortable.

lovely Don <3

During the exhibition you could buy high-quality prints of the photos and a picture book of all 104 photos and persons. Everyone were so friendly and I even should autograph the picture book of the exhibition. =D - What a funny feeling that was! Another man asked me whether it will be okay if this photo of me will be hang up in his office room soon. 

I guess I will visit the exhibition again, together with some of my friends or family. The photos will be shown until 14th of December 2012 in the Nadelfabrik.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nyappy Go Around The World III - Dortmund

NYAPPY!  o(≧∀≦)o to all you lovely mauw-maws,

Kuraude and I went yesterday to the "An Cafe - Nyappy Go Around The WORLD III"-Concert in Dortmund, Germany. Gosh, it's been already 3 1/2 years ago as we went to their last concert (An Cafe - Nyappy Go Around The World II-Tour in Cologne, Germany). Time is really passing quickly! Back in 2009, we even had the chance to took part of an autographing session they gave back then - maybe I will write about this experience more detailed in a separate post. Well, back to present: This time, we both absolutely wanted to go more dressed up to the concert and this is how we looked like:

I tried to look a bit like an Oshare-Kei girl but my outfit should be also still comfortable to dance to An Cafe. 
After an almost 2 hours drive we finally arrived the concert hall in Dortmund.

My lovely boyfriend Don drove us to the concert and Mochi also accompanied us. During the concert the two went through Dortmund's shopping street. It was now getting already dark and the waiting queue was not that short. Of course, it has to start raining also and the entry take pretty long. We were really delighted as we finally could enter the concert-hall and went straightly to the stage. <3

Nyappy-Chan <3 and I
Clocklike around 7:00pm An Cafe started to rock the stage! An Cafe really made progress by comparison to their live performance 3 1/2 years ago. The concert itself was awesome, they played some older songs like "Snow Scene", "Tekesuta Kousen" and "Escapism" but also some of their newer songs like "Amazing Blue" and "Nyappy In The World 4". They are awfully good live. I tried to take photos of them but unfortunately the photos didn't turned out that good (Kuraude and I stood admist in the middle of the whole crowd XD):

Miku singing Tekesuta Kousen


Miku and Teruki

Teruki, Miku and Yuuki

Nyappy In The World 4 - Teruki and Yuuki

Kanon, Miku, Teruki, Yuuki and Takuya
After around 1 1/2 hours the concert ended. Too bad that the time during the concert flew like nothing. We were really enthusiatic about the concert and we are looking forward to the next one. Miku promises that they will come again <3  NYAPPY ~~ o(≧∀≦)o

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Usai's Hello Kitty Collection - 4th - Electronic Devices, Movies and Games

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

time has come for the fourth part of "Usai's Hello Kitty Collection". This time I show you all Hello Kitty games, movies and electronic devices I've got and I guess it will be a quite short post. ^__^6

First up are the games:

"Hello Kitty Seasons" for Nintendo Wii

This game was a christmas gift of last year from Kuraude to me. It is a really lovely and cute game. The target audience are probably younger children but I also enjoy playing the game, because it is a nice now an then game. =)

"Happy Party with Hello Kitty & Friends" for Nintendo DS

Also a gift of Kuraude to me. The game contains several cute mini games.

Hello Kitty PC Games

A gift of Mochi. The discs contain several cute mini games, and some of them are really tricky.

Don once bought me also a Hello Kitty DVD which contains five mini movies:

The movies are pretty old but they charmy ones. Mostly, you already know in the middle of the movies how it will end but its okay for me - sometimes I just do not need very challenging movies.. I just want to relax and want to debauch in my dreams =D

Last year, as I celebrated my birthday at Japantag 2011, Don gave me this awesome Hello Kitty Styled Mobile Phone:

It is the Samsung Star Hello Kitty Edition S5230 Smartphone and I love it. I know that this Smartphone is not anymore the state-of-the-art but I don't care because I just want to write SMS and want to call my friend with it. I emphasize a pretty design .

And  now, last but not least, I want to show my cute Hello Kitty PC Mouse:

I've bought it by myself on ebay a few month ago and I really love it. The mouse works properly - I never had any troubles with it by now. ^___^