Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hello my little mauw-mauws,

with this entry I would like to introduce you to my faithful car. I am owning a pretty old Ford Ka and it's nickname is "NyandesKa" (You have to know, I really love Nyancat ^o^).

Well, if I would go ahead writing about my car, this entry would end very soon (in one or two sentences and more pictures than text XD). So, I charged my boyfriend Don, the "car expert", to write about it and here it comes:

The car in question is a 1999 Ford Ka. With it´s rough simplicity this Little Ford really got into my heart. It is just saying „I am a cheap, simple car“ - and thats the whole point. It is an honest car. You can sense this, for example, if you look at the doors. You have a bit plastic in middle, but around that, it is just metal painted in the colour of the outside of the car. The rear seats can fall down. And all these little things do have a reason. Because this car is build, from the scratch, to be a simple small car.

The thing I like most about the Ka ,is the way it drives. It may only have a 1,3l engine. But unlike modern cheap cars, it doesn't have a ridiculous 3 - cylinder engine - it has 4.
And, to be honest, 60 bhp doesn‘t sound a lot.
But the way it goes round corners is simply amazing. It is in fact very agile, the steering is pretty precise and it gives you a very good feedback about what the car is actually doing. And it was in this very car, where I learned, that you don´t need a big, gas-guzzling V8 upfront to have fun.
And round town, you don´t travel faster in a more powerful car. Let me give you one example:
On my way to a customer just outside of Aachen, I had been overtaken by a guy in a BMW. He seems to be very in a rush and tried to overtake everyone in front. 20 minutes later i arrived at my destination and saw the man getting out of his BMW. Trying not to laugh, i stopped near him an rolled down the window. And the man just said „Now I used twice as much fuel as you and just came 2 minutes earlier.

Our little Ka never let us down. In fact, it never ever broke down. And that for a car, that has done more than 120.000 kilometres.
It really gave me a lot and also teaches me how to drive a car economical.

And to sum all that up, I really would say, that this is the best small car you can actually buy. Because it is all that you need - no more, no less.
 - End



  1. Cute car ^^

    Love Emi

  2. Noch ein KA Fahrer...ich habe auch einen...die fahren sich so toll! ♥

  3. Ja lustiges nicht zum umziehen oder Transport grössere Dinge gedacht.
    Aber er hat Scharm...♥

  4. Ich liebe NyandesKa :D Man erkennt einfach sofort, dass es DEIN Ka ist :D