Friday, September 7, 2012

Farewell, my little sweetie Peachy

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

on 6th of September we had to let Peachy go. We went to the veterinarian and let her put on (eternal) sleep. It was the best we could do for her, she was really weak, she didn't wanted to eat or drink anymore and couldn't move.

She had this muscle weakness in her hind legs for some time and lately in her front legs, too, but it only really getting worse in the evening of the 5th of September. She laid their on the side and seemed unable to walk around anymore. At this time, I could fed her, but later on she did not ate anything. Because it was now around 10pm in the evening and no veterinarian in my area had opened to the public anymore, I decided to separate Peachy from Carli and Vanilla this night and prepared a new sort of "overnight accommodation" for her. I cried a lot this evening, I guessed, well actually I knew, that Peachy's time had come. I tried to enjoy the last evening with her, tried to fed her with delicious things she loved and enjoyed her company. I carried Peachy the whole evening with me, a blanket swathed her. I do not wanted that Peachy leaves me - but I wasn't in the position to decide that. I had to decide the best for Peachy..

Next morning, I immediately called the veterinarian. Peachy's condition did not turned better and I did not wanted that she would die in the end because of starvation. She still layed on the side, had blood encrustet eyes and couldn't even clean up herself anymore. Poor, poor thing. Fortunately, we get an appointment that morning - but we had to wait about 1 1/2 hours. It was nerve-racking. This certainty that Peachy will die soon, this waiting for her salvation. We are all convinced, that this was the best we could do for her. Her time had come. She was an old girl. 2 years and almost 7 months old. Pretty old for a pet rat. As it was finally our turn, as we could enter the treatment room, I could not hide my tears anymore. I felt helpless. I wish I had could do anything to make Peachy feeling better. But I couldn't. I stroke Peachy til the end and after about 15 minutes she was gone to a better place. In the Pet Palace in Heaven she will meet her sister, Nori, again. I cried my eyes out. Even Don, who went along with me to the veterinarian, was really sad that we had to let Peachy go.

As we left the veterinarian I cried even more. I had lost Peachy. My Empress. My lovely Peachy. For me, she was a companion in a really exciting time of my life, I finished successfully my training and get a job, I bought my first car, I moved in my own flat together with Don, became an aunt and I just made so many different experiences. Back home, Don, my mum and I lied Peachy to her final rest. I prepared in that short time a fluffy final sleeping place for her and gave her some of her favourite food and a short notice of me with. Peachy looked very beautiful and peacefully.. it was difficult to lay her to her final rest place but now she is lying next to Nori and to Kyo, a pet rat of my mum and my sister, who died a few weeks ago, too.

Nothing against my other lovely pets I have and had, but Peachy was my "Honey". I really love(d) her so much, she was a really tame, nosy and clever rat and pretty fixed on me. She was a beuatiful Husky-pet rat with her perfekt rounded ears! ^o^ She was always my lil "Schätzchen", my little princess or later on my little "empress" and enjoyed my greatest attention. ^__^

Peachy, thank you for the precious time we had together,  I will miss you very much!

Peachy and Kyo

Nori and Peachy

Christmas 2011


Vanilla, old Peachy and Carli

kisses for the empress - here you can see that one of Peachy eyes is already going blind

Peachy 1 1/2 days before her death

*07.02.2010 - †06.09.2012

Rest In Peace!


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  1. Mein Beileid :(

    Machs gut, Peachy und komm gut über die Regenbogenbrücke.