Saturday, September 15, 2012

Connichi 2012

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

this year I'd visited the "Connichi" in Kassel, the probably biggest Japan & Anime Convention in Germany, for the 4th time with my friends Kuraude and Mochi and my boyfriend Don.

Like every year, we visited the Connichi all three days, from Friday to Sunday. We also rent "our" holiday apartment again for the 3rd time. We prefer staying at this apartment because we are therefore able to cook dinner for us (or rather, Don is able to cook dinner for us) and we're enjoying the quiet location in comparison to a hotel room. ^O^ I am always looking forward to visit the Connichi, it is for me a sort of  a "short getaway" even though this three days are always very stressful.

But, let's start with the 3-days-Connichi-report from the beginning:

To save time, we decided that Kuraude and Mochi should stay overnight from Thursday to Friday at Don's and my apartement. We woke up at 7:00am and maked our last arrangements for our journey. The probably toughest part was to close the car trunk - We are always having (too) much luggage with us... especially Mochi.

At 2:30pm we finally arrived the Connichi-area. From year to year there are even more visitors and so it is getting every year even more difficult to find a parking space. What a piece of luck that Don is an awesome driver. :) Friday is always Lolita-Day for Kuraude and me and I wore my Angelic Pretty "A La Carte Tea Time Going Out"-Set for the first time on a Convention.

I also visited Takato and his "Photobox" again, like almost every year during the Connichi:

Don did not weared a special Outfit that day, he's just awesome the way he is:

Kuraude wore her favourite Lolita JSK that day:

and Mochi wore his Samura.Outfit again:

In the evening then I'd finally made my first "snap": A speaking Piplup Cuddly Toy - an japanese original for only 25,00€! I had to buy it immediately from the Bring&Buy stand. This piplup is so lovely and it is nattering non-stop because it is reacting to motion! ^o^ Even if I left the Bring&Buy room I was met with "envy" by other Cosplayer who wanted to buy this Piplup also - but I was quicker, HEHE =D

In the evening, Don cooked delicious dinner for us and we let the day slowly fade away.

Photos of me and a friend of mine, Ruka, in our Lolita-Outfits were also part for an article about the Connichi 2012 in the german online-magazine Anime-Thunder: Eventreport: Connichi 2012

Cosplay-Time! I decided to wear my Black Magician Girl-Cosplay for the third time. I adjusted the Cosplay a bit and decided to wear a more suitable wig this time (I also updated my blog entry with a new photo of the cosplay here: My Cosplays - 4th - Black Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh) ). We just did not reach the Connichi-area this morning yet but had trouble with our Cosplays: My hat wouldn't fit that way I planned and Kuraude's handcuffs or her Virgo (Fairy Tale) Cosplay broke already short time after we found (finally!) a parking space. As we then finally fixed all problems (=D) I noticed that I must have forgotten my ticket to enter the Connichi rooms! What a mess! 0 >___<"0 Don, fortunately, agreed to drive back to our apartement and bring the ticket with. Sometimes I am such a muddler X'D

This day we took of course a few photos, too:

Me as Black Magician Girl (Schwarzes Magiermädchen):

Kuraude as Virgo from Fairytale:

Mochi as "Man in Black":

Don & Mochi as "Men in Black":

On Saturdays we also visited the Nintendo-stand and downloaded the legendary Pokemon "Keldeo". There I were also interviewed for a short statement concerning the Nintendo 3DS XL. XD

Moreover, Kuraude and I get shooted by "TheNerdCheck", you can see Kuraude and me starting at 3:50 in this video: Cosparade in Sekundentakt - Connichi 2012.

Time runs too fast! It is already Sunday. We packed our stuff and squashed our luggage again in our car. Today we had to drive back home to Aachen. On Sunday I wore my "brand new" Chii Nurse Outfit Cosplay for the first time. It was finished at the very last moment - one day before the Connichi started. Here I would like to say THANK YOU to my mum who sewed the skirt part for me this day. I didn't would be finished in time with the skirt by my own. Furthermore, on this day I had to lay Peachy to her final rest.. so, this day were pretty tough for me.. and so even the Connichi days were not that great for me due to this fact. =( Im still missing Peachy... Well, we tried to enjoy the last Connichi day, we met with several friends up and did photos:

Mino also took photo of us, we'd get to know each during our first Connichi in 2009 and since then we met each other at least once a year at the Connichi:

Mino in action with Kuraude as "Pucca"

I really love the photos Mino has taken! ^__^ Thank you so much! Mino is not just a great cosplayer she is also a great photographer and its very entertaining watching her during taking photos because she "dances" around her photo subject. ^__^ - You can watch more photos of her and her cosplays f. e. here.

Mochi bought the awesome "Necomimi"-ears and weared it as Inu Yasha. The Necomimi can show how interested or relaxed you are in real-time by reading one's electrical impulses with the forehead sensor. This ears are mega cute and I am a bit envious of Mochi and the Necomimi ears ^//^6

Don also surprised me with this super cute plushie:



Close to 6:00pm we start out towards home: Aachen. Due to the fact we stick in traffic we reached Aachen only around 10:30pm. Fortunately, I did not had to work on mondays so I had still enough time to relax and to unpack our luggage. ^___^  And this are my Connichi purchases / presents:

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  1. It was a great day for all of you,
    great costumes, great weather, great Hello Kitty Plushie ,
    what more could you want ?^°^