Friday, September 28, 2012

My Cosplays - 5th - Hello Kitty Lolita-Style (Sanrio - Hello Kitty)

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

it is about time to present another Cosplay of mine: My Hello Kitty Lolita - Style Cosplay! ^O^

As you might now, I am a really big Hello Kitty Fan. I collect everything I can get of Hello Kitty and it is probably not overstated when I tell you that I might have one of the biggest Hello Kitty Collection in germany. ^__^6 No wonder, that I had to Cosplay Hello Kitty someday.

Hello Kitty Lolita Style Cosplay – Profile:

Cosplay No.: 5

Created in: 2011

Costs: about 45,00€ (incl. wig)

Hours to make: 1/2h (I only made the headbow by myself)

Weared at: Dokomi 2011 (Saturday), Amiru 2011 (Saturday)

Why do I wanted to Cosplay Hello Kitty?

Im a big Hello Kitty fan. I adore her cuteness and so it was just a matter of time when I would Cosplay "Hello Kitty". At the beginning, I did not really know in which way I should Cosplay "Hello Kitty", should I wear a Cosplay in Kigurumi-Style, a mascot-costume or in "Gijinka"-Style. Finally then I decided to make a Gijinka-Style Cosplay.

Any unforgetable experiences?
Dokomi 2011 / Amiru: I never ever expected that this Cosplay would be so favoured by other people and I was really lucky that my Cosplay was mostly recognized rightly.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hello my little mauw-mauws,

with this entry I would like to introduce you to my faithful car. I am owning a pretty old Ford Ka and it's nickname is "NyandesKa" (You have to know, I really love Nyancat ^o^).

Well, if I would go ahead writing about my car, this entry would end very soon (in one or two sentences and more pictures than text XD). So, I charged my boyfriend Don, the "car expert", to write about it and here it comes:

The car in question is a 1999 Ford Ka. With it´s rough simplicity this Little Ford really got into my heart. It is just saying „I am a cheap, simple car“ - and thats the whole point. It is an honest car. You can sense this, for example, if you look at the doors. You have a bit plastic in middle, but around that, it is just metal painted in the colour of the outside of the car. The rear seats can fall down. And all these little things do have a reason. Because this car is build, from the scratch, to be a simple small car.

The thing I like most about the Ka ,is the way it drives. It may only have a 1,3l engine. But unlike modern cheap cars, it doesn't have a ridiculous 3 - cylinder engine - it has 4.
And, to be honest, 60 bhp doesn‘t sound a lot.
But the way it goes round corners is simply amazing. It is in fact very agile, the steering is pretty precise and it gives you a very good feedback about what the car is actually doing. And it was in this very car, where I learned, that you don´t need a big, gas-guzzling V8 upfront to have fun.
And round town, you don´t travel faster in a more powerful car. Let me give you one example:
On my way to a customer just outside of Aachen, I had been overtaken by a guy in a BMW. He seems to be very in a rush and tried to overtake everyone in front. 20 minutes later i arrived at my destination and saw the man getting out of his BMW. Trying not to laugh, i stopped near him an rolled down the window. And the man just said „Now I used twice as much fuel as you and just came 2 minutes earlier.

Our little Ka never let us down. In fact, it never ever broke down. And that for a car, that has done more than 120.000 kilometres.
It really gave me a lot and also teaches me how to drive a car economical.

And to sum all that up, I really would say, that this is the best small car you can actually buy. Because it is all that you need - no more, no less.
 - End


Monday, September 17, 2012

OMG she looks like Peachy!

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

A few entries ago I wrote about my new "home" for my pet/fancy rats. My pets are giving me so much pleasure, especially my pet rats, that I really wanted to give them something back. It may sounds a bit strange but in difficult situations they give me strength and stabilized me. I really do love them and I even felt in deeper love lately again with pet rats / fancy rats. I decided to adopt in the near future one more rat in need.

At the end of August (around the 24th) now I had the positive answer to adopt a "Notfellchen" like we in germany call "emergency pet rats", pet/fancy rats which are in need to find a new home. <3 The whole "emergency" kindle were Dumbo pet rats, that was all I had knewn about them. Then a week later, they cancelled the promise, because the little rat was already reserved by someone else and now, last Saturday (while I was visiting the Connichi in Kassel) they called my mum again (she wanted to adopt a pet rat, too) because the former future interested party declined his interest in adopting in total three or four rats. Now, everything should be fast: We could come and take them away with us on Monday. My mum called me during the Connichi - I wasn't really prepared for such a story. Peachy just died a few days ago and now.. I should adopt a new one! I do not wanted that it would look like I am trying to replace Peachy. No pet rat can replace her and no pet rat should do that. I quarreled with it. Am I ready to open my heart to a new (poor emergency) pet rat or am I still to heavy on heart for her? I looked inward myself - I shouldn't be selfish, so I agreed to adopt this new pet rat in the short term.

On mondays we collected the two. The current owner told us, while we went to the pet carrier, that one rat is unicolored brown-blue and the other one is a Husky pet rat. I just thought "Oh my, please do not let the female one (so, mine) be the husky-colored like Peachy was". As he opened the carrier I had to notice that my new home-mate is the husky-colored one. My mum was immediately saying "That is real KARMA!". I tried to hide my emotions and as we went outside with our new home-mates again.. well.. I had to cry. It was simply too much for me at this point.

I named my new little mate "Luma", like the cute stars in "Super Mario Galaxy". She is born on the 10th of August 2012. Luma is already tame, she has a cheerful and nosy temper. I can't help it - you just have to love her. Don really likes her very much, too, I guess, Luma is his favourite, now, even if he wouldn't ever admit it. ;) 

Towards my other pet rats, Carli and Vanilla, she is pretty perky. Sadly, for the very first time in my life as "pet rat holder", the integration of Luma with Carli and Vanilla is til yet not that successful. Carli and Luma come along together very well, but Vanilla is sometimes hissing Luma and got a greater territorial behaviour. :-/ So I had to split the new group for the time being. I ordered new decoration for their aviary last Thursday, to support the neutralization of the aviary and so to reduce Vanillas territorial behaviour. I do not have that experiences with integration, in the past my pet rats accepted new pet rats immediately. Until lately, I didn't ever even heard one of my pet rats hissing. Ö__Ö I have to patient now and give especially Vanilla enough time to accept Luma. But Im confident because they're making by now everyday a tangible progress in causa integration. ^O^

Tame Luma ^__^ <3

Luma sleeping on my arm - photo was taken at the very first day of Luma's "moving" 

Carli, Vanilla and Luma

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Connichi 2012

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

this year I'd visited the "Connichi" in Kassel, the probably biggest Japan & Anime Convention in Germany, for the 4th time with my friends Kuraude and Mochi and my boyfriend Don.

Like every year, we visited the Connichi all three days, from Friday to Sunday. We also rent "our" holiday apartment again for the 3rd time. We prefer staying at this apartment because we are therefore able to cook dinner for us (or rather, Don is able to cook dinner for us) and we're enjoying the quiet location in comparison to a hotel room. ^O^ I am always looking forward to visit the Connichi, it is for me a sort of  a "short getaway" even though this three days are always very stressful.

But, let's start with the 3-days-Connichi-report from the beginning:

To save time, we decided that Kuraude and Mochi should stay overnight from Thursday to Friday at Don's and my apartement. We woke up at 7:00am and maked our last arrangements for our journey. The probably toughest part was to close the car trunk - We are always having (too) much luggage with us... especially Mochi.

At 2:30pm we finally arrived the Connichi-area. From year to year there are even more visitors and so it is getting every year even more difficult to find a parking space. What a piece of luck that Don is an awesome driver. :) Friday is always Lolita-Day for Kuraude and me and I wore my Angelic Pretty "A La Carte Tea Time Going Out"-Set for the first time on a Convention.

I also visited Takato and his "Photobox" again, like almost every year during the Connichi:

Don did not weared a special Outfit that day, he's just awesome the way he is:

Kuraude wore her favourite Lolita JSK that day:

and Mochi wore his Samura.Outfit again:

In the evening then I'd finally made my first "snap": A speaking Piplup Cuddly Toy - an japanese original for only 25,00€! I had to buy it immediately from the Bring&Buy stand. This piplup is so lovely and it is nattering non-stop because it is reacting to motion! ^o^ Even if I left the Bring&Buy room I was met with "envy" by other Cosplayer who wanted to buy this Piplup also - but I was quicker, HEHE =D

In the evening, Don cooked delicious dinner for us and we let the day slowly fade away.

Photos of me and a friend of mine, Ruka, in our Lolita-Outfits were also part for an article about the Connichi 2012 in the german online-magazine Anime-Thunder: Eventreport: Connichi 2012

Cosplay-Time! I decided to wear my Black Magician Girl-Cosplay for the third time. I adjusted the Cosplay a bit and decided to wear a more suitable wig this time (I also updated my blog entry with a new photo of the cosplay here: My Cosplays - 4th - Black Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh) ). We just did not reach the Connichi-area this morning yet but had trouble with our Cosplays: My hat wouldn't fit that way I planned and Kuraude's handcuffs or her Virgo (Fairy Tale) Cosplay broke already short time after we found (finally!) a parking space. As we then finally fixed all problems (=D) I noticed that I must have forgotten my ticket to enter the Connichi rooms! What a mess! 0 >___<"0 Don, fortunately, agreed to drive back to our apartement and bring the ticket with. Sometimes I am such a muddler X'D

This day we took of course a few photos, too:

Me as Black Magician Girl (Schwarzes Magiermädchen):

Kuraude as Virgo from Fairytale:

Mochi as "Man in Black":

Don & Mochi as "Men in Black":

On Saturdays we also visited the Nintendo-stand and downloaded the legendary Pokemon "Keldeo". There I were also interviewed for a short statement concerning the Nintendo 3DS XL. XD

Moreover, Kuraude and I get shooted by "TheNerdCheck", you can see Kuraude and me starting at 3:50 in this video: Cosparade in Sekundentakt - Connichi 2012.

Time runs too fast! It is already Sunday. We packed our stuff and squashed our luggage again in our car. Today we had to drive back home to Aachen. On Sunday I wore my "brand new" Chii Nurse Outfit Cosplay for the first time. It was finished at the very last moment - one day before the Connichi started. Here I would like to say THANK YOU to my mum who sewed the skirt part for me this day. I didn't would be finished in time with the skirt by my own. Furthermore, on this day I had to lay Peachy to her final rest.. so, this day were pretty tough for me.. and so even the Connichi days were not that great for me due to this fact. =( Im still missing Peachy... Well, we tried to enjoy the last Connichi day, we met with several friends up and did photos:

Mino also took photo of us, we'd get to know each during our first Connichi in 2009 and since then we met each other at least once a year at the Connichi:

Mino in action with Kuraude as "Pucca"

I really love the photos Mino has taken! ^__^ Thank you so much! Mino is not just a great cosplayer she is also a great photographer and its very entertaining watching her during taking photos because she "dances" around her photo subject. ^__^ - You can watch more photos of her and her cosplays f. e. here.

Mochi bought the awesome "Necomimi"-ears and weared it as Inu Yasha. The Necomimi can show how interested or relaxed you are in real-time by reading one's electrical impulses with the forehead sensor. This ears are mega cute and I am a bit envious of Mochi and the Necomimi ears ^//^6

Don also surprised me with this super cute plushie:



Close to 6:00pm we start out towards home: Aachen. Due to the fact we stick in traffic we reached Aachen only around 10:30pm. Fortunately, I did not had to work on mondays so I had still enough time to relax and to unpack our luggage. ^___^  And this are my Connichi purchases / presents:

Friday, September 7, 2012

Farewell, my little sweetie Peachy

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

on 6th of September we had to let Peachy go. We went to the veterinarian and let her put on (eternal) sleep. It was the best we could do for her, she was really weak, she didn't wanted to eat or drink anymore and couldn't move.

She had this muscle weakness in her hind legs for some time and lately in her front legs, too, but it only really getting worse in the evening of the 5th of September. She laid their on the side and seemed unable to walk around anymore. At this time, I could fed her, but later on she did not ate anything. Because it was now around 10pm in the evening and no veterinarian in my area had opened to the public anymore, I decided to separate Peachy from Carli and Vanilla this night and prepared a new sort of "overnight accommodation" for her. I cried a lot this evening, I guessed, well actually I knew, that Peachy's time had come. I tried to enjoy the last evening with her, tried to fed her with delicious things she loved and enjoyed her company. I carried Peachy the whole evening with me, a blanket swathed her. I do not wanted that Peachy leaves me - but I wasn't in the position to decide that. I had to decide the best for Peachy..

Next morning, I immediately called the veterinarian. Peachy's condition did not turned better and I did not wanted that she would die in the end because of starvation. She still layed on the side, had blood encrustet eyes and couldn't even clean up herself anymore. Poor, poor thing. Fortunately, we get an appointment that morning - but we had to wait about 1 1/2 hours. It was nerve-racking. This certainty that Peachy will die soon, this waiting for her salvation. We are all convinced, that this was the best we could do for her. Her time had come. She was an old girl. 2 years and almost 7 months old. Pretty old for a pet rat. As it was finally our turn, as we could enter the treatment room, I could not hide my tears anymore. I felt helpless. I wish I had could do anything to make Peachy feeling better. But I couldn't. I stroke Peachy til the end and after about 15 minutes she was gone to a better place. In the Pet Palace in Heaven she will meet her sister, Nori, again. I cried my eyes out. Even Don, who went along with me to the veterinarian, was really sad that we had to let Peachy go.

As we left the veterinarian I cried even more. I had lost Peachy. My Empress. My lovely Peachy. For me, she was a companion in a really exciting time of my life, I finished successfully my training and get a job, I bought my first car, I moved in my own flat together with Don, became an aunt and I just made so many different experiences. Back home, Don, my mum and I lied Peachy to her final rest. I prepared in that short time a fluffy final sleeping place for her and gave her some of her favourite food and a short notice of me with. Peachy looked very beautiful and peacefully.. it was difficult to lay her to her final rest place but now she is lying next to Nori and to Kyo, a pet rat of my mum and my sister, who died a few weeks ago, too.

Nothing against my other lovely pets I have and had, but Peachy was my "Honey". I really love(d) her so much, she was a really tame, nosy and clever rat and pretty fixed on me. She was a beuatiful Husky-pet rat with her perfekt rounded ears! ^o^ She was always my lil "Schätzchen", my little princess or later on my little "empress" and enjoyed my greatest attention. ^__^

Peachy, thank you for the precious time we had together,  I will miss you very much!

Peachy and Kyo

Nori and Peachy

Christmas 2011


Vanilla, old Peachy and Carli

kisses for the empress - here you can see that one of Peachy eyes is already going blind

Peachy 1 1/2 days before her death

*07.02.2010 - †06.09.2012

Rest In Peace!


Monday, September 3, 2012

A new home for my Ratties

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

I bought a new home for my pet rats a few days ago. Their former home/cage was pretty small and due to the fact that there will be times in which I can not give my three darlings their daily run I was searching for a bigger cage for them. ^___^

Here it is:

I bought it second-hand. The former owner kept budgerigars in it, but this aviary is also perfect for pet rats! Luckily, my mum's car, a Renault Twingo, is a bit more roomiger than my car (I am owning a Ford Ka) so we could transport this aviary to us. ^O^ Also I would like to thank my patienfully boyfriend Don who agreed to my plan buying a bigger cage/aviary for my three cuties and helped us carrying the aviary from the car to our flat.

Two days later, last saturday, my mom helped me to arrange their new home. For this, my mom brought some "home decoration" with. It really took some time but it was definitely worth! I am really satisfied with my new home for the three! ^_____^ Especially Vanilla and Carli were very excited about their new home and had to explore every corner. It is mega cute seeing they both jumping around.

Vanilla explores her new home

Carli eating some orts of Peachy's baby carotte puree

Peachy, my old granny empress, can not jump that much anymore. She is getting really old now. It seems like she got muscle weakness in her hind legs and now it seems like on of her front legs, too and she also lost some weight. I am now trying to pep her up as best as I can, f. e. with baby food like carrots puree or fruit puree. For now this is working pretty fine, but I know, that there will come worser times so I try to enjoy the little time I have still left with her. <3 Peachy is now 2 years and almost 7 months old.

Old sweetheart Peachy

I hope Peachy has still enough time left to enjoy her new home. Cross your fingers, everybody!