Saturday, August 4, 2012

DreamV / Yumetenbo Review and How to Order - Guide

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

after a long time planning I finally ordered clothes at the DreamV/Yumetenbo - Store. I ordered via their webshop on at the 8th of July 2012 and received the package at Tuesday the 17th of July 2012. Didn't thought that I will receive my package that early. ^O^~
I am so lucky - I always wanted clothes like this, clothes you can wear everyday but looking beautiful! ♥♥
Because I was pretty uncertain about the quality of the clothes and the service I want to write a short review about my whole order to create a bit clearity for the westerns. =)
So, this beforehand: It isn't that complicated than you are thinking!

I guess the biggest deterrent when you're entering their website is the language problem. offers the option to switch the websites language into english but because they are working with an automatic translator, the translator generates a quite of weird (and also funny) sentences and words. But it serves the purpose.

Well, I've ordered the following clothes:
(I do not accept any responsibility for the external links below!)



and weared:

(Sorry for the quite confused look - it was early in the morning before I had to go to my work-place as I took the photo XD)

What had I to pay for the whole order?

Well, I paid for this order, 
9,880 Yen for the clothes theirselves 
3,150 Yen for the EMS shipping
13,030 Yen is the totalsum which will be blocked at your creditcard first
30,48 EUR german Einfuhrumsatzsteuer

But Overall, I am really, really satisfied with my clothes, so I will order again at DreamV. It is for sure not the favourablest way to buy clothes, but DreamV(ision) clothes are simply LOVE to me! The payment and shipping was easy going too and I hadn't any problems. 

But, how to order at DreamV/Yumetenbo via!
Here's a quick guide for you, let's see:

1. Visit the store: Dream V Store (english) 

2. Let's go to the Mall ♪ - It's SHOPPING TIME
Chose your favourite clothes!  ♥
IMPORTANT: Please notice the measurement tables at the bottom of the pages. The size charts may vary greatly! Size "S" in shirt A is not necessarily in other shirts size S, too. Take a look at the detailed measurement!
Because the size chart is in japanese characters written and will not be translated (because it is actually not a text but a picture) I translated common size-measurements for you here:

3. Your Shopping card 
So, you'd found some nice clothes?
By clicking the red button "add to cart", below the table for chosing your size x color, you will be redirected to your actual "Shopping card", here you can proceed to the checkout also. To continue shopping you had to use the "return"-arrow of your internet browser.

4. Payment possibilites, Shipping, Review and Confirm your Order only accepting a payment via CreditCard. If you do not having one, you can not order. If you are living outside Japan you also only have one shipping possibility: EMS.

The shipment costs are related to the costs of the products you want to order. You will see a detailed table of your shipment costs by clicking the "details"-link in the EMS row.
After that you will have the chance to review your order completely at the next page.
If you were not registered yet at you can register during the checkout process. ^__^

5. Orderconfirmation and Tracking Number 
A few minutes after forwarding your order you will receive several mails of itself and Yumtenbo/DreamV also. You have to keep in mind, that is the japanese "" and for this they do not have the clothes of DreamV in their warehouse. The whole shipping is DreamVs task. Should you have any problems, you should contact DreamV directly and not As such, DreamV will also send you a trackingnumber for your ordered products. Now you have to wait patiently! ^__^
In my case, I received my package via DHL which had the advantage that I received the package pretty quick and comfortable at my door but on the other hand I guess I had to pay a bit more taxes for this service as if I had to went to my local customs. Unfortunately, in germany you can't control in which way you in the end wll receive your package. Maybe it's different in other countries than germany.

6. HAVE FUN ♪ 
Wear your ordered clothes and make a sight of yourself! ^O^

- end -

This guide is by far not that detailed, but I guess I figured some important things out. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I will try to help you!

Thank you for reading, watching and/or commenting!