Saturday, July 28, 2012

Usai's Hello Kitty Collection - 3rd - Accessory Stuff

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

it is (finally) time for the third part of showing my Hello Kitty - Collection to you. This posts focus is on my accessory stuff I have got.

Lets start with my

I am a necklace lover, no wonder Ive owning several Hello Kitty necklaces also. 
From left to right:
Well, the necklace at the very left isn't a Hello Kitty one but of Little Twin Stars. Ive bought this necklace together with a fitting bracelet in Stuttgart back in February (Usai in Stuttgart - Blog Entry).
The necklace next to the Little Twin Stars is one of my few souvenirs of my Finland Journey last October. Ive bought it in Helsinki for only 2€.
The next necklace was an extra gift in the Hello Kitty magazine about two years ago. ^__^
In the middle you can see a very special necklace: It is the Hello Kitty necklace of Swarovski. My crazy boyfriend gave it to me in Helsinki, Finland to my 22nd birthday! <3
The black necklace beside was a gift of my mum to me. I do not know anymore when I received it from her.
The kitschy pink necklace was also a gift og my mum to me. This necklace is also a steady part of my Hello Kitty Lolita Cosplay.
And the necklace at the very right was also a gift of my mum. <33

The Swarovski-Necklace in more detail. Here you can see the stones worked in this pendant.


The two uppest ones and the black one in the very right my mum gave to me. The Bracelet next to the black one was again an extra gift of a Hello Kitty Magazine. The Bracelet in the middle and the one right beside it Don gave to me. Actually, I was pretty mean to Nanda at this day but to make me happy he surprised me by buying the more left bracelet (Easter 2012 - My boyfriend is lovely). Only the pink one I have bought by myself, it is the previously mentioned bracelet of Little Twin Stars.


I love hairpins - even I am do not wearing them that often! I guess that Ive got all these hair pins as presents by my mum, Don, Gia and my Sis.


All rings are gifts from Don to me <33


All three earring pairs are gift from Don to me as well. The earrings in the middle are also Swarovski ones. <3

I totally love them and wearing them almost everyday <3 ^O^

Hair accessory:

I am only owning one only Hello Kitty hair band which is pretty unusual for a hair band lover like me. And unfortunately this hair band is pretty old so I am not wearing it that often anymore.
The hair band in the middle with the Hello Kitty ears and bow I am using for my Hello Kitty cosplay or if I am in a "crazy"-mode. Ive bought it at Claires and it wasnt that inexpensive... ^__^6
Ahh, and the swim hair band Ive got surprisingly from a colleague. He visited Japan last spring together with his wife, which is a big Japan-Fan. As he saw this cute and funny swim hair band he just had to buy it for me, he told me. You have to know, everybody at my institute/workplaye knows that I am a big Hello Kitty-Lover .. well, it simply cant be unseen. But I was sooo happy as he went to my office and gave it to me (he also bought me some bakery bag) - I didnt expected it - before that I didnt know that he went anyway to Japan! 


My mum gave to me those two perfumes of Hello Kitty. They both smell lovely but I do not use them often because I do not want them to be empty someday. ^__^

And last but not least...

I am owning a nail file, a lipstick, a little mirror and a hairbrush.

I hope my collection will grow on and on! ^___^
Let's see which part of my Collection I will show you next time!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

This Nintendo 3DS belongs to me

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

I wanted to have a 3DS for a longer time now, but actually it was too dear for me. About 150,00€ for a new new 3DS without any games?! Then rather not, I thought. But fortunately, my friend Gia knew about my thoughts concerning a 3DS and so she informed me a week ago that an acquaintance of her will sell his 3DS and three games for only 130,00€(!!!). There I maked short work and confirmed that I will buy this set.
The set I bought includes:
- Limited Edition Zelda Design 3DS
- Zelda: Ocarina of Time
- Mario Kart 7
- Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean

Last monday Don and I met up with Gia and the former owner of the 3DS for the handover at a local McDonalds restaurant.
I was so happy as the 3DS was then officially mine <3 The 3DS is rarely played and almost brand new, I even still have guarantee on it. ^O^

Of course I had to play instantly XD

(by the way Im wearing at this photos one of my clothes I recently bought at DreamV/Yumetenbo via - I just love those clothes and I'll write a short review in the near future)

Thank you, Gia! <3
Since I am owning the 3DS Gia and I playing every evening online together Mario Kart 7. It makes so much fun! <3 I love it!!!

I guess, THIS was the DEAL of the MONTH! =D

I am really happy with my 3DS <3 ~ NYAAHRN~ and next week I am going to have holidays - I guess you know what I will do ^__^6 Sorry I can't help myself - Im just an addicted gamer girl!!
So, if you also have got a 3DS I would also like to exchange my friend code with you. <3

Monday, July 23, 2012

2nd Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

at the 21st of July the 2nd Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up took place. This time I had to prepare the Meet-Up together with Kuraude. Eventhough we were only 5 Lolitas it was an really great Meet-Up for me and Im kinda proud that we also had two Lolitas at the Meet-Up which were not from Aachen and near neighborhood and traveled about 3 hours to this Meet-Up. ^___^

So, we'd met up first at the Aachener central station and then we head off to the Lousberg. There we had a lovely picnic: We had little cute heart-cakes, biscuits, little apple-pies, waffles, sesame cracker and more. Very delicious! <3 And gratefully, the weather forecast hadn't be right - it was cloudy indeed but it didn't rained the whole afternoon. I hate rainy Lolita Meet-Ups. Brr~~ We chatted a lot and did a lot of photos:

my favourite one <3

I love the expression of all our faces here =D

We almost forgot to take a few "Single-Photoshootings", but here there are:

I was happy to see Prospera again now (I missed her a bit during the 1. Aix-La-Chapelle Meet-Up p__q). I really like the way she dresses in Lolita and her whole co-ords it all suits her very well.

Yoko was my personnel special guest and Im really happy that she visited our Meet-Up and that she stayed the weekend with me. If someone would ask me, how a (Bitter)Sweet Lolita Outfit should look like - I would show them a photo of Yoko. <3

Fraeulein_Elisabeth was the only afore unknown Lolita to me. She said she just started wearing Lolita-Fashion - but we were all pretty impressed about her selfmade JSK. ^o^ I guess she simply got the skills and  I wonder about her future Lolita-Outfits.

Kuraude, my best friend, was part of the Lolita Meet-Up, too. She remains true to herself and weared a bright red JSK (If you do not knew it til now - Red is her absoooolute favourite colour ;'D). Red is (whyever) a not so common colour in Lolita-Fashion and I love how Kuraude presents this colour for Lolita. Well, it simply suits her brilliant and she was great contrast with her bold red! <3

Ah, ja, thats me X'D - and ja, it is the Btssb Ice Cream OP again, I just had to wear it - Id never weard it before to a Lolita Meet-Up whether to a Convention. ^__^ - Unfortunately the OP is pretty bright and my photocamera had trouble with it. U__U

Later on, my boyfriend joined us and as it was getting colder we decided to "crest" the top of the Lousberg.

Meanwhile it was later then 5:00pm and we decided to split up steady. The Meet-Up may were small but mighty. I hope we can repeat this great vibe we had in our group in upcoming meetings, too. I hope the next Aix-La-Chapelle Meet-Up will be as gogeous at this one! <3

Later, at my place Yoko and I watched Kamikaze Girls - the famous movie in which a girl who loves Lolita-Fashion is one of the central characters. The whole story is told with a (big) wink and a bit exaggerated - but I loved it! If I could I would watch the movie today again. <3
After that we take delicious dinner my boyfriend made for us and then we browsed throught our Gothic&Lolita Bibles and several Lolita Internet-Stores. Thank you for staying at my place, Yoko, I really enjoyed it and Im happy that we had the chance to get to know each other better // And thank you very much for your little gift <3 ! NYAAHRN~

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You just have to love pet rats and hamsters

Hello my dear mauw-mauws, <3

can you imagine a life without pets? Not me! I would feel like there is something missing in my life.
Which make me laugh even when Im feeling depressed sometimes.

From childhood we always had pets: Bunnies and Guinea-Pigs (which we had to give away because my mum became allergic), Mice (only once), Rats, Budgerigar, Cockatiel, Fishs, (miniature) Hamster and of course we had a dog. Clearly, my sister and I became pet-lovers, too. Even though my sister prefers now a bit more exotic "pets" like her lovely bearded dragons I kept my love for rodents, especially for pet rats. I am very thankful that I learned to handle with pets since my earliest childhood. Thanks (especially) mum and dad! ^__^

It is so wonderful, that, when Im coming home again and entering the kitchen, I see one of my rats (mostly Vanilla) sitting there in the uppest corner of her cage and "waiting" their for me. Its amazing how fixed tame pet rats can be on humans. Its a shame that so many people have a prejudice against (pet) rats. Rats are such so friendly and intelligent pets. In my experience those people who disliked and/or prejudiced rats before, liked or even loved them after I showed them my pet rats. This makes me really happy because those pet rats deserve to be loved: <3

My shy but cheeky star: Carli.

Kuraude loves Carli and Carli loves Kuraude's hair

Loyal Vanilla

"Granny"-Peachy, sometimes I call her "Ms. Empress Peachy", because she is allowed to enjoy all benefits because of her quite old age ^____^
Arent they just adorable? <33

Im not only loving my three rats, I also do love my little hamster Sugar (Teddiursa) which I adopted due to the fact she was an "emergency" pet. Hamsters are so different from rats - Sugar is doing her own little things while my three pet rats are tamely and more interested in me and humans. I would like to know what plans she is making... ö_Ö

Sugar planning her conquest of the whole world
Those four pets are not my first pets Ive got - many pets passed away in all those years but I will never forget them and all the nice time I had with them.

R. I. P.
all my honeys in the Pet Palace in Heaven <3

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And suddenly I became an aunt

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

I just wanted to inform you all that I became an aunt yesterday evening.

Gabriel was born at the 10th of July at 7:26pm. He is 49cm (1,61 ft) tall and weighs 3150g (~6.94 Pound).

My sister really had a sort of "textbook pregnancy" but the birth giving was really hard work. My poor sister laid almost 17 hours in labor and the birth of Gabriel was complicated. Gabriel didn't entered the birth canal that properly and more over he laid head-down but facing the abdomen instead of the dorsum, in german we say "Sternenguckerbaby" in english its called "sunny side-up baby". This position caused the difficult and long-termed birth - in most cases the doctors had to vail of the ventouse to ensure a safe birth - but my sister handled it without any aids.

I am really proud of my sister, she really did a great "job", she was brave and strong <3

We are all happy that Gabriel and my sister are keeping well.
I cant wait for the day she can finally leave the hospital - we will await her or better the both with a big surprise in her/their flat =D

UPDATE 2012-07-12:
And here he is: Gabriel <3

If Gabriel only knew what a crazy aunt he'll got =D

Friday, July 6, 2012

Plan B - self made shooting

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

what to do when a photo-shooting appointment were cancelled more or less at short notice and you already began to make preparations at the evening before? I even already twisted my hair around my papillotes.
Well, I thought if I already now have nice curls lets take a few photos by my own.. or rather my boyfriend had to take a few photos of me X'D
First I did a few inside self-timer photos:

selftimer ftw! =D

Next I just had to take photos with Vanilla, my cute rat. With the assistance of my boyfriend as photographer we even get great photos, you have to now Vanilla has itchy feet. ^__^

my little darling <33

I love Vanilla <3 
She is such a lovely, clingy rat *__*

Later on we drove to Wuerselen and took a few photos at the beautiful St. Sebastianus Church (of course without Vanilla XD):

Do you knew that this Hello Kitty Plushie was my very first one?! Aww~ Im almost getting sentimental now 

Im really happy that I finally now have a few nice photos of my Btssb-Ice Cream OP  <33

And Im really thankful that my boyfriend make time for me and this photos..

**kisses** I love you