Saturday, June 9, 2012

Poképark 2: - Wonders Beyond

My cute mauw-mauws,

just a short entry about my newest Wii-Game:
As you might know, Im a big Pokemon-Fan. I just cant resist these cute Pokemons and the Pokemon-Games are still great! As such Im also owning the Wii-Game "Pokepark: Pikachus Adventure" and because I and Kuraude also loved this videogame so much it was crystal clear that we had to buy the sequel "Pokepark2: Wonders Beyond", too.
We promised each other that we would buy it together and last wednesday we finally went to a store to buy it.

Im always excited when Im buying a new videogame. ^___^ Crazy Face Alert XD

I have to say, the game didnt disappointed me. Its as cute as "Pikachus Adventure" and Im looking forward to the point of time where I can play it for hours again. <3 I guess im hooked. ^__^
For more informations, pictures and videos you can have a look on the Nintendo Website: Poképark 2: Wonders Beyond
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  1. Yeah, PokéPark ist so kawaii <3

    Ich bin sooo froh das wir uns das Spiel wieder zusammen gekauft haben ^x^
    Der Eintrag ist so cool *hug*

  2. Richtig cooler Beitrag! Ich liebe sie alle! *_* <3333
    Das Spiel musst du mir unbedingt zeigen, wenn wir bald wieder zocken! :) :*
    @Kuraude/Claudie: :*****

    Giaaaaa :)