Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Cosplays - 4th - Black Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Hello my lovely mauwmauws,

here comes the already the 4th part of the "My Cosplays"-series.
My Cosplay of the Black Magician Girl (Schwarzes Magier Mädchen) is up today. Unlike my other Cosplays, the Black Magician Girl Cosplay is a real handicraft Cosplay, we didnt sewed that much but had to glue very much.

Connichi 2012

Dokomi 2010

Black Magician Girl Cosplay – Profile:
Cosplay No.: 4
Created in: 2010
Costs: about 45,00€
Hours to make: 12h
Weared at: Dokomi 2010 (Saturday), Connichi 2010 (Sunday) and Connichi 2012 (Saturday)
Japanese name:  Burakku Majishan Gāru
German name: Schwarzes Magiermädchen

Connichi 2012

Why do I wanted to Cosplay the Black Magician Girl?
The Black Magician Girl was and is my favourite Yu-Gi-Oh!-Card. I love her Character-Design very much, all this pink and skyblue clothes. It was a big challenge to create the Cosplay.

Connichi 2010

Any unforgettable experiences ?
Dokomi 2010: Ive met up with other awesome Yu-Gi-Oh!-Cosplayer and we did many, many photos. Altogether Ive get awesome feedback for my Cosplay which made me really really happy. My Group and I were also spotted by a local journal called "Der Westen", pictures of our group are from 16-18 Der Westen - Dokomi 2010 
Connichi 2010: Awesome again. This time Ill fixed the hat a bit better.


  1. You look too CUTE!! Lol xD .. Never cosplay before but so darn tempted too now!

    Great share!

  2. Oh Gott bist du sweet in dem Cosplay!
    Steht dir wirklich richtig gut!