Monday, June 25, 2012

How to dress Casual Lolita Style

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

for me its probably the most difficult Lolita-Style: Casual Lolita.
Whats Casual Lolita and what its not? I know that there are several guides and definitions in the world-wide-web but I found it although hard to define what exactly Casual Lolita is and when its rather f. e. Sweet Lolita.
All in all I would say that Casual Lolita is the Lolita style with the biggest matter of definition.

I guess, I figured for me personally by now my own definition of Casual Lolita out:
A Casual Lolita or should I better say a "Everyday Lolita"-Outfit is a Lolita based-Outfit in which I feel comfortable even in my daily life. In order that I can call a Outfit "Casual Lolita" is has to contain the following characteristics:
- Headbow, hair circlet or other less brashy hair accessories
- A Lolita Dress, JSK or Skirt with Petticoat(!)
- A cutsew and/or cardigan
- Kneehighs/Overknees socks
- Lolita fitable shoes

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I went to Duesseldorf, actually to visit his sister there, but before that I visited the Japan-Maile - the perfect chance to try once again a Casual Lolita Outfit:
First, it was quite difficult to find the perfect line between Sweet Lolita and not Lolita-like enough, but in the end I was really satisfied with my Casual Lolita-Style experiment. ^__^

As I wrote above, I walked the famous "Japan-Meile" up and down and of course I spend money ;) :
I bought two notebooks (the fairytale one is for Mochi, the Pokemon one is for myself), Hello Kitty Pokki (ichigo flavour) and two Manga: 1x Kirara Purinsesu (I am owning the Manga also in german so I thought it would be a nice practice) and 1x Mari to Koinu no monogatari, a lovely Manga in which I fall instantly in love with, also in Japanese characters written.

Buuuuut~, to come back to the Casual Lolita-topic, I have to say, that I felt really comfortable in such a not so "flashy" Lolita-Outfit. When Im going to Lolita Meet-Ups and Conventions I really like to dress myself up in Lolita, but for the daily life or should I better say "the daily weekend life" this Casual-Style fits best. If I would wear more accessories and colours and so on I just would feel really overdressed.

I wish I had more clothes for a Casual Lolita-Outfit, so I would have the oppurtinity to wear a Casual Lolita-Style also at my workplace. But hopefully that will change in the near future. =))

This Blog entry shouldn't be a guide in general, it is just my opinion and view how a Casual Lolita-Style can look like ^___^

Thanks for reading and leaving comments!

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