Friday, June 29, 2012

The dream of JLPT N5 and my japanese kit

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

yesterday my "Japanese Course 2" finished. The 3rd course will start in september.  Now Im going to have a quite long break and in order that I do not forget everything Ive learned so far I really have to keep the ball. For almost one year now Im learning japanese at the local community college. Fortunately, Im still delighted learning the japanese language and can't wait to the point where I will finally reach the level in which I would be able to pass the JLPT N5 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). The test for the lowest level, N5, contains about 100 Kanji, 800 vocabulary and basic listening and assumes a study time of ~150 hours.With my current learning rate it would remain about 1.5-2 years to reach that level. So, I need a lot of staying power and motivation in the future, too.

Because you cannot learn a language with only one book (especially not japanese!!), I accrued during that year several books and other (learning) material, which I like to suggest you:

Books and other useful learning materials:

Langenscheidt - NIHONGO DE DOOSO - text book (german-japanese) and Langenscheidt NIHONGO DE DOOSO - exercise book (german-japanese)
The two books we had to use for the Japanese Course at the college. I can recommend them when you're learning japanese at a college. For self-study it is not that advisable.

Usborne - First 1000 Thousands Word In Japanese (english-japanese)
Actually a picture-book for children but very useful and interesting for adults, too. A nice picture-book by way of change while learning the sometimes "dry" japanese language ^o^

Doitsu Center Ltd. - Japanisch im Sauseschritt 1 (german-japanese)
I personally think that "Japanisch im Sauseschritt" (english: Japanese for busy-people") is the better book for learning japanese than "Nihongo De Dooso". Here you learn more practical things and in a higher pace but it is also still comprehensible. I would prefer if we would work with "Japanisch im Sauseschritt" at the community college.

Langenscheidt - Dictionary (german-japanese)
If you learn a language, a dictionary is always a must have! =)

File cards
Seems maybe old-fashioned at first sight, but its still very effective and handy when you're on the way.

Website "Erin's Challenge: I can speak japanese! - The Japan Foundation" (english-japanese)
A very great website to study and learn the japanese language and culture. The website contains many pictures and short videos of daily situations and also various exercises, quizzes and little games. I really can fully recommend this website, the spoken japanese is mostly easy to understand and you also get a lot of "background" culture informations through the videos. =) Visit the website and convince yourself: Erin's Challenge: "I can speak japanese!"

Anki - flashcard program
Anki is an open-source program. Unlike other flashcard programs, Anki supports Hiragana and Katakana characters and got a flexible fact and card model that allows you to generate multiple views of information and input information in the format you wish. You can also share your own deck to friends and download maaany prepared decks. You can download Anki f. e. here: Anki

Miscellaneous (learning) materials:

Kirara Purinsesu (Kilala Princess) - Japanese Manga (japanese)
I am also owning the german version of these very cute Manga, so I thought it would be a nice practice. Fortunately, the Manga is written in Furigana - so I can read even all, to me, unknown Kanji.

Mari To Koinu No Monogatari - Japanese Mana (japanese)
Just look at the cover. Isnt it heart-melting? I just had to buy these Manga, although I do not own a german version of it. Its really challenging reading it, because I can read everything but most often I do not know what those words and sentences mean. So, I have to look many words up. Nonetheless are very good practice! Mercifully the Manga works with Furigana, too.

Notebooks to practise Hiragana and Katakana characters and Kanji 

The best moments by learning japanese is when you recognize more and more Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji and can understand (easy and/or frequently) words and sentences. Then you notice that all your effort is worth doing! =)

Monday, June 25, 2012

How to dress Casual Lolita Style

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

for me its probably the most difficult Lolita-Style: Casual Lolita.
Whats Casual Lolita and what its not? I know that there are several guides and definitions in the world-wide-web but I found it although hard to define what exactly Casual Lolita is and when its rather f. e. Sweet Lolita.
All in all I would say that Casual Lolita is the Lolita style with the biggest matter of definition.

I guess, I figured for me personally by now my own definition of Casual Lolita out:
A Casual Lolita or should I better say a "Everyday Lolita"-Outfit is a Lolita based-Outfit in which I feel comfortable even in my daily life. In order that I can call a Outfit "Casual Lolita" is has to contain the following characteristics:
- Headbow, hair circlet or other less brashy hair accessories
- A Lolita Dress, JSK or Skirt with Petticoat(!)
- A cutsew and/or cardigan
- Kneehighs/Overknees socks
- Lolita fitable shoes

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I went to Duesseldorf, actually to visit his sister there, but before that I visited the Japan-Maile - the perfect chance to try once again a Casual Lolita Outfit:
First, it was quite difficult to find the perfect line between Sweet Lolita and not Lolita-like enough, but in the end I was really satisfied with my Casual Lolita-Style experiment. ^__^

As I wrote above, I walked the famous "Japan-Meile" up and down and of course I spend money ;) :
I bought two notebooks (the fairytale one is for Mochi, the Pokemon one is for myself), Hello Kitty Pokki (ichigo flavour) and two Manga: 1x Kirara Purinsesu (I am owning the Manga also in german so I thought it would be a nice practice) and 1x Mari to Koinu no monogatari, a lovely Manga in which I fall instantly in love with, also in Japanese characters written.

Buuuuut~, to come back to the Casual Lolita-topic, I have to say, that I felt really comfortable in such a not so "flashy" Lolita-Outfit. When Im going to Lolita Meet-Ups and Conventions I really like to dress myself up in Lolita, but for the daily life or should I better say "the daily weekend life" this Casual-Style fits best. If I would wear more accessories and colours and so on I just would feel really overdressed.

I wish I had more clothes for a Casual Lolita-Outfit, so I would have the oppurtinity to wear a Casual Lolita-Style also at my workplace. But hopefully that will change in the near future. =))

This Blog entry shouldn't be a guide in general, it is just my opinion and view how a Casual Lolita-Style can look like ^___^

Thanks for reading and leaving comments!

Monday, June 18, 2012

1st Aix la Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up & Inhumanity in Ukraine

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

last saturday the first official "Aix la Chapelle" Lolita Meet-Up had taken place. The "Aix la Chapelle"-Lolita Meet-Ups are a new series of (hopefully) regularly Lolita Meet-Ups in Aachen in neighbourhood.

This time we've met up in Übach-Palenberg, a village nearby Aachen.
First we've looked for a nice place to have a picnic.

 Deadromance baked that rainbow cake especially for the Meet-Up.  <3

As it starts drizzling more and more we decided to break up the picnic and to run for cover. There we did some few photos, f. e. this one:
from left to right: I, Kuraude, Deadromance, Sarah, RainyYuki and Buschwindroeschen
L.O.L.I.T.A !!!

Mercifully, the rain stopped and we had the chance to make several pictures nearby the river:

from upper left to at the bottom of the right: Kuraude, Deadromance, Buschwindroeschen, Sarah, I and RainyYuki

After this photo-session we went to a bridge to watch all the ducks and geese, which were awaiting some bread or anything else eatable from us. ^__^

f. l. t. r.: Deadromance, RainyYuki, I, Buschwindoreschen, Sarah and Kuraude
My favourite photo <3
In the meantine it began to drizzle again and stopped and it began again to drizzle and stopped and so on.  We also taped a short funny video (Lolita against Zombies - the final march) XD, but I didn't had the time to edit it til now.  I really enjoyed the afternoon, we were a funny group. ^__^
At this point I would like to thank you all for the wonderful afternoon: Deadromance, Kuraude, Buschwindroeschen, RainyYuki and Sarah.

The 2nd Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up take place at the 21st of July in Aachen. <33
Im looking forward to it and hope we`ll have again some nice hours together.

Now Im continuing with a more serious topic:
Before we split up in the end, I asked the girls if they would like to assist me in a call and started: The call is about the dog killing in the Ukraine for the EM2012. As you might now in Ukraine are living many stray dogs. And because the Ukraine is trying to have a more "cleanse" country during the EM2012 the killing of dogs and cats highly increased. Although it is prohibited since 2006 in Ukraine killing animals by inhumane methods such as painful injections and poisoning, the municipalities commonly use these illegal methods, because its the fastest way to eradicate the straying dogs and cats. It seems unthinkable for us here, but it seems to be ordinary in Ukraine that dead dogs are lying next to the street or nearby a playground. I really can not understand it. So I had to take a stand against the killing of the dogs and Im really happy that I could convert them for this action:

I and Kuraude are against the killing of dogs for EM2012

5 Lolitas, 1 mind

Thanks to RainyYuki, Kuraude, Deadromance and Sarah for joining this important issue <3
It means a lot to me. I know that this two photos do not change that much, but all I want to achieve is to draw the peoples attention to this cruel slaughter. I want to reach as many people as I can, so nobody can say anymore that he or she never heard of the killing.
You can support this action also. To support and for more information please visit Peta . (!I do not take any responsibility for any external pages linked here!)

Please, do not look away... take action! <3
The dogs will be grateful... <3

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Cosplays - 4th - Black Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Hello my lovely mauwmauws,

here comes the already the 4th part of the "My Cosplays"-series.
My Cosplay of the Black Magician Girl (Schwarzes Magier Mädchen) is up today. Unlike my other Cosplays, the Black Magician Girl Cosplay is a real handicraft Cosplay, we didnt sewed that much but had to glue very much.

Connichi 2012

Dokomi 2010

Black Magician Girl Cosplay – Profile:
Cosplay No.: 4
Created in: 2010
Costs: about 45,00€
Hours to make: 12h
Weared at: Dokomi 2010 (Saturday), Connichi 2010 (Sunday) and Connichi 2012 (Saturday)
Japanese name:  Burakku Majishan Gāru
German name: Schwarzes Magiermädchen

Connichi 2012

Why do I wanted to Cosplay the Black Magician Girl?
The Black Magician Girl was and is my favourite Yu-Gi-Oh!-Card. I love her Character-Design very much, all this pink and skyblue clothes. It was a big challenge to create the Cosplay.

Connichi 2010

Any unforgettable experiences ?
Dokomi 2010: Ive met up with other awesome Yu-Gi-Oh!-Cosplayer and we did many, many photos. Altogether Ive get awesome feedback for my Cosplay which made me really really happy. My Group and I were also spotted by a local journal called "Der Westen", pictures of our group are from 16-18 Der Westen - Dokomi 2010 
Connichi 2010: Awesome again. This time Ill fixed the hat a bit better.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Poképark 2: - Wonders Beyond

My cute mauw-mauws,

just a short entry about my newest Wii-Game:
As you might know, Im a big Pokemon-Fan. I just cant resist these cute Pokemons and the Pokemon-Games are still great! As such Im also owning the Wii-Game "Pokepark: Pikachus Adventure" and because I and Kuraude also loved this videogame so much it was crystal clear that we had to buy the sequel "Pokepark2: Wonders Beyond", too.
We promised each other that we would buy it together and last wednesday we finally went to a store to buy it.

Im always excited when Im buying a new videogame. ^___^ Crazy Face Alert XD

I have to say, the game didnt disappointed me. Its as cute as "Pikachus Adventure" and Im looking forward to the point of time where I can play it for hours again. <3 I guess im hooked. ^__^
For more informations, pictures and videos you can have a look on the Nintendo Website: Poképark 2: Wonders Beyond
!Please note, I assume no responsibility for any external links linked here!

Thank you for reading, following and commenting!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nihon Day (Japantag) 2012

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

last saturday I visited with my friends the 11th Nihon Day / Japantag 2012 in Duesseldorf. It was the fourth time we visited the Nihon Day. We’re looking the whole year forward to this event.

This years Nihon Day was absolutely great too, we’ve met a lot of friends and people again, for example Lobby, Mino, Fie, Missx Neko, Kuryu, Karu, Zubara and Ruka. Unlike the last years, Don didnt went with us from the beginning but he joined us later and we drove ogether with Kuraude's parents in their travel van to Duesseldorf.  It was quite fun to travel by a travel van. ^___^

For the Nihon Day I weared for the first time a Wa-Lolita Outfit:

Of course, the Yukata had to be pink. Im really happy with my Yukata and its lovely to know now that other people like it that much, too. <3

Kuraude also weared a Wa-Lolita Outfit:

Aww, I really love to see Kuraude wearing it. It suits her that perfectly that Im almost a bit jealous XD (just kiddin').


 Mochi weared some traditional clothing, too. It was a sort of a Samurai Outfit:

It really suits him well ^___^

We went the location of the Nihon Day up and down, posed a lot and met a lot of people we know. Kuraude and I even posed for a photographer for a local online-journal:

Maybe we're in another journal, too, who knows?! XD

Here Im grinning next to the cute Missx Neko.
Ive met her the first time at a local Lolita-Meet Up and she is a really nice girl with an unique look and style. 

Later on, we've finally met up with Ruka.
She cosplayed Cinderella. Poor Ruka had to fight with her sunburn. ^__^6
But she looked still awesome!

During the evening, we'd looked for a good place to watch the firework later on. Before that, Don joined us and we had to take a "Fantastic Four"-Group picture of us for our in the near future upcoming joint photo-album:

I really enjoyed the Nihon Day 2012 and looking forward to next year!