Friday, May 11, 2012

Usai's Hello Kitty Collection - 2nd - The Bathroom

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

here comes the 2nd part of my Hello Kitty Collection. My Bathroom Stuff. 
Like in my kitchen, Hello Kitty isnt that spreaded in my Bathroom, so this will be a quite shorter post. ^__^

a globe puzzle of Hello Kitty and a small Hello Kitty towel

a cute jigsaw puzzle

On this photo you can see:

1x (of two) Hello Kitty Soap Dispender
2 x Hello Kitty wash bag (1x Angel Design, 1 X "Super Mario" Design)
1x Hello Kitty Plushie (waterproofed)
1x Hello Kitty Lipstick Accessoire
1x 5 different flavours of Hello Kitty Shower gel
1 x small Hello Kitty towel
1x Hello Kitty swimming soap for a bath
1x Hello Kitty Beauty and Care Set (still packed, cause it would be a shame to use it)
1x bigger Hello Kitty wash bag
1x Hello Kitty Child Tooth Brush (for very young children XD)
and 2 x Hello Kitty Deodorant (Special Edition)

my Hello Kitty Towel
I love this towel. Its so big and fluffy <333 I really need more than only one HK-towel ^___^

It is remarkable that I get almost everything of my Hello Kitty Stuff as a present. I believe that I only bought the two deodorants and the small Hello Kitty washbag in angel design by myself. Ö____Ö 
Im really lucky that my lovely ones know that I adore Hello Kitty and bought almost all the stuff for me ^__^

Well, that was my Hello Kitty Madness in my bathroom.

I guess next time I show you all my Hello Kitty Beauty products and accessoires <3 .. puh, this will be a great deal of work ^__^6

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  1. Claudie (die kleine rote) :3May 12, 2012 at 8:48 AM

    Du hast echt das süßeste Badezimmer der Welt ;
    *Har har* sogar vorm Bad macht Hello Kitty nicht halt xD