Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

on the 19th and 20th of April I had to travel to Dresden due a business trip. I never visited Dresden before and it was also the first time that I had to went by plane all alone. I was really lucky that I get my flight from Dusseldorf to Dresden in time, because my train had about 20 minutes delay. Altogether, was the whole arrangement of this trip not that lucky at all. I didn't wanted to travel to Dresden and at first it was okay for everyone, but then 10 days before the Workshop should took place, they changed their mind. Due to this fact I had to cancel or shift several dates/appointments, which didn't make me happier at all. The worst thing was that I wasnt able to bring Nori to the veterinarian for her upcoming surgery. Especially now after her death it makes me mad that I couldn't stayed with her. Well, one thing is pretty for sure: This will have consequences for my workplace! I will never ever going on a business trip again in those circumstances...

Well, after the official part on Thursdays I took the chance to discover Dresden. I have to say, that the people in Dresden are very nice. One girl showed me the way to my hotel (Im quite disorientated), to one young man I talked during the whole bus ride about japanese and the security guy at the Dresden airport who brought me my boots back to me was very funny and nice. Dresden itself is also a beautiful town, just take a look at the photos:
what a beautiful view..
Dresdens "Zwinger" - my hotel was nearby this sight

the "Japanischer Palais"
Everytime I visit a new city or country I try to buy a postcard of it. My aim is to own so much postcards that they'll cover my entire hall wall. But I also collect postcards of places my friends had visited:

As you can see, I do not have a lot of postcards yet. The postcard of Japan/Kyoto is from Yoko Rosedust and the Egypt paper and the Berlin postcard is from Kuraude. When Im visiting Japan next year I want to have a post card of each city we'll visit <3 ^__^

As I entered to the Altmarkt-Galerie Center in Dresden, a huge shopping center a special store caught my attention: Bären Company.
Bären Company is a store which sells a wide range of gelatin-free gummi bears. I bought this on the spur of moment due to the fact that in my hometown Aachen isn't a Bären Company store. ^__^

 Later on I visited another shopping mall in Dresden called Centrum-Galerie and a H&M-Store. There I maked a snatch and bought this purple cardigan for only seven euros in the childrens wear department (its always cheapier there! <3)

The best thing about Dresden for me was that I only have to stay two days there. Dresden is a beautiful town but I wanted to be home again. 
I wanted to look after Nori, I wanted to relax so that my stomach will be settled again. Business trips are always stressful for me and especially for my stomach. ^__^6


  1. The place looks so beautiful!
    My first time getting on a plane,I was alone,too XD

  2. Awwww, a postcard from finland :3

    1. Jap, Ive visited Finland in October 2011 with my boyfriend, its a beautiful country! Next time I want to visit those more northern towns (like Oulu). <3

  3. wow Dresden ist voll malerisch *o*

    aber wohl für ein Lolita Shooting zu weit xD