Monday, May 28, 2012

Dokomi 2012 (Sunday) and state of health of my rats

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

yesterday Mochi, Kuraude and I went to the Dokomi in Duesseldorf. This year the Dokomi took place at the CongressCenter due to increase of popularity. The new location is perfect, so a great praise to the organizers of the Dokomi. This time we all weared Cosplays: Kuraude was Vulpix (Pokémon) Mochi was Hope (Final Fantasy XIII) and I was Flaaffy (Pokémon).

As we arrived the Dokomi we've met up with Yoko Rosedust inside the CongressCenter.
It was awesome to see her again and she looked so megacute again <3 We decided to take a few photos and went outside to the Rheinufer:

After that, we splitted up again and Mochi, Kuraude and I went again inside to take a look at the traders states. There we had to notice that the traders price are pretty high, therefore we didnt bougth that much. During that we've get asked from other Dokomi visitors for taking photos of us. <3 Later on we've met Ruka and I finally could gave her my birthday present for her and then we went outside again and enjoyed the good weather <3

Altogether it was an awesome day at the Dokomi and I'm really looking forward to the next Dokomi. Thanks to all for the great day! <3


State of Health of my rats

In my last Blog entry I wrote about the illness of my rats.
Now here is the current state:

Peachy gets better everyday. She is full of life again and got a great appetite eventhough she is still sneezign a bit. Vanilla seems perfectly healthy and Carli, fortunately, didnt get infected from Vanilla or Peachy either. <3

I hope the three will have much time left to enjoy their companionship...

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