Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Ice Cream OP - Review

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

two weeks ago I received my very first Baby the stars shine bright one piece. It is the "Ice Cream" OP of Btssb from 2007 in sax-blue and pink.
I bought this one piece second hand from a Lolita called "Lunatop".
Everything went fine so I can really recommend buying from her. Thank you again <3

I was so happy that I received the OP before the 5 of May 2012 so I could wear it to my very first meeting with Yokorosedust. You can read more about the lovely day with her here: 1st meeting with Yoko Rosedust

So, but now lets begin with my little review of the Ice Cream One Piece:

Ice Cream OP worn

This OP is my very first OP/JSK of Btssb. So I was pretty excited about the quality and the measurements of this OP.

Front unworn: 

There is also a small petticoat worked into the one piece. <3

 Back unworn:

A thing I really like about this OP are those two really small ribbons to underline your waist. Eventhough the ribbons are pretty slender they serve their purpose AND you are able to wear a form-fitting coat or cardigan above the OP without it looks like you have a sort of "tumour" or bump at your back. <3 I assume that you can adjust the waist wide from 63 to 80cm.

"Hello Lace" wrote that it would fit (best) if youve got a bust wide of 86cm, but I would say it also fits you if you have a bust-measurements from 80-94cm because the OP is tailored very generously and the adjustment with help of the two pink small ribbons works pretty good.
The overall length of this OP is about 90cm.

At the short sleeves are elastic bands which are, fortunately, not really tight.

Isnt the print just mega CUTE!?!

 The One Piece got a pretty soft fabric and the print is pretty clear also. Of course, my Angelic Pretty JSK got a print which seems a bit more clear, but we have to remember that this Btssb-OP is from 2007 AND second hand, so Im really satisfied about the condition of this OP. The former owner of this OP was pretty careful with it.

A detail which proofs to me personally that this OP is made of pretty good fabric is the border at the bottom of the dress. There are no small threads anywhere. Sometimes even brandnew skirts of bodyline having this threads .. yes, I know I cant compare btssb with bodyline and I do not want to do that, I just wanted to mention it. ;-)

You can see a store picture of the OP in all four variety here (I do not take any responsibility for the website): Hello Lace - Btssb OP Ice Cream

I am really satisfied with the One Piece and with the seller Lunatop. I guess, this OP won't be my only JSK/OP of Btssb in the near future! <3 This OP is very comfortable, probably the most comfortable I own. Now Im looking forward to make some better photos while Im wearing the one piece. <33

Thanks for reading, watching and leaving comments! <3


  1. So cute one piece *__*
    Love the pstael color, and it suits you a lot!
    I wish I had one!


  2. I agree with Marimiau! *___* I'm not into lolita style but that dress is amazing!! I love sweets patterns and colorful stuff, so it's perfect *_* Enjoy it! ;D