Monday, May 28, 2012

Dokomi 2012 (Sunday) and state of health of my rats

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

yesterday Mochi, Kuraude and I went to the Dokomi in Duesseldorf. This year the Dokomi took place at the CongressCenter due to increase of popularity. The new location is perfect, so a great praise to the organizers of the Dokomi. This time we all weared Cosplays: Kuraude was Vulpix (Pokémon) Mochi was Hope (Final Fantasy XIII) and I was Flaaffy (Pokémon).

As we arrived the Dokomi we've met up with Yoko Rosedust inside the CongressCenter.
It was awesome to see her again and she looked so megacute again <3 We decided to take a few photos and went outside to the Rheinufer:

After that, we splitted up again and Mochi, Kuraude and I went again inside to take a look at the traders states. There we had to notice that the traders price are pretty high, therefore we didnt bougth that much. During that we've get asked from other Dokomi visitors for taking photos of us. <3 Later on we've met Ruka and I finally could gave her my birthday present for her and then we went outside again and enjoyed the good weather <3

Altogether it was an awesome day at the Dokomi and I'm really looking forward to the next Dokomi. Thanks to all for the great day! <3


State of Health of my rats

In my last Blog entry I wrote about the illness of my rats.
Now here is the current state:

Peachy gets better everyday. She is full of life again and got a great appetite eventhough she is still sneezign a bit. Vanilla seems perfectly healthy and Carli, fortunately, didnt get infected from Vanilla or Peachy either. <3

I hope the three will have much time left to enjoy their companionship...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two new mates and two new cases of illness

Hello my loooovely mauw-mauws,

first of all, the good news:
Since the 14th of May 2012 we're having two litte new flat-mates: Vanilla and Carli.

Carli and Vanilla (red eyed one)

Vanilla is born at the 1st of April 2012 and is a really nosy and clingy one.  Vanilla especially adores Peachy very much. She is following Peachy to everywhere and if Peachy starts eating, Vanilla does also. I guess thats the reason why Vanilla is tamely already. She is blossoming out to be everybodys darling and its true you cant resist her lovely and clumsy behaviour. <33

Vanilla just woke up at her favourite sleeping place: The Hammock 

Carli is born at the 14th of April. Carli however is more a sort of a "lone wulf" but she is making also great progresses and Im confident that she will get as tamely as Vanilla soon. And if not, its okay for me also. Each rat got a individuality nature and you can't constain a pet to be like you want to (for gods sake!). Although Carli seems to be a bit more reserved she is quite a cheeky one and enjoys "fighting"/"playing" around with Vanilla. Its lovely to see them jumping and running around - they full of vitality and enjoying their lifes.

Carli has a really cute way to care herself <3

First of all, I did not wanted to adopt any new rats. I was scared that it would look like I would try to replace Nori in some way. But with the time I had to recognize that I can't leave Peachy up all alone until the end of her life. No matter how much time I would spend with Peachy, I could never replace the attentions of her own species. Rats are "pack-animals", they need each other - and so Peachy needed some other rats around her. Im really thankful that my boyfriend Don appreciated this issue and agreed to adopt two new fancy rats.

I was a bit excited about how would Peachy react to Vanilla and Carli and was pretty surprised: She accepted them instantly. No drama. Peachy is such a kind rat. It is really lovely to see them while they're sleeping next to each other.

Peachy, Vanilla and Carli
 It seems like Peachy enjoys to have the two kiddies around her. She is more active than before and likes when Carli or Vanilla are grooming her.

But (and now I tell you about the bad news)

unfortunately Vanilla brought a cold with.
And moreover Peachy was getting ill, too.
As I saw Peachy yesterday afternoon heavily breathing I immediately went to the veterinarian with her (and with Vanilla because her (head) cold) get worser, too). Its quite unclear whether Vanilla infected her with mycoplasma or if Peachy carried them by herself and now suffers from illness. Mycoplasma is a organism which inhabits the rats respiratory system and almost every rat are infected with it, but many rats carry this infection without appearing to suffer any illness. To be honest, the veterinarian also could not tell me for sure if Peachy and Vanilla are infected by mycoplasma but its very likely. Well, now I have to deliver two different meds (1x antibiotics and 1x expectorant) to all of them, even to Carli, because mycoplasma is infectious. Unlike Peachy, Vanilla is, besides of the lil sniffle, in a great health probably due to the fact of her still young age (for gods sake!). Peachy unfortunately is ill with pneumonia.

Todays afternoon I gave Peachy an alone run to observe her behaviour and state of health.
To support her heal-process I brewed a camomile tea so Peachy had the chance to inhale it.

Peachy is still weakened, but she is feeling better
 I really hope that Peachy will feel better soon. The most important thing is that she still got a good appetite and so she eats the yoghurt with the medicine I offering her quite greedy. If I compare her state of health today with the one of yesterday I have to say that the medicines seems to have positives effects... I hope this effect will continue..

Lets hope the best for Peachy!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Ice Cream OP - Review

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

two weeks ago I received my very first Baby the stars shine bright one piece. It is the "Ice Cream" OP of Btssb from 2007 in sax-blue and pink.
I bought this one piece second hand from a Lolita called "Lunatop".
Everything went fine so I can really recommend buying from her. Thank you again <3

I was so happy that I received the OP before the 5 of May 2012 so I could wear it to my very first meeting with Yokorosedust. You can read more about the lovely day with her here: 1st meeting with Yoko Rosedust

So, but now lets begin with my little review of the Ice Cream One Piece:

Ice Cream OP worn

This OP is my very first OP/JSK of Btssb. So I was pretty excited about the quality and the measurements of this OP.

Front unworn: 

There is also a small petticoat worked into the one piece. <3

 Back unworn:

A thing I really like about this OP are those two really small ribbons to underline your waist. Eventhough the ribbons are pretty slender they serve their purpose AND you are able to wear a form-fitting coat or cardigan above the OP without it looks like you have a sort of "tumour" or bump at your back. <3 I assume that you can adjust the waist wide from 63 to 80cm.

"Hello Lace" wrote that it would fit (best) if youve got a bust wide of 86cm, but I would say it also fits you if you have a bust-measurements from 80-94cm because the OP is tailored very generously and the adjustment with help of the two pink small ribbons works pretty good.
The overall length of this OP is about 90cm.

At the short sleeves are elastic bands which are, fortunately, not really tight.

Isnt the print just mega CUTE!?!

 The One Piece got a pretty soft fabric and the print is pretty clear also. Of course, my Angelic Pretty JSK got a print which seems a bit more clear, but we have to remember that this Btssb-OP is from 2007 AND second hand, so Im really satisfied about the condition of this OP. The former owner of this OP was pretty careful with it.

A detail which proofs to me personally that this OP is made of pretty good fabric is the border at the bottom of the dress. There are no small threads anywhere. Sometimes even brandnew skirts of bodyline having this threads .. yes, I know I cant compare btssb with bodyline and I do not want to do that, I just wanted to mention it. ;-)

You can see a store picture of the OP in all four variety here (I do not take any responsibility for the website): Hello Lace - Btssb OP Ice Cream

I am really satisfied with the One Piece and with the seller Lunatop. I guess, this OP won't be my only JSK/OP of Btssb in the near future! <3 This OP is very comfortable, probably the most comfortable I own. Now Im looking forward to make some better photos while Im wearing the one piece. <33

Thanks for reading, watching and leaving comments! <3

Friday, May 11, 2012

Usai's Hello Kitty Collection - 2nd - The Bathroom

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

here comes the 2nd part of my Hello Kitty Collection. My Bathroom Stuff. 
Like in my kitchen, Hello Kitty isnt that spreaded in my Bathroom, so this will be a quite shorter post. ^__^

a globe puzzle of Hello Kitty and a small Hello Kitty towel

a cute jigsaw puzzle

On this photo you can see:

1x (of two) Hello Kitty Soap Dispender
2 x Hello Kitty wash bag (1x Angel Design, 1 X "Super Mario" Design)
1x Hello Kitty Plushie (waterproofed)
1x Hello Kitty Lipstick Accessoire
1x 5 different flavours of Hello Kitty Shower gel
1 x small Hello Kitty towel
1x Hello Kitty swimming soap for a bath
1x Hello Kitty Beauty and Care Set (still packed, cause it would be a shame to use it)
1x bigger Hello Kitty wash bag
1x Hello Kitty Child Tooth Brush (for very young children XD)
and 2 x Hello Kitty Deodorant (Special Edition)

my Hello Kitty Towel
I love this towel. Its so big and fluffy <333 I really need more than only one HK-towel ^___^

It is remarkable that I get almost everything of my Hello Kitty Stuff as a present. I believe that I only bought the two deodorants and the small Hello Kitty washbag in angel design by myself. Ö____Ö 
Im really lucky that my lovely ones know that I adore Hello Kitty and bought almost all the stuff for me ^__^

Well, that was my Hello Kitty Madness in my bathroom.

I guess next time I show you all my Hello Kitty Beauty products and accessoires <3 .. puh, this will be a great deal of work ^__^6

Monday, May 7, 2012

1st meeting with Yoko Rosedust

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

last saturday I spent my day in Duesseldorf with Yoko Rosedust. Ive get to know her due the fact that she also bought the Angelic Pretty "A La Carte Tea Time Going Out"-Set. We wrote each other for 2 or 3 months now and last saturday we finally met each other for the 1st time. =)

Yoko is such a sweetheart she brought me a little gift with:

An original fan from japan. Aww~ it will fit so perfectly to my Yukata Outfit for this years Japantag next month in Duesseldorf! <3

Well then our first aim was to took some Purikura's together. It was a lot of fun and because we went quite early to the Purikura-automate we had enough time to edit them afterwards <3



yeah, up in space like Nyan Cat ;D

What an awesome snap this would be..

As we finished editing the Purikuras we went to Takagi's Book Store, because I wanted to buy Kuraude a Hiragana booklet. Then we went to the Bubble Tea store. Unfortunately it was raining the whole day, so my hair was pretty crappy (thats the reason why I won't show a photo of me XD) =((


Lovely Yoko wearing her JSK of our fateful Angelic Pretty A La Carte Tea Time Going Out Set
We talked a lot about Lolita, Japan, Pets and the world and watched through Yokos new KERA magazine and my Angelic Pretty booklet Yoko brought with for me.

At next we drifted on the "Japan-Meile" again, bought a bit foodstuff and ended up in a japanese bakery. I instantly felt in love with their cookies, biscuits and baked goods. Japanese people seem to like French Breakfast, which means sugar sugar sweet sweet! <3

Thereafter we decided to head home again. The weather was getting worser and especially Yoko had a quite long homeward journey. A shame the weather was that bad that day, because actually I planned that we would visit the Japanese Garden (EKO HAUS)...

It is really a strange feeling to meet and see someone finally in "reallife" you afore only know via pictures and messages. ^___^ I was really excited and nosy to see her - and she didnt disappointed my expectations: Yoko is a really kind and cute Lolita (thanks for buying and carrying the Wii-Game "DDR Hottest Party" for me also!). I really enjoyed the day with her and looking forward to meet her again.
Im a lucky person that I get to know her and I don't want to miss her from now on in some way! ^___^ <333333333333333333333333 (btw, Im happy that you loved my little gift, too) <3


and of course a photo of my outfit for the meeting:

Id worn my newest Lolita Dress: Baby The Stars Shine Bright Ice Cream One Piece.
Ive bought it from a girl second-hand. More details will follow in a separate blog post. <3 ^__^
The photo was taken after I went home again -so sorry for the crappy hair and face expression XD

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

on the 19th and 20th of April I had to travel to Dresden due a business trip. I never visited Dresden before and it was also the first time that I had to went by plane all alone. I was really lucky that I get my flight from Dusseldorf to Dresden in time, because my train had about 20 minutes delay. Altogether, was the whole arrangement of this trip not that lucky at all. I didn't wanted to travel to Dresden and at first it was okay for everyone, but then 10 days before the Workshop should took place, they changed their mind. Due to this fact I had to cancel or shift several dates/appointments, which didn't make me happier at all. The worst thing was that I wasnt able to bring Nori to the veterinarian for her upcoming surgery. Especially now after her death it makes me mad that I couldn't stayed with her. Well, one thing is pretty for sure: This will have consequences for my workplace! I will never ever going on a business trip again in those circumstances...

Well, after the official part on Thursdays I took the chance to discover Dresden. I have to say, that the people in Dresden are very nice. One girl showed me the way to my hotel (Im quite disorientated), to one young man I talked during the whole bus ride about japanese and the security guy at the Dresden airport who brought me my boots back to me was very funny and nice. Dresden itself is also a beautiful town, just take a look at the photos:
what a beautiful view..
Dresdens "Zwinger" - my hotel was nearby this sight

the "Japanischer Palais"
Everytime I visit a new city or country I try to buy a postcard of it. My aim is to own so much postcards that they'll cover my entire hall wall. But I also collect postcards of places my friends had visited:

As you can see, I do not have a lot of postcards yet. The postcard of Japan/Kyoto is from Yoko Rosedust and the Egypt paper and the Berlin postcard is from Kuraude. When Im visiting Japan next year I want to have a post card of each city we'll visit <3 ^__^

As I entered to the Altmarkt-Galerie Center in Dresden, a huge shopping center a special store caught my attention: Bären Company.
Bären Company is a store which sells a wide range of gelatin-free gummi bears. I bought this on the spur of moment due to the fact that in my hometown Aachen isn't a Bären Company store. ^__^

 Later on I visited another shopping mall in Dresden called Centrum-Galerie and a H&M-Store. There I maked a snatch and bought this purple cardigan for only seven euros in the childrens wear department (its always cheapier there! <3)

The best thing about Dresden for me was that I only have to stay two days there. Dresden is a beautiful town but I wanted to be home again. 
I wanted to look after Nori, I wanted to relax so that my stomach will be settled again. Business trips are always stressful for me and especially for my stomach. ^__^6