Thursday, April 5, 2012

Who cares... about animals in fur farms

Hello my mauw-mauws,

today I write about a some more thought-provoking theme:

Animal fur

A half-year ago I took part of a local demonstration against the mink-farm nearby Aachen. The demonstration started in Aachen's midtown and later on we walked to the mink-farm.

demo placards "vanity and ignorance are the guilty ones for the dance of death"
"people with heart/soul do not wear mink"
thats me - very casual
we were quite a lot of people..

The mink-farm itself was isolated with high and massive walls and the whole area were under video surveillance, stench was in the air and we heard barking dogs from the inside. I felt discomforted as we reached the gate of the mink-farm. It depressed me to know, that behind those walls hundreds and thousands of minks are waiting for their cruel death, caught in tiny, dirty cages.
Fortunately, the mink-farm closed short time after the demonstration (due to new german laws the cages for minks had to be enhanced).
But this is only one very little victory for all animals.
Animal abuse carries on - no matter if its the seal slaughter in mainly canada or foxes, minks and raccons which get killed for their fur.

Do we nowadays really need their fur to stay warm in cold days?
Its unneceessary and without any taste of style.

What can we do?
We, as the consumer, can help put an end to this cruel practice by refusing to buy any products made with fur! Dont support stores and companies which sell fur and tell them why you wouldnt buy their products (Ive started a short list of some companies which sell fur and/or do animal testing here: Black List - Companies).

We all just have to keep in mind that every fur coat, scarf and so on represents the suffering of animals. They had to pay for those clothes with their life!

I do not want to offend anyone personally - but I just cant help myself when I seeing people wearing fur. Its  like those people are still living in caves.

If you're interested in more detailed information about fur farms and more, I can recommend you the following websites:

Die Tierfreunde - Pelzfarmen

The Fur Industry -

!! Please note, I do not accept any responsibility for the content of those external websites !!

Please always remember:
Its on us to make the change!

Thank you for reading and giving a thought about the issue! =)


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  2. Hey Usai!

    next time when you go to a demonstration, I will be with you!