Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nori's 2nd surgery

Hello my mauw-mauws,

this time also not so good news. =(
almost two weeks ago I discovered that Nori got a lump again, its nearby there where her first tumour was. Nori had to be in surgery last October, I wrote about it here:  Noris Surgery .

On 12th of April I finally could went with Nori to the veterinarian again. My mom was with me, too. Nori, of course, was not that amused about seeing the veterinarian again. The veterinarian told us that it would be quite more difficult to operate this lump and its anyway more riskier to operate her again due to the fact that Nori is already 2 years and 2 months old which is quite old for fancy rats. But if we do not operate the tumour, Nori wouldnt have that much lifetime left, maybe 1-2 weeks. So, I decided that I would think a night about it whether I would operate the lump or not. On Friday morning I maked my decision: I wanted to give Nori the chance to have a longer life and arranged a date for the operation.

Two days ago the day of the operation had come. Unfortunately, I personally must went on a business trip to Dresden, so my mum brought Nori to the veterinarian and picked her up after the surgery again. I was very pissed off that I couldn't bring Nori to the veterinarian due to my stay in Dresden - well, the whole arrangement of this business trip was a overhasty at all, but I guess I write about the details in an other post. So I was really lightened as my mum wrote me via SMS that Nori was "quite fine" after her surgery. I could hardly await to be home again and see Nori. As I arrived yesterday evening finally again home I immediately visited my mum and picked Nori up to my flat. Nori seems weak, she didnt ate that much which is really unusual for her - she is normally quite greedy. Moreover, Nori got now new shaved parts and I have to give her medicine for two more days.

Nori still has to recover herself, on the photo you can also see the shaved parts

I wonder when I can reunite Nori and Peachy. Peachy is quite confused that shes up alone in the moment, but its better this way for Nori. Nori needs now a lot of peace and this she'll only has when Peachy is not around her.  I guess, I had to give her just some more time to recover herself. I hope that she will get asap healthy. Its just hard to see her like this.. she really is not feeling that comfortable at the moment.. =(

But, Im really happy that she just ate greedy three noodles .. it was really nice to see that cause it reminds me of her condition for the surgery.. <3 =) Now Im optimistic that Nori will be soon really fine again.. =)))


  1. Poor Nori,i hope she'll be fine,three noodles it is progress.
    You are strong Nori.
    I pray for you.
    your foster mom..♥

  2. Meine süße Nori
    Ich hoffe das du bald wieder Fit bist ^♥^
    wenn ich dich das nächstes mal besuchen komme, bekommst du wieder was leckres von mir <3 <3 <3
    kussi ^x^