Monday, April 16, 2012

Do you know my Mum?

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

Here comes the third part of my “Do You Know..?”-series and this time I would like to tell you a bit about my mum.

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She is not only my mum but also a very good friend. She may do not looks like a typical mum but she is an awesome mum! She created for my sister and me an environment in which we were able to develop all of our own skills, creativity and personality and, yeah, Im very grateful for that! 
What do I like the most about her?
 She is very patiently. I have to say, that I was a quite difficult child in my teen-ages (well, I guess Im still a bit difficult), she got nerves of steel. Moreover she is young at heart, very open-minded and got her own awesome style. I'm really proud to have such a hip, inked and younger-looking-than-she-actually-is mum. She is such a joyful and balanced person, I cant remember any "bitchy mind" days of her in all these years. Although, my sister and I now are living in our own flats, our mum is still 24/7 available for us and assists us where ever she can or had to. Moreover she is very dedicated for animal rights and set things in motion. 
So, my mum is truly a sort of idol for me. <3

Any bad habits?
My mum is a quite hectic person and also speaks quite fast (well I never noticed it by myself - but Don told me so). She tries to do everything as fast as she can do. My mum strictly avoids to go "long" distances on foot, she always tries to get the nearest parking space - even if her arrival point is only 1km away from home. XD (in someway its a really cute habit of her XD). In my children days she was sometimes a bit to careful but in the end it wasn't that worse. She was and is just a real loving mum.

5 words that describe her the most:
- open-minded
- uncomplicated
- cheerful
- funky&hip

- caring

My mum and me dressed up for this years "Karneval". Im wearing my Hello Kitty Classic Red Cosplay and she is wearing the Korilakuma Kigurumi of my sister

I know, I wrote it in similar way before, but Im really proud to have a mum like my mum is. She is very involved in themes in which not many people of her generation are interested in - she is one of the forward-thinkers in regard to animal rights, tibet and society. Im happy that she always assisted me to find to be myself. She never spoke a bad word about my love (and expenses) for Lolita-fashion, Cosplay, Hello Kitty and other girly stuff or my love for Japan in general. I feel blessed to be her daughter. <3
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  1. OMG!!Your mom looks like a rock star or tattoo celeb!!
    I was wondering first if she's famous or something XD
    I think that's really cool tho.

  2. Thx my lovely Daughter.... It was a great time in childhood and now.
    I love you so much! When I am old then we tell ourselves the funny stories.