Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Take care, my dear honey Nori

Hello my mauw-mauws,

yesterday Nori passed away.
Actually, I had an appointment yesterday afternoon at the veterinarian with her (she should get a restorative injection to support her recovery), but as I came home from work she was already gone.

She lied there in her small house. She looked so peaceful. I guess she died while she was sleeping.

The evening before, Nori was quite powerless and I tried to fed her with all those things she used to love - but she didn't wanted to eat anything. I will never forget the expression in her eyes as she laid in my arms and then looked at me: It was a mixture of helplessness and gratefulness. In some way it looked like she would like to say: "My time has come, its okay" Those big, lovely eyes. I cried a lot this evening though Nori was there still alive. I guess, my subconscious mind knew that she would go.

I really had such a positive feeling back at the weekend that she will make it and will be completely recovering, but now I know that this was a delusion. I thought that the surgery would be a chance for Nori to a bit more longer life. If I didn't had agreed to the surgery she would have died in a week also because the tumour would've been grown that much that she wouldn't be able to move and/or eat/drink anymore so that in the end we should had to put her to sleep.

In the moment, its diffcult for me to handle with it and I guess it would take even a bit more time. I wish I had stayed by Nori in her last moments. I really feel so sorry and in some way guilty, too. Even though tears and thoughts will not bring her back again, I can't stop crying and thinking about Nori and all the precious time we had together. Im really thankful that we had more than 2 years together, Nori became 2 years and 11 weeks old. This is really a quite impressive age for a fancy rat.

At midday today we laid Nori to her final rest (thank you mum for staying by me there). It may sounds childish but I'd given Nori in her final fluffy sleeping place also her favourite candy and a "farewell letter" with - it is a ritual I simply just can't break. Above Nori's grave a beautiful flower now will bloom. Nori herself really looked so beautiful just like she would be still alive, really so very beautiful. If it were up to me alone, I preferably would have hold her for even more time - to be honest, I refused to believe that she is gone. I know its stupid. So, Im "happy" that she now has arrived her final sleeping place. I believe that she is gone to a better world now - to the "Pet Palace in Heaven" <3 .

But, I do not want to think about Nori and get sad every time, I want to remember all those lovely and funny things with her. I guess Nori would like it this way, too.

Nori was such a lovely rat. She loved to ate which you could also easily see. Eventhough Nori was a bit jumpy she was also a really nosy rat. I couldnt resist her cute big wide eyes. A shy and greedy beauty! <3

Thank you for the precious time we had! <3

Nori and the crunchy tunnel

Nori in her "nest-building"-mode

Nori is drinking

Peachy wants to clean Nori

Nori in her loved rustle-box

Nori after her 1st surgery

Nori as 6-weeks-old rat

Nori, Nou-Nou, Norilein, Nori-Chan... <3
we will never forget you!

*07.02.2010 - †24.04.2012

Rest In Peace

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nori's 2nd surgery

Hello my mauw-mauws,

this time also not so good news. =(
almost two weeks ago I discovered that Nori got a lump again, its nearby there where her first tumour was. Nori had to be in surgery last October, I wrote about it here:  Noris Surgery .

On 12th of April I finally could went with Nori to the veterinarian again. My mom was with me, too. Nori, of course, was not that amused about seeing the veterinarian again. The veterinarian told us that it would be quite more difficult to operate this lump and its anyway more riskier to operate her again due to the fact that Nori is already 2 years and 2 months old which is quite old for fancy rats. But if we do not operate the tumour, Nori wouldnt have that much lifetime left, maybe 1-2 weeks. So, I decided that I would think a night about it whether I would operate the lump or not. On Friday morning I maked my decision: I wanted to give Nori the chance to have a longer life and arranged a date for the operation.

Two days ago the day of the operation had come. Unfortunately, I personally must went on a business trip to Dresden, so my mum brought Nori to the veterinarian and picked her up after the surgery again. I was very pissed off that I couldn't bring Nori to the veterinarian due to my stay in Dresden - well, the whole arrangement of this business trip was a overhasty at all, but I guess I write about the details in an other post. So I was really lightened as my mum wrote me via SMS that Nori was "quite fine" after her surgery. I could hardly await to be home again and see Nori. As I arrived yesterday evening finally again home I immediately visited my mum and picked Nori up to my flat. Nori seems weak, she didnt ate that much which is really unusual for her - she is normally quite greedy. Moreover, Nori got now new shaved parts and I have to give her medicine for two more days.

Nori still has to recover herself, on the photo you can also see the shaved parts

I wonder when I can reunite Nori and Peachy. Peachy is quite confused that shes up alone in the moment, but its better this way for Nori. Nori needs now a lot of peace and this she'll only has when Peachy is not around her.  I guess, I had to give her just some more time to recover herself. I hope that she will get asap healthy. Its just hard to see her like this.. she really is not feeling that comfortable at the moment.. =(

But, Im really happy that she just ate greedy three noodles .. it was really nice to see that cause it reminds me of her condition for the surgery.. <3 =) Now Im optimistic that Nori will be soon really fine again.. =)))

Monday, April 16, 2012

Do you know my Mum?

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

Here comes the third part of my “Do You Know..?”-series and this time I would like to tell you a bit about my mum.

 standard profile picture

She is not only my mum but also a very good friend. She may do not looks like a typical mum but she is an awesome mum! She created for my sister and me an environment in which we were able to develop all of our own skills, creativity and personality and, yeah, Im very grateful for that! 
What do I like the most about her?
 She is very patiently. I have to say, that I was a quite difficult child in my teen-ages (well, I guess Im still a bit difficult), she got nerves of steel. Moreover she is young at heart, very open-minded and got her own awesome style. I'm really proud to have such a hip, inked and younger-looking-than-she-actually-is mum. She is such a joyful and balanced person, I cant remember any "bitchy mind" days of her in all these years. Although, my sister and I now are living in our own flats, our mum is still 24/7 available for us and assists us where ever she can or had to. Moreover she is very dedicated for animal rights and set things in motion. 
So, my mum is truly a sort of idol for me. <3

Any bad habits?
My mum is a quite hectic person and also speaks quite fast (well I never noticed it by myself - but Don told me so). She tries to do everything as fast as she can do. My mum strictly avoids to go "long" distances on foot, she always tries to get the nearest parking space - even if her arrival point is only 1km away from home. XD (in someway its a really cute habit of her XD). In my children days she was sometimes a bit to careful but in the end it wasn't that worse. She was and is just a real loving mum.

5 words that describe her the most:
- open-minded
- uncomplicated
- cheerful
- funky&hip

- caring

My mum and me dressed up for this years "Karneval". Im wearing my Hello Kitty Classic Red Cosplay and she is wearing the Korilakuma Kigurumi of my sister

I know, I wrote it in similar way before, but Im really proud to have a mum like my mum is. She is very involved in themes in which not many people of her generation are interested in - she is one of the forward-thinkers in regard to animal rights, tibet and society. Im happy that she always assisted me to find to be myself. She never spoke a bad word about my love (and expenses) for Lolita-fashion, Cosplay, Hello Kitty and other girly stuff or my love for Japan in general. I feel blessed to be her daughter. <3
Places, where you can find her:

Facebook: Josie Vegan
Google+: Josie Vegan

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chocolaty Days - easter 2012

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

finally a new entry of mine.
I hope you all had great holidays and/or easter days.

I personally really enjoyed the four-day weekend much and did a lot those four days:

On Fridays Don, my sister, her boyfriend and I drove to the IKEA in Heerlen (The Netherlands). It was a lot going on at the IKEA due to Friday was a holiday in germany but not in the netherlands. We bought "Wall-tattoos", a white table lamp and two cereals storage boxes.

Saturdays I went with my mum to the Aachener Arkaden. There I bought a new peach-colored jeans:
Brand: Tally Weijl
Price: 25,95€

I really love those colorful jeans and trousers. I also own one jeans in rose and purple, but I want also ones in green, blue and pink. ^___^ I like the actual tendency in fashion to more colorful clothes!

Later on, my dad gave this huge chocolate bunny to me:

The total weight of this choclate bunny is 1kg (2.2 Ibs).
It's just to huge and cute to eat it so I store it in one of our vitrines.

Later on, Kuraude visited me and we were both waiting for Don and Mochi to arrive. We waited and waited and get really hungry.  Because we were so hungry, I called Don before and was a bit bitchy towards him at phone (I always get bitchy when Im hungry).  Finally, with a delay of almost 2 hours, Don and Mochi went home and we could start dinner. Furthermore, Don bought a little gift for me with:

Its soooo really mega cute, isnt it? I named it simply "Kanninchän".  Awww~ I instantly felt in love with it AND I had a guilty conscience because I was so nasty with Don at the phone beforehand.

Don is always such a lovely person. A few days before easter he bought me impulsively a Hello Kitty bracelet just because I was in a bad mood due to my workday:

Well, on sundays Kuraude and Mochi visited us again and towards evening we went to Aachens midtown and met up with Ruka and two other friends of us. It was a quiet funny evening/night.

On Easter Monday Don and I were invited by my mum for lunch. Of course, my mum had spared no efforts and served us with I guess six different meals. Moreover we'd get a lot of presents:

The Hello Kitty stuff is only a gift to me, Don received the cooking books - you have to know that he is the chef de cuisine. ^___^
After I relaxed from the sumptuous lunch, I started baking Muffins. The thing I most like about baking muffins is to decorate them afterwards with chocolate-cream and candy stuff. If it were only up to me, I would decorate every Muffin to the top, but most people do not like "Over-the-Top-Muffins":

I love Muffins. Im not very good at baking, but mums secret recipe for muffins is simply unbeatable <3

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Who cares... about animals in fur farms

Hello my mauw-mauws,

today I write about a some more thought-provoking theme:

Animal fur

A half-year ago I took part of a local demonstration against the mink-farm nearby Aachen. The demonstration started in Aachen's midtown and later on we walked to the mink-farm.

demo placards "vanity and ignorance are the guilty ones for the dance of death"
"people with heart/soul do not wear mink"
thats me - very casual
we were quite a lot of people..

The mink-farm itself was isolated with high and massive walls and the whole area were under video surveillance, stench was in the air and we heard barking dogs from the inside. I felt discomforted as we reached the gate of the mink-farm. It depressed me to know, that behind those walls hundreds and thousands of minks are waiting for their cruel death, caught in tiny, dirty cages.
Fortunately, the mink-farm closed short time after the demonstration (due to new german laws the cages for minks had to be enhanced).
But this is only one very little victory for all animals.
Animal abuse carries on - no matter if its the seal slaughter in mainly canada or foxes, minks and raccons which get killed for their fur.

Do we nowadays really need their fur to stay warm in cold days?
Its unneceessary and without any taste of style.

What can we do?
We, as the consumer, can help put an end to this cruel practice by refusing to buy any products made with fur! Dont support stores and companies which sell fur and tell them why you wouldnt buy their products (Ive started a short list of some companies which sell fur and/or do animal testing here: Black List - Companies).

We all just have to keep in mind that every fur coat, scarf and so on represents the suffering of animals. They had to pay for those clothes with their life!

I do not want to offend anyone personally - but I just cant help myself when I seeing people wearing fur. Its  like those people are still living in caves.

If you're interested in more detailed information about fur farms and more, I can recommend you the following websites:

Die Tierfreunde - Pelzfarmen

The Fur Industry -

!! Please note, I do not accept any responsibility for the content of those external websites !!

Please always remember:
Its on us to make the change!

Thank you for reading and giving a thought about the issue! =)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Flowers always bright your day!

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

just a short entry about a really lovely surprise I had today at my workplace.
I received a bouquet of flowers from a project-partner from Sweden:

"Thank you very much for your support during the project closure"

This just made my day! <3
The bouquet of flowers got even my favourite colours!

Im really, really happy!
Of course I had to write her an email to say thank you and to show her the flowers! <3