Sunday, March 18, 2012

Usai's Hello Kitty Collection - 1st - The Kitchen

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

As you already might have seen on my blog here, I have a lot of Hello Kitty-Stuff. Today I want to build up a new series, the third series on my blog: Usai's Hello Kitty Collection.
At first thought, I wanted to show you all my stuff in one photo like I did a few years ago, but I had to realize that I have now far too much stuff, too much, that I never would get them all in one photo again. But nevertheless, I show you the photo I took about 2 ½ years ago, as I still used to live at my parents flat: 

Pretty much, ne? ^__^
If you think I’m kinda crazy, you’re right. But I don’t care, I love Hello Kitty and so my Hello Kitty – Collection is daily growing and growing. It was pretty hard work to collect all my Hello Kitty Stuff for this photo - but nowadays its impossible!

Therefore, I show you now my actual Hello Kitty Stuff per room, use or kind. I like to start with the kitchen. Hello Kitty isn’t that much spread in my/our kitchen.

On this photo you can see Hello Kitty-
- cups (Don gave the small pink one to me, the other four cups I bought by myself)
- bake-house (do-it-yourself) (from my mom)
- dish (from Kuraude)
- pins
- wafer backers (a set of)
- bento-box ^__^ (from my mom)
- salt cellar and pepper pot (from a colleague)
- baking forms
- chop-sticks (from my future mother-in-law)
- several baking tools
- cake tin
- cookie box (from Kuraude)
- cookie cutter
.. and more

While I wrote this entry, I realised that something is missing in the photo above: My Hello Kitty Placemat. Kuraude gave it to me at my 21st Birthday.

From Kuraude I also got the left cookie cutter, the right one Ive got from three of my friends, I guess. They bought me the whole Hello Kitty Collection at McDonalds a few years ago. ^___^

Well, that was my Hello Kitty Collection in my Kitchen. Any suggestions bout what the next part should be about? Hello Kitty Candy? Hello Kitty Multimedia? Hello Kitty in my bathroom? 

Gosh~, last week moved so fast, I'm glad that I finally could write something new here in my Blog.
Thank you for reading, watching and commenting! <333


  1. OMG!!Full of kitties!!
    I've never seen anything like this before!! XD

  2. Oh, Ich fühle mich wie im Candyland..und so viele Dinge erkenn ich wieder aber du hast eine sehr sehr große HK Sammlung!

    yeah, noch eine Nerd-Brillenträgerin ^.^ ich werde sie mal mit Lolita versuchen, ich bin eh dafür, mal etwas Neues auszuprobieren, auch wenn es nicht immer den Regeln entspricht.