Saturday, March 31, 2012

Results of the 4th Photo-Shooting

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

wednesday evenings I received all photos of my in total 4th professional photo-shooting of last sunday. This time I shooted with Dirk A. Schmitz in Aachen-Walheim. Of course, Don acommpanied me again.
We did a few photos indoor in his homestudio, but due to a few technical problems of his camera and because we had awesome weather, we decided to do some outdoor photos as well. Dirk suggests that we could shoot at an old abandoned railway and later on we shooted in the nearby nature preserve area. Here we'd an audience - a group of children watched us during the shooting. =D

Dirk is a quite calm and professional photographer. I really enjoyed the shooting with him and Im really happy with the results, so here they are:

It was quite hard for me to decide which photos I should show on my Blog because I really like a loooot of the photo-shooting with Dirk. I guess we both had a pretty good day! You can visit Dirk's Sedcard here: Dirk A. Schmitz .

Thanks to Dirk for the great shooting and Don for accompany me again although he still had to handle with his sprained feet (poor one!).

Although I really enjoyed all of my photo shootings til yet, I decided to have a break, so I can more focus on my planned Cosplays, my japanese-skills and more... <3 But if someone should make a great offer I guess I will take then the oppurtinity and do a photo shooting again.


  1. really cute ^ ^
    wish I could wear such a cute lolita dress like that one day.

  2. Das Bild, wo du am Bahnsteig stehst, sehr schön. Lieblingsbild <3