Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Cosplays - 3rd - Charmander (Pokemon)

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

Here comes the 3rd part of the “My Cosplays”-series.
This time I show you my Charmander Cosplay.

Charmander Cosplay – Profile:
Cosplay No.: 3
Created in: 2009/2010 (my mom assisted me)
Costs: about 35€
Hours to make: 6-8h
Weared at: 5. Harajuku-Day Cologne, Pokémon Days 2010 Aachen
Japanese name: Hitokage
German name: Glumanda

Why do I wanted to Cosplay Charmander?
Charmander is my absolute favourite Pokémon. I wanted to cosplay Charmander since Im 6 years old. In Pokemon Red I always choosed Charmander as my starter and in all other Pokemon-Games I traded it as soon as I could. A Pokemon-Team without Charmander isn’t MY Pokémon-Team. It just don’t works without lovely Charmander. Its nowhere near to be perfect but this Cosplay is pure LOVE.

Any unforgettable experiences ?
5. Harajuku-Day Cologne: I didnt expect that so many people would like/love this Cosplay. I get a lot of awesome feedback - maybe because this Cosplay isnt perfect.
Pokémon Days 2010 Aachen: The perfect chance to wear the Cosplay again. I improved it for the Poke-Days and my sister drawed for me charmanders on the skirt - mega KAWAII <3


  1. That's very creative and cute!!

  2. I LOVE UR CHARMANDER COSPLAY Very Much!!!!!!!! U Look Great in Orange By The Way..Charmanders Cute & Strong! I LOVE POKEMON 2! ^_^v

  3. Dein Glumanda-Cosplay ist nahezu perfekt :D (Und auch nur, weil es "perfekt" ja nicht gibt >.> xD)

    Hat nicht viel gekostet, sieht klasse aus und steht dir auch echt gut :D ... tu mir nichts, wenn ich hier auf Deutsch schreibe Q_Q