Thursday, March 22, 2012

HiPP & Balea

Hello my mauw-mauws,

Sometimes those little things provide us with the greatest pleasure, don't you think?
Today I want to show you some products of two of my favourite brands: HiPP and Balea.

HiPP is mainly well known for their products for babies, but they have also a quite huge range of non-baby-products.

HiPP - Cereals

I know what you’re thinking….
The target audience should be children – but I love it still. My mom bought it as I was a child/teen and a few weeks ago I rediscovered those Cereals and felt in love again. Now I especially always went to another supermarket only to buy these Cereals. HiPP sells three different sorts:
  • Crispy Croco (Chocolate-Vanilla Elephants, Lions and Crocodiles)
  • Honey Moby (Honey Whales and Hearts)
  • Chocolumbus (Chocolate Bears)
I do not have a favourite out of them. You should really taste those cereals, really~ aww, when Im writing about it I get appetite <333.

HiPP - Bodylotion

Did I mentioned that Im a HiPP-Fan?! ^__^
This HiPP-Milk-Bodylotion is absorbed quite quickly and its one of the few bodylotions my skin tolerates. The HiPP-Bodylotion contains none of possible allergic reaction fragrances.


And another HiPP-Product!
My "after-shave" balsam. Like the Bodylotion it contains none of possible allergic reaction fragrances, too. My skin is quite dry after shaving and its itching - but with the use of the HiPP Pflege-Oel I can prevent this AND I can care my skin! <3

Balea is a dm-market brand and sells a wide range of shampoo, bodylotions and so on. Its kinda difficult to find companies in this area who DON'T test their beauty-products on animals. And because I strictly want to avoid animal-testing-companies I decided to use Balea or Alverde (completely VEGAN) products.

Balea Shower Gel

Im an absolute fan of the Balea "Zuckerschnute" shower gel.You can buy it at the dm-market. When Im using it, I do not want to quit the shower, this smell of vanilla-citrone-creme-cinnamon is like heaven for me. Unfortunately it's only "limited edition" =( - I guess I should stock up with it!

Balea Deodorants

Zuckerschnute! I LOVE the Zuckerschnute-flavor! <3 No surprise that I also own the Zuckerschnute-Deodorant. Because I was so impressed of the Zuckerschnute-flavor I recently bought their new flavor "Mademoiselle Chic". It smells like chocolate and orange. Really tasty but I have to say that I like Zuckerschnute even more.

Balea Hairshampoo and Conditioner

And last but not least: My favourite hairshampoo and conditioner.
I mainly using the Repair+Care (because I dye my hair it is also a bit damaged and dry) and the Color-Protection (therewith my hair stays as long as they can pretty red) Shampoo and Conditioner.

What about you:
Do you take care of animal-testing free products/brands? Can you recommend any?

Thank you for reading, watching and commenting! <3


  1. Hipp ist cool!
    Ich liebe den Keksbrei :'D

  2. Keksbrei?!
    Jetzt will ich den auch mal probieren! =D

  3. '______________'
    Ich war auf deinen Tipp hin neulich bei den Hipp Produkten, habe die Cornflakes aber wohl übersehen D: Ich habe genau diese Sorten auch als Kind geliebt und würde sie gerne nochmal probieren. Honey Moby nehme ich beim nächsten DM Einkauf mit <333

  4. They look so cute that they look like children's products!! XD