Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Cosplays - 3rd - Charmander (Pokemon)

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

Here comes the 3rd part of the “My Cosplays”-series.
This time I show you my Charmander Cosplay.

Charmander Cosplay – Profile:
Cosplay No.: 3
Created in: 2009/2010 (my mom assisted me)
Costs: about 35€
Hours to make: 6-8h
Weared at: 5. Harajuku-Day Cologne, Pokémon Days 2010 Aachen
Japanese name: Hitokage
German name: Glumanda

Why do I wanted to Cosplay Charmander?
Charmander is my absolute favourite Pokémon. I wanted to cosplay Charmander since Im 6 years old. In Pokemon Red I always choosed Charmander as my starter and in all other Pokemon-Games I traded it as soon as I could. A Pokemon-Team without Charmander isn’t MY Pokémon-Team. It just don’t works without lovely Charmander. Its nowhere near to be perfect but this Cosplay is pure LOVE.

Any unforgettable experiences ?
5. Harajuku-Day Cologne: I didnt expect that so many people would like/love this Cosplay. I get a lot of awesome feedback - maybe because this Cosplay isnt perfect.
Pokémon Days 2010 Aachen: The perfect chance to wear the Cosplay again. I improved it for the Poke-Days and my sister drawed for me charmanders on the skirt - mega KAWAII <3

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Usai's Hello Kitty Collection - 1st - The Kitchen

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

As you already might have seen on my blog here, I have a lot of Hello Kitty-Stuff. Today I want to build up a new series, the third series on my blog: Usai's Hello Kitty Collection.
At first thought, I wanted to show you all my stuff in one photo like I did a few years ago, but I had to realize that I have now far too much stuff, too much, that I never would get them all in one photo again. But nevertheless, I show you the photo I took about 2 ½ years ago, as I still used to live at my parents flat: 

Pretty much, ne? ^__^
If you think I’m kinda crazy, you’re right. But I don’t care, I love Hello Kitty and so my Hello Kitty – Collection is daily growing and growing. It was pretty hard work to collect all my Hello Kitty Stuff for this photo - but nowadays its impossible!

Therefore, I show you now my actual Hello Kitty Stuff per room, use or kind. I like to start with the kitchen. Hello Kitty isn’t that much spread in my/our kitchen.

On this photo you can see Hello Kitty-
- cups (Don gave the small pink one to me, the other four cups I bought by myself)
- bake-house (do-it-yourself) (from my mom)
- dish (from Kuraude)
- pins
- wafer backers (a set of)
- bento-box ^__^ (from my mom)
- salt cellar and pepper pot (from a colleague)
- baking forms
- chop-sticks (from my future mother-in-law)
- several baking tools
- cake tin
- cookie box (from Kuraude)
- cookie cutter
.. and more

While I wrote this entry, I realised that something is missing in the photo above: My Hello Kitty Placemat. Kuraude gave it to me at my 21st Birthday.

From Kuraude I also got the left cookie cutter, the right one Ive got from three of my friends, I guess. They bought me the whole Hello Kitty Collection at McDonalds a few years ago. ^___^

Well, that was my Hello Kitty Collection in my Kitchen. Any suggestions bout what the next part should be about? Hello Kitty Candy? Hello Kitty Multimedia? Hello Kitty in my bathroom? 

Gosh~, last week moved so fast, I'm glad that I finally could write something new here in my Blog.
Thank you for reading, watching and commenting! <333

Sunday, March 11, 2012

52 Wochen / Weken / Semaines - Photo-Shooting

Hi my lovely mauw-mauws, <3

last Sunday I had a photo-shooting again:  It was the photo-shooting for the local exhibition “52 Wochen / Weken / Semaines”, which will be exhibited in October 2012 for the first time in Aachen. 
52 Wochen is a joint project of Marco Rose and Jutta Melchers. Their purpose of their project is to show the variety of the people, people who only have one thing in common – they are all living in the Euregio Maas-Rhein. In total they will attend 104 People, 104 photos and stories out of their lifes.
You can see their work done so far also at 52 Wochen. Under the heading "Das Blog" you can see even more photos and people of the project (my article is dated at the 4th March, you can switch the articles at the bottom of the page via the dropdown-menu).

Well, a few weeks ago, I received a message from Marco Rose, in which he asked me for a photo-shooting for the 52 Wochen project. I was really surprised - I never ever reckoned that someone would ask me to take part of a local exhibition. I didn't hesitated and confirmed my participation for this project. I instantly also knew which Lolita-Outfit I would where for this shooting: My new Angelic Pretty A La Carte Tea Time Going Out Set Pink. It was THE chance to get awesome photos of it! <3
Last sunday then the day of the photo-shooting finally came. We've met us at 11 o'clock at the almost famous Aachen-Münchener Freitreppe in Aachens midtown (of course, Don went along with me). We were really lucky with the weather during the photo-shooting, the sun was shining, in contrast to the rest of the day where it was cloudy and rainy. The shooting itself took only one hour, but I guess we were both really satisfied with the results.
Marco is a really enjoyable person and professionally and Im looking forward to do another photo-shooting with him.
Please have a look at his website:  Marco Rose
And now, here they are, a few photos of the shooting, I had to resize them a bit:

with my Lolita-suitable Coat

aww, I love this mirror imaging

in original-size this picture looks even more futuristic <3 and look at my legs - aww they're looking very long and slender ^__^

And again long and slender legs - I love it ^__^

THIS photo is simply typical for me. I guess, people who know my facial expressions would say it also.

Probably my fave one. <3

I'm so happy about receiving the photos from Marco that I had to upload them instantly here. ^__^ He just made my day!
Marco did a great job and I'm very thankful that I had to chance to work with him.

Now, that I had received the photos, Im looking forward to the exhibition in October. Marco told us, that they want to create a picture-book of the exhibition, Im excited how it will gonna look like. 

I really never ever imagined that I would make all those shootings and experiences like I did the past few months.  But that's how life is - full of surprises.

Thank you for reading and watching! <3

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Cosplays - 2nd - Chii (Black Bakery Maid Dress) of Chobits

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

and here comes the second part of my "My Cosplays"-series. This time I want to show you my last minute Cosplay of Chii. ^___^

Chi Cosplay – Profile:
Cosplay No.: 2
Created in: 2009 
Costs: about 25€
Hours to make: 1h (only the ears are handmade by my sister)
Weared at: Connichi 2009 (Saturday)

Why do I wanted to cosplay Chii ?
Chobits is one of my favourite Mangas ever and Chii is my fave character. I instantly fall in love with her big, brown eyes, her long bright hair and her behavour. Chii is so MEGAcute! <3 For me personally, Chobits is THE masterpiece of CLAMP.
I wanted to Cosplay Chii since Ive read the manga the first time, I guess I was probably bout 12 years old in those days. Finally, in 2009, 7 years later, I finally did it. But the Black-Maid-Dress Version of her is, to be honest, a last minute Cosplay, I simply wanted to have more than only one cosplay at the Connichi 2009. As I discovered a week before the Connichi the Maid-dress at a jumble market I'd bought it instantly. 
This year Im going to cosplay Chii again, this time it will probably her Nurse-Outfit and this time it will be not a last minute cosplay. ^___^6
I really like Chii, because she got this bright hair (I dont know why, but mostly I like characters with brighter hair the most) but has, unlike for example Princess Peach or the Black Magician Girl, BROWN eyes - just like me (you have to know, my eyes do not like contact lenses that much and my eyes are very dark brown so its quite difficult to find suitable lenses).

Any unforgettable experiences ?
Connichi 2009: I guess, I had the most relaxed Connichi Saturday ever. I was'nt a big attraction at all, but that was pretty fine, because my friends and I had a really nice day. <33