Friday, February 17, 2012


Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

My boyfriend and I have visited his sister and her boyfriend and daughter last weekend in Stuttgart. 
Stuttgart is about 3 ½ hours away from Aachen, so we do not see each other that often. For that reason, my future sister-in-law presented  us a coupon for a visit to the automobile museum in Stuttgart (You have to know, that my boyfriend is a huge automobile-lover/nerd).

We arrived fridays late in the evening and spend a nice weekend in Stuttgart even if it was really, really cold (-15 degrees).
Saturdays we went downtown and they showed us Stuttgarts beautiful buildings and landmarks.

In the H&M - store I found this cute "Little Twin Stars" necklace and wristband:

Isn't it MEGA-cute?! <3
H&M in Aachen didn't had it so this chain was a must-buy in Stuttgart! <33

Later on that day we went to the FeuerSee which was totally frozen over so you could do ice skating. Brr, it was so cold that Id been almost frozen.

Sundays we went to the promised automobile museum. The mens decided that we should visit the Mercedes Benz Museum. I'm not a huge automobile-lover but the museum was great. All those gorgeous cars! <3 They put the automobiles in a chronological order: We started with cars of the 19th Century and in the end we were in the present.
They even had Mika Häkkinen's Formula 1 car of 1998! <3 You have to know that I am a Mika-Fan! ^__^

Do you recognize Mika's Formula 1 car?

I enjoyed the weekend in Stuttgart and looking forward to our next visit (but hopefully next time the weather will be warmer)! <3

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