Monday, February 20, 2012

My Hello Kitty Plushies - 2nd + New Cosplay + New Blog-Header

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

finally I found the time AND feeled like to do my second "All My Hello Kitty Plushies"-Photo.
As you may know, I am a huge Hello Kitty Fan and collect everything I can get of HK. Naturally, I have also many Hello Kitty Plushies and its quite a lot of work to 1. collect all HK-Plushies at my flat and 2. to coordinate them in that way that they will all fit into a photo.
But now, no more words, here is the 2nd "All My Hello Kitty Plushies"-Photo:

Everytime Im looking at this photo Im kinda surprised bout how many Hello Kitty Plushies I own. In my defence I have to say, that the most of them were given to me as a present. ^___^ 
Besides the Hello Kitty Plushies you can also see my newest Cosplay (No. 7): Hello Kitty Classic Red Version. ^__^ Its a really comfortable Cosplay and I sewed the overall with the support of my mum. Moreover, I archieved one of my aims by creating it (  Usai's Aims ). I guess, I will tell you a bit more bout the Cosplay in the near future in a upcoming "series". Further details will follow. =)

Sorry for the bad photo quality, next time I will use a different place for the photo, maybe I will use the one I have used for my 1st "All My Hello Kitty Plushies"-Photo:


New Blog-Header

maybe you've already noticed it, I changed the Blog-Header. I hope you all like it more than the old one, just like I do.  Hihi~~ <3


  1. Oh My God!!!! U are Real Fans of Helo Kitty!! I wish i had all the Kitty Plushies just like u!!!
    Ur Cosplay also Kawaii Just like Hello Kitty!!! Adorable!!! can't wait for your next post!!!!♥♥♥♥

  2. Where are you,i see only Hello Kittys! ;)

  3. ♥o♥ Claudie ♥o♥February 22, 2012 at 9:15 PM

    mega geiles Bild xD
    Wenn ich bedenke das man in einem Jahr, wieder ein neues Bild machen kann/muss (weil mindestens 10, ja 10 XP neue Kittys dazu gekommen sind). Schon ein lustiger Gedanke ^^ Aber so dokumentiest du den zuwachs deiner Sammelung ;3

    meine Lieblings Kitty ist die große da, mit den schönen roten Haaren ~^♥^~

  4. ich liebe deinen blog, du postest einfach immer so super niedliche sachen :3
    du bist schon irgendwie meine lieblings lolita :D
    das passt so toll zu dir ^^"

    &' du wurdest von mir getaggt.
    hier kannst du bei mir gucken: