Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Cosplays – 1st – Princess Peach [SSBB] of Super Mario

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

Like the “Do you know..?”-series I already have on my Blog I decided to start a sort of “My Cosplays”-series, where I tell and show you all my Cosplays so far in chronological-order.

First up is my very first Cosplay – Princess Peach (formerly known as Princess Toadstool)  [Super Smash Bros. Brawl – Version] of Super Mario

Princess Peach Cosplay – Profile:
Cosplay No.: 1
Created in: 2009 and improved in 2010 with my mum
Costs: about 150€
Hours to make: ~40-50h
Weared at: Gamescom 2009 (Saturday), Connichi 2009 (Sunday), Animagic 2010 (Friday), Connichi 2010 (Saturday), Connichi 2011 (Saturday) and Frankfurt Book Fair / Buchmesse 2012 (Saturday)
Events in the future: ???

Why do I wanted to cosplay Peach ?
I love princesses.
I love pink.
I love videogames.
I simply love Princess Peach.
I am a fan of girly characters and Peach is one of my favourites. And because she is wearing such a beautiful dress in the Wii-Game “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” (SSBB), my decision was clear: I had to Cosplay Peach in this Version. Unlike to the original Super Mario-Games, Peach’s dress is in SSBB very detailed and more princess-like. And I wanted to look like a real princess while I’m wearing this Cosplay.

update: May 2016
photo taken @ RPC 2016

Any unforgettable experiences ?
Connichi 2009: Due to the fact I was cosplaying Peach I get to know two nice Cosplay-Friends: Mino and Lobby. I guess, this is the best experience I had with this Cosplay. =)
Connichi 2010: As Don wanted to pay our “holiday apartment” Sunday mornings nearby Kassel, in which we stay during the Connichi every year since then, our renter told him that he had seen us in the local newspaper in our Super Mario Cosplays. It was an awesome feeling and we were all pretty proud. 
Besides I cover all our bags and more, when we were asked for a photo, under my huge hoop petticoat. This is really handy (there is nothing worser than to see all bags and so on a cosplay photo!).
Frankfurt Book Fair 2012: Gosh! I thought our group were pretty popular during the Connichi but the Book Fair was even more blatant for us. We were asked for photos every few metres. AMAZING.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Angelic Pretty Paris " A La Carte Tea Time Going Out " - Set (Lucky Pack) - REVIEW

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

I did it!

I finally bought my very first Angelic Pretty – Set. I'd kept for a while now an eye on the " A La Carte Tea Time Going Out "- Set AP-Paris sells and as this Set was finally restocked I had to take the advantage and order the Set. Only three days later (I ordered Sunday morning – I received it at Wednesday evening) the Lucky Pack was finally mine. ^___^
Aww, I couldnt wait to open the package! All these pretty things were waiting for me! <333

I almost bursted for joy!
Of course, I had to try if the Set fits me immediately.


Many thanks to my boyfriend who was very patiented with me and had to photograph me while he was currently cooking our dinner. ^__^6

The A La Carte Tea Time Going Out – Set contains:
-          A JSK
-          A Blouse
-          A pair Overknees / socks
-          A Headbow
-          A Bag

And now, lets begin with the short review:

I ordered the Lucky Pack here: Angelic Pretty Paris Shop (FB)

The Jumperskirt:
The JSK is a dream !!! <3 


Angelic Pretty Paris sells it currently in Pink or White, but a Lolita friend of mine had bought it in black there. The JSK got full-shirring in the back and no zippers. 

There is also a small petticoat worked into the JSK. The print itself is very clear and the fabric is quite of high

BUT: This JSK does not suit everyone even the shirring is generously. I guess, the JSK would fit the best if you wearing a german S/M Size in Tops and/or have a bust-measurement from 84-92cm. But it will still fit, if you’re smaller/bigger (do not worry!).
My problem with the JSK is that it is in the bust area about 3-4cm to wide for me, and so the JSK seems to be a bit flappy.

The Blouse:
The Blouse is beautiful. 

I just love those cute, small hearts everywhere. It’s all well-scissored. <3

Normally, I do not like longe sleeve Blouses, because I hate how it looks like at the end of the sleeve, but the AP-Blouse is really a beautiful one.

Unfortunately, this Blouse does not have any shirring or even ties.
Therefore, this Blouse doesn’t fit me that well. I guess, it would fit best if you’re wearing a german size M. For this reason I will wear this Blouse only with a JSK and never with a skirt, if I would wear it only with a skirt I just would look like I have snatched my sisters blouse – it’s to wide for me. :-/

The Overknees:
Did I mention that I love Overknees?!
I like Overknees much more than Kneehighs, because Overknees simply cover those ugly knee! XD

The AP-socks are very comfortable and should fit if youre wearing a Japanese shoe size of 22-24. I guess, it will fit also if you have a 25. If you have quite small calves you can pull the socks quite wide above your knees. The cotton is very soft and thick and is feeling very comfortable at the skin. ^__^

The Headbow / Hairband:
I am an absolute Head-Bow Lover. Even when Im not wearing Lolita I am wearing Headbow/Hairbands.

The Headbow sits very AP-like in the middle of the circlet. The circlet is, unlike my other AP-circle, relative wide, so you don’t get headache when youre wearing it. ^___^

The Bag:
The Bag is very practical. It consists of strong material which you can clear easily I guess.

Angelic Pretty is not only pretty awesome its also pretty expensive – but its worth !!!
The Lucky Pack was a good investment and I want to order in the future again at Angelic Pretty Paris. I can fully recommend buying at Angelic Pretty Paris. <3
AP-Paris packed every article carefully in a sort of protective film and for the blouse and the JSK they sended clothes hanger with. Moreover, all my articles where packed in big pink Angelic Pretty bag with a cute bunny on it. So in fact, I have now two Angelic Pretty bags. <33

I also owning now a AP-Paris bonus card (which is more than half stamped) and they also attached a cute post card with greetings for me and thanking me for my order. CUTE!

Now, that I have archieved one of my aims (Usai's Aims) namely owning an AP-JSK, I really want to visit the AP-Store in Paris!

My boyfriend also told me that we will travel to Paris – the only question now is: When?