Thursday, January 5, 2012

my christmas presents

Njahhrn~, hi everyone!

As written in my last entry (the dressing table - one <3) I show you now all my other christmas presents I received from my loved ones: <3

Wii Games

In total I received three Wii Games.
“Bolt” from my Boyfriend Don, “Hello Kitty Seasons” from my best girlfriend Kuraude and my best boyfriend Mochi gave “Xenoblade Chronicles” to me. 
I played “Bolt” and “Hello Kitty seasons” already, they are both really cute games, which you can play every now and then. <3   “Xenoblade Chronicles” is a massive RPG which I want to start to play when I have played “Zelda – Skyward Sword” through. Im a bit scared that, if I would start playing it by now, I wouldn’t give “Xenoblade Chronicles” the attention it deserves.

Hello Kitty Plushies
I received in total four Hello Kitty Plushies at Christmas:

The yellow one Ive got from my parents and the skyblue one from my sister. A part of the money spends Ty for Japan.  <3

This cute Hello Kitty Ive got from Don. She is very cuddly and looks simply so adoreable with her cute pink bear on her arms! <3 <3 By the way she is wearing my absolute favourite colour: Pink / Rose! <3

And finally this huge Hello Kitty Ive got from Mochi. I really love her Outfit <3

Hello Kitty Clock

Har-Har~, finally Ive own a Hello Kitty Clock. My Parents gave it to me. <3

2x Hello Kitty Soap Despender 
Ive got from my colleague and from my mum each this adorable Hello Kitty Soap Dispenser(s). I want to depleted one of them and use it instead for body milk. =D The other one I still want to use for soap.

Digimon Emblem & Hello Kitty Swarovski Earrings
The Digimon Emblem of Sincerity Ive got from Mochi. Don and Kuraude also got emblems. Don received the Emblem of Reliability and Kuraude the Emblem of Light. Mochi also showed us short samples of Digimon series 01 which should us explain a bit more in detail why of all things we received these emblems. I have to say, that Mochi have made the right choice, Mimi (and her emblem) is definitely the character which suits the most to me. ^__^6
Next to the Emblem you can see my Hello Kitty Earrings.  Don gave them to me at Christmas. Its my second jewellery from the Swarovski-Hello Kitty Collection <33, I also got a necklace (Don gave it to me at my birthday)

Hello Kitty Tooth Brush & Sekai no Chūshin de, Ai o Sakebu - Novel & Take That - The Progress Live DVD
The toothbrush is a cute and funny present Kuraude gave to me. Actually Im using an electric toothbrush, so this Toothbrush is perfect for journeys! <3
Mochi gave the novel to me. After Ive read the wonderful manga-adaption “Cry out for love” I simply HAD to read the original novel. 
And the Take That DVD Kuraude gave to me. Im a huge Take That-Fan, well actually I'm a fan of the 4-Piece-Take-That, Robbie Williams just do not fit into the Fantastic Four. In July 2011 I finally saw them the first time live in Duesseldorf, and we stood in the second row. <3 This DVD was also a MUST HAVE for me.

I also get Chocolate Printen, which was a Sort of a fun-present from Mochi. He knows that I love those chocolate printen. It is a speciality of my hometown Aachen, Germany. I really recommend you to taste them if you have the chance to!!

And even more Chocolate and sweets from my parents... <33 they really "bombed" me with all those sweets - YUMMEY!

Im such a lucky girl. <3
Thank you everyone for all those awesome gifts <3


  1. Cool, so viele geile sachen *__*
    Jetzt heissts erstmal wieder warten, und wir beide haben ja auch noch so spät geburtstag >__>
    falls du nit weißt wer ich bin, hier ein hinweis; JOAÜüh..