Wednesday, January 25, 2012

End of Japanese Course 1

Hello my mauw-mauws, <3

yesterday evening was the last lesson of my Japanese Course 1. The course started in September last year and now the first grade is finished. Time really has flown away.

Til yet, we’ve learned (almost) the whole Hiragana-Table and a few Katakana and Kanjis. We can introduce ourselves, ask about names, jobs and nationality, if we’re doing any sport and so on. We also learned (a bit) to use the past tense and to talk about future things.
The 2nd Course will start at 7th February. This time, Mochi will be in my course, too. I guess that will make life a bit easier, sometimes it is really hard for me to brace myself up and go to the course, which starts at 8:15pm and ends at 9:45pm, because I’m really tired.  

Japanese isn’t that difficult as many people think. Grammar and Tenses are, if you compare it with german or  french, easy. The Japanese characters are definitely more difficult to learn and write, especially for younger men, I guess. And then you have this “context”-problem and the subject-object-verb-order (in german/english it is: subject-verb-object).
Heres a lil example to visualize you that:
English: I draw a picture.
Japanese: I (particle) picture (particle) draw.

Japanese is such a beautiful language, Im really looking forward to learn more and more, I simply love this language, I love the country, I love their culture. My aim is to receive the certificate for JLPT N5. But there is still a long time to go. *mauuutz*
With enthusiasm and diligence you can learn almost everything – even the Japanese language. That is what I believe in. You just have to believe in yourself. Hihi..~


  1. I also studied Japanese by myself but then stopped it because of school. I think that I should start it again because as you said: it's not really that hard.

  2. Wow, I really respect that. I tried also to self-study japanese before I visited the course, its really hard to spur yourself. Hope you'll find the time to study again. <3