Thursday, November 24, 2011

Results of the photo-shooting


Hello everyone!
Yesterday I get the DVD full of photos from the shooting. Simon took about 750+ photos. My computer had a lot to do to transfer all the picture on the harddrive. ^__^6

Before I show you a few photos, I want to tell something about the shooting:
As I wrote in my last entry, I was really excited. I also still had to decide which Outfits I should take for the shooting. In the end I decided to take the Hello Kitty Cosplay and two Lolita-Outfits with me. Afterwards I'd only wear one Lolita-Outfit, time was running so fast during the photo-shooting, by the end of the shooting it was almost dawn. Peculiar to autumn.
The Photo-shooting itself was really comfortable and it made a lot of fun and we were so lucky about the weather. We've got a really warm November this year in Germany. =)
Im really grateful that my boyfriend went along with me to the shooting, hes really so gently.
A lot of thanks are to Simon. I really enjoyed the photo-shooting and he really got the skills. He is a great photographer, please have a look at his website: Simon Hallmann Photography .

And here they are, a few photos of the shooting:

Thank you for the wonderful day <3


  1. You're so cute! The colors really suit you! I wonder which print the dress has (I guess it's from Angelic Pretty)?

  2. Thank ya, you two.
    The JSK is a Bodyline one.