Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My, own, Dressing table!

Hi everyone,
just wanted to show you my dressing table!
My mum and my sister Skullina gave it to me on christmas. ^_______^
I still can't believe that I finally really own a dressing table! I wanted a table like this for such a long time!

I'm totally in love with it! It is perfect! 
I'm such a lucky girl! 

Once I received all my christmas presents I want to take another picture and write something more bout the other presents.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Allow me to introduce: Sugar Teddiursa!


Hi everybody,

today I like to introduce you to our new pet:

Sugar Teddiursa

I guess she is a syrian/golden hamster and about 6 weeks old.
She is mega cute and such a lovely pet. Im really not sure if Sugar knows how to use her teeth - she never bites. Even though we had gave her the awful medicine. The medicine must taste bad, everytime we gave her the medicine she screwed up her face and after that she tried to wash her mouth off. Poor thing.
Why the medicine?
The sad truth is that Sugar should actually end as "snake food", because the whole kindle suffered from diarrhea. It sounds cruel and I think it is really cruel - but ill pets are for the most of the pet stores just useless and worthless. Like a false investment.
Sugars sib died of the diarrhea before they've been feeded to the snakes or ended as snake food.
Only Sugar survived - she was probably the healthiest and was given to me by an acquaintance of mine (who is working on a pet store). As I heard the story behind Sugar I just had to "adopt" her. I can't help it!
I guess if I would work at a pet store or an animal home then I would have much more pets...

Im really glad that my boyfriend accepted Sugar instantly. I jumped him a little bit with our new pet, but he likes Sugar and he found this awesome circus-cage for her! <33

Sugar is now settled in her new home, shes finally healthy, has a strong appetite and is even cuter. <33

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Results of the photo-shooting


Hello everyone!
Yesterday I get the DVD full of photos from the shooting. Simon took about 750+ photos. My computer had a lot to do to transfer all the picture on the harddrive. ^__^6

Before I show you a few photos, I want to tell something about the shooting:
As I wrote in my last entry, I was really excited. I also still had to decide which Outfits I should take for the shooting. In the end I decided to take the Hello Kitty Cosplay and two Lolita-Outfits with me. Afterwards I'd only wear one Lolita-Outfit, time was running so fast during the photo-shooting, by the end of the shooting it was almost dawn. Peculiar to autumn.
The Photo-shooting itself was really comfortable and it made a lot of fun and we were so lucky about the weather. We've got a really warm November this year in Germany. =)
Im really grateful that my boyfriend went along with me to the shooting, hes really so gently.
A lot of thanks are to Simon. I really enjoyed the photo-shooting and he really got the skills. He is a great photographer, please have a look at his website: Simon Hallmann Photography .

And here they are, a few photos of the shooting:

Thank you for the wonderful day <3

Monday, November 7, 2011

my better half..

Today I would like to introduce you to the most important person in my life:

My boyfriend _Don_ .

Photo was taken in Cologne @ crappy 11. Harajuku Day // 5th Nov 2011

I really admire him:

He is a tolerantly, lovely, smoothy and clever person. 
He is my tower of strenght.
He accept all my bad habits (sometimes Im just too impulsively) and gives me space for my, sometimes crazy, creativity. 
I am also really happy that he likes or accepts my "LOVE" for Lolita-Fashion, pink, Hello Kitty, Japan in general et cetera.

I am a really lucky girl to be his girlfriend. <3

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My 2 cuties: Peachy and Nori // Nori's Surgery

For all those who may have not know it til yet:

I have two fancy rats.
Her names are Peachy & Nori.

By now they are about 1 year and 8 months old. The Lifespan of a fancy rat is about 2 years.

As you can see on the photo - rats love candy and, unlike bunnys or guinea pigs, they have a tough gastric. You can feed them noodles, rice, potatoes and a lots of vegetables. Of course this shouldn't be their basic food.

Unfortunately fancy rats are liable to (cancer) tumours and strokes, which are mostly after-effects of the way the rats were kept in labours. All Fancy rats are descendants of labour rats.

I was really lucky that Peachy and Nori are still healthy.. but then everything changed:

Nori got a tumour !!!

I felt awkward. 
And its not the first time that I saw a tumour or something like that, I have had pets my whole life, especially fancy rats. And I also had to see them pass by.  

I immediately contact my veterinarian and get an appointment for a preliminary discussion for the upcoming surgery. Two days ago the time had finally come: Nori's surgery. My mum brought Nori to the veterinarian in the morning, because I had to go to work. During the whole day I just hoped that there will be everything fine with her. I couldn't wait for the end of the work-time to fetch up Nori-chan.

I really felt relieved as I saw Nori in her little box. Of course she looked a bit tired and groggy, but she instantly recognized that I was there and she nosy looked around.
Rats are so clever:
As I entered our staircase, she suddenly started looking nosy around again and as I finally arrived our flat she just wanted to get out of her little box. Even Peachy, who was all the time sleeping in their beloved hammock, was suddenly awaken - I guess she smelt Nori and Nori smelt Peachy. Even though the both wanted to see each other again I had to separate them for the first two days. 
The risk that Peachy would gnaw at Nori's wound was too high. Furthermore I had to prevent that the bedding would get into her wound. 

Today I finally could reuinte my cuties again. They really behaved happy. It made me really lucky to see them this way.

Peachy and Nori are wonderful <3

Sunday, October 23, 2011

1st Blog Entry & Japantag 2011


Welcome to my very fist Blog entry here! ~Im so excited <3
I really want to share some funny & interesting stuff regularly with you! :

First of all I want to tell you about ...
Nihon-Day / Japantag 2011

Last weekend it was ready at last: Japantag!


Kuraude, I and Ruka

Usually, the Japantag takes place in May or June, but because of the happenings in Japan, the earthquake and tsunami, Duesseldorf and the Japanese people decided to reschedule the date to the 15th October.
In the first place I was a bit sad but then I realised that the new date was almost next to my birthday! I instantly knew that I had to celebrate my birthday there! <3 

Ive got a lot of awesome birthday presents, for example:

Hello Kitty PC-Games + more (thanks, Mochi <3)
Hello Kitty Candy + more (thanks Ruka <3) 

 Hello Kitty Biscuits + more (thanks Kuraude <3)

And then, my boyfriend gave me his personal 3rd birthday gift to me: A

Samsung Star Hello Kitty Edition S5230 Smartphone

mobile phone !!

I am the luckiest girl on earth! <3

I really enjoyed the day with my darlings, even though I felt really sick during the beautiful japanese firework in the evening. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! <33

Ah, and last but not least: My Lolita Outfit for Nihon-Day 2011:

Happy Birthday Animal Friends JSK<3

Thank you for reading!
Ta-Tar! <3